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Until Apple's marketing department finds out about it and veto's the Apple employees from speaking. \
I go with "d". I think you may find that Apple has been "slowly" working away to change all their apps. to Cocoa. I'm would think that Snow Leopard would be the OS that showcases what can be done with Cocoa. After all, it is a bit silly to tell all of your developers to develop in Cocoa when half of your own apps. are still in Carbon. There again, I could be very wrong.
That's just bizarre. In most English speaking countries the Lavatory is the toilet. I just can't imagine washing my face in the lavatory. Each to their own though.
I just saw this at Ars. Not sure if it will fit the bill, but it may well do.http://arstechnica.com/journals/appl...pps-on-the-mac
I just ran the test on the latest 2.4GHz iMac and got the following result for Safari 3.1: 3237.6ms +/- 0.3% That is hell fast. It would be interesting to see some Windows results.
So from this it seems that all the Labels, except EMI, have locked themselves into selling DRM free music in the US only, instead of to the wide range of countries that iTunes operates in. Unless of course, as others have mentioned, SJ makes an announcement at Macworld. Mind you, I'm in South Korea so I can't access either as I don't have a credit card from an iTunes based country.
If memory serves me right, it was Steve Jobs that said, "If anything is going to cannibalise an Apple product, I want it to be another Apple product." Or something similar to that anyway. I'm sure Apple doesn't mind that the Nano is outselling the Touch, as long as all their products are outselling the competition.
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