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"Ironically, the improvements in availability come in the face of a report from DigiTimes, which claimed Thursday Apple's share of the tablet market in June slipped to 50% from its average of 60-70% due to supply shortages." Ironically, I don't believe Katie Marsal actually read the said report, or even its headline. Surprisingly, or maybe not, she didn't even provide a link. If this is what we can expect from AI, the future doesn't bode well.
Maybe Apple wants to be able to make the iPad cheaper. There are now many Android tablets entering the marke,t as well as RIMs and HP's offerings. Most of these tablets match the iPad's price with some now going below (Toshiba, I think). Apple made it perfectly clear when they released the iPad that they were going to destroy the competition with price. The only way they can lower their prices and maintain margins is to reduce the cost of manufacture. I just see this as...
I'm thinking his biggest problem will be getting a 15" MBA in the first place.
Core2Duo chips were the first 64 bit chips in Apple computers. The previous generation CoreDuo machines (1st gen MacBook Pro's for example) are only 32 bit. Apple stating the earliest chips that will run Lion are Core2Duo by default means it is 64 bit only.
> suggest you look at the bottom line of apple vs samsung and reconsider your comment that apple looks like a 'start-up'. apple has more net cash and more yearly profit than samsung. it surely has a better management.[/QUOTE] Actually, in 2010 Apple had about 14 billion in profits and Samsung 15 billion. In 2010 Apple had about 75 billion net assets whereas in 2009 Samsung had 276 billion. Apple now has an equity of around 60 billion while Samsung in 2009 had 112...
Have you actually seen the size of Samsung. It actually crosses most industries. I believe it accounts for over 20% of South Korea's GDP, though have no references. That said, it is a very protected company in south Korea. Now, I'm not saying Apple shouldn't be suing them, in fact I believe they should be. I just think people shouldn't underestimate a company the size of Samsung. Its size really does make Apple look like a start-up.
You beat me to it. There was no mention of what model it would be.
Hodar, Apple is not denying you access to your e-books, you are denying yourself access. Apple has given you a way to view your e-books, you just choose not to use it. That's not Apple's problem, that's your problem. So here are your choices: 1. Re-install iOS through iTunes and enjoy your books. 2. Don't re-install iOS through iTunes and don't enjoy your books. Fundamentally, it's your choice.
Wow, a Fat Boy iPhone.
At least the upgrade to Windows 8 will be easy. Just slap on a new sticker.
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