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Fair go all, what's with the Chinese bashing!? Apple is the first company to jump on anyone that that uses a similar symbol to its own, or even similar wording. All companies must defend their trademarks or risk having them diluted or losing them. Jiangsu is asking a pittance which shows it is not really interested in the money, just in defending its trademark. Now, Apple will probably fight it as they too want to defend the Snow Leopard name but some sort of small settle...
I would think these projects are his most important as the designs will be totally attributed to him and his team. I feel Jony and team have lived in Steve Jobs' shadow with much of the kudos for design going to Steve. With Steve, unfortunately, gone it gives the individuals who have done wonderful work over the years a chance to show that Apple was more than a one man show. This is by no means a criticism of Steve Jobs or Apple. Steve was just so charismatic he carried...
It's not the DigiTimes, it must be true.
"Kristian Tear will serve as RIM's new chief operating officer. He comes to the struggling smartphone maker from Sony Mobile Communications, where he served as executive vice president."   "Kristian and Frank bring extensive knowledge of the rapidly changing wireless global market..."   Of course Kristian knows about  the rapidly changing wireless global market. He's got all sorts of experience seeing how fast it changed and how his old company got completely...
"The South Korean consumer electronics maker has been teasing the upcoming Galaxy device ahead of a(n) ... Unpacked event in London on May 3."   As opposed to Apple events, which are always packed to the rafters.
Makes far more sense. South Perth would be a waste of time. Doesn't have enough traffic, unless it was on Canning hwy; a shocker of a road at anytime. Garden City would be ideal as it is always busy and is accessible from most areas in the South. Not sure how Sunday trading would affect it, does Apple not open stores on Sundays? And anyway, why the big push for Sunday trading? Can't people have one day without worrying about shopping. Cheers Mike Currently absent Perthite
But, but, but... Samsung has only just copied the original. They're going to have to start the copiers all over again
Hail Mary
I have had an iPad from about two months after they were first released and I have never seen the mythical iAd. I use ad supported software but only see google ads. Where do you find them?
Hey, the worst offenders for crashing on my iPad are Safari and the AppStore App. On my iPad 1 iOS 5.01 is far less responsive, mirroring many of the complaints of early Adroid phones and tablets, and far less stable. For a good notification system and a couple of extra gestures the experience has been far from satisfactory. So no, it's not the fault of the developers. Apple needs to improve iOS 5. That said, I'm sure they will. However, well done Apple for going after the...
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