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249 from the legal team to deal with the blatant copies, and 1 looking for something new and innovative.
In the same way they would never compete with those cheapass Android phones by offering a $99 iPhone and .99c iPhone. Nope, they would never do that...Oh wait!http://www.wireless.att.com/cell-pho...e-packages.jsp
It is bizarre considering that Android 2.2 still makes up a fair percent of Android devices. Maybe web browsing on the 2.2 devices isn't very good or it is on lower quality hardware that is not optimised for browsing.http://developer.android.com/resourc...-versions.html The graph only seems to show OS's that have captured at least 5% of the market. Maybe 2.2 has dropped down below that (or never made it in the first place) and was lumped in with 'Others'. Still that would...
Wintel...Wiiintel....wintelll...Where have I heard that before? That's right, the 1990s, that's where. At the forefront again Mr Wang. Maybe he is just trying to convince himself.
There is no law against having a monopoly. The problem is if you abuse that monopoly. At this stage people are just buying more of Apple's tablet because they want to; Apple isn't forcing them. So show us all where the abuse comes in and we may listen. At this stage your words are just fragments in the wind.
Quoting the Korea Times..hmmm...brave.
Same position, first gen MacBook Pro. Can't upgrade to Lion. Can see no reason why iCloud can't run on SL other than Apple not wanting it two. Surely iCloud doesn't need 64 bit for it to work. The next gen MBP was only a processor bump that brought in 64 bit. Other than that there was little change. So 64 bit routines are all I can think of. Apple forcing redundancy.So, thanks Apple for providing Windows users with a 32 bit solution but not Mac users. Cheers fellas
People could always wait a day or two for any problems to clear and have a, hopefully, incident free install. But of course everyone wants everything yesterday.
Apple has got off lightly with this one. There are a couple of million iPhone users in SK that could well have joined the class action. In fact I'm surprised they didn't as it seems like easy money; enough to basically get your iPhone for free. Well done to them for not gold digging.
About bloody time. The Oz dollar has been equal or stronger than the US dollar for about a year now.
New Posts  All Forums: