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Was that a phone or just a license?
Red rag to a bull, methinks.
More free advertising for the iPhone and iPad. Ka-ching.
"relying on HTML5 to unlock the value of partner's new devices. The report cited "a person who works at Microsoft" as saying that "the company was encouraging partners to build applications for these devices that use HTML5." If these apps use HTML5, could they not just work through any HTML5 browser? For example, Safari or Chrome? If that is so, where is the incentive to buy one of these new slates?
He'd be mad if he doesn't.
Fair call, but what about Blu-ray.
Not when you only have 64gig to play with.
As this will be a mobile event, I don't see Apple releasing a new iLife suite due to it being a Mac product. They tend to like to keep Mac and mobile separate at media events so as not to muddy the waters. Unless, of course, they release iLife Mobile.
Actually, I find Incheon Airport to be very cold and impersonal; but that's an aside. I agree with your first point that Koreans are very tech-savvy. What makes the number of pre-orders more incredible though is that Apple is competing against SK (Korea's largest telecom provider) and Samsung (One of Korea's largest and most respected companies) with the Samsung Galaxy S. SK have been flogging the Galaxy S with deals that include bringing your old iPhone in for a rebate...
If Apple does announce an event in August for the iPods, it will be to give the media something else to write about other than the iPhone's problems.
New Posts  All Forums: