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No, your right. But they have their search engine and front end available to about 2 billion, give or take a couple of million.
You English is fine. Just a quick one, it's "chose" not "choosed". Choose, chose, chosen. Irregular verbs, the bane of the ESL speakers life. Now to your points about Andriod. You say people that are stuck on earlier Android OS's can just upgrade their phones. Should they have to? Also, many of these people probably don't know they are using old OS's and need to upgrade. I doubt the phone shops tell them. They will just say, "Look at this great phone, it runs Android."...
Why do you say all these markets are dead? Apple has every right to sell its software on the iPad and as they are separate downloads. No one is forcing anyone to buy or download them. Just because Apple has produced software in each of these markets doesn't mean the market is dead. It just means you as a developer have to work that little bit harder to make us want your product. That said, I will be buying Pages and Keynote for the iPad as they are on my Mac. But,...
The bezel's a shocker.
Actually, it's Flash that is helping keep the internet "closed" as it is a proprietary standard. Apple is, and has been for a long time, pushing for a more open internet. That's why they support open standards like Html5 and mp4 instead of proprietary ones including Flash, Silverlight, WMA and WMV etc.Anyway, Apple keeps getting hammered about improving security. What better start than getting rid of Flash.
SK are pretty much out as they seem to be going down the Android path. Its officials show very little faith in the iPhone's chances of taking off in Korea. Maybe they just don't like what Apple is offering. They are used to having the upper hand.http://www.koreatimes.co.kr/www/news...133_55217.html
Once world economies turn around and people start buying again, Apple will be in the best positioned to capitalise. They will have high sales combined with strong margins. Other companies may have the high sales, but with the amount of competition vying for the lower end market share, they will struggle to raise prices and gain good profits. I'd much rather be in Apple's shoes right now.
At $200 an hour you could buy a Mini now, pay it off in 2 hours. In a day, or so, you would have enough money for the new Mac Pro.
You could always use a program like ffmpegX to convert the mpeg2 into an mp4 format then load it into iMovie. It is a little cumbersome, but I'm sure that it could be automated somehow.
In more "socialist" societies governments protect companies from these sorts of lawsuits by capping pay outs or just not allowing them. I think it was New Zealand that had a cap on law suits of just a few hundred thousand dollars (I could be wrong). So no, this is not socialism, this is the new capitalism. Company gets rich, people file ambit law suits and attempt to gain revenue either through the courts or by settlement. These lawsuits are a business and a big one. ...
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