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 Thing is that Apple has tried to invalidate the patent twice already and both times failed.  I think in this case the main motivation for pushing hard down this route is likely because, beyond the high potential liability, they've had for years a likelihood of losing rather than not losing this case.
I don't consider this a troll action at all, especially being that it was invented at UW Madison and this same technology has been argued about in court for almost a decade.  If UW sells a patent to a group as an investment they have every right to contest its use.  Not that I'm claiming the technology has been improperly used by Apple, but the fact that Apple has been trying to invalidate the patent (twice so far unsuccessfully) isn't meaningless.
The biggest reason I rarely used DDG is that there is no way to filter results by date!   At least now by going the bang route you can access Google's date filter, but all that really does is serve as an encrypted front end for a Google search.  Not that that's not a good thing, but DDG's value as a search engine based on its own muscle, with no date filter, is very limited.
Yeah, for all the things they got right there are more than a few downers IMO.  Now that I've put the Podcast app through its paces for a week I give it a C, down from a B.  I can't think of a change made that was for the better but several are glaring as worse.  In general they have a problem looking at the simple, unsexy aspects of apps that just work and resisting making them sexier and weakening them in the process.    Feh.
I was amazed at how Apple hosed the Podcast app with solid color pages that made it nearly unreadable.  Until I went to the prefs and saw the "custom colors" slider.  Still, seems a little odd that no one in Cupertino saw the Podcast app in its default state and thought, hmm, not good.
 Also, there are loads of people who don't use their smartphone for 50% of their record collection, just a bunch of podcasts that get deleted, have no videos on it and don't download all the new free apps as long as they have some space left.  Those who say you need 32 would be surprised at how many truly don't hit 13.  There's a big world of people out there  who like using the technology but don't get a thrill from morefasterbetter.
 Yeah, I'm looking forward to the new features but I'm glad I held off for now having seen a few Notes threads.   Also the 8 and 9 versions will only transfer and work with notes from the same version, no compatibility.  Not too horrible within one's own devices but if you sync and edit notes in iCloud with others you have to all use the same version.  Can't use the new features at all if there's holdout  : )   Fortunately, either or both can be used in iOS 9. A bigger...
  If you gleaned a “Steve is dead, Apple is going down the tubes” argument in my post you didn't read it.  You're reaffirming that your claim that Apple's beta system is perfect and I'm merely disputing that.    Exposes my real motive here?   
You keep implying the released updates of yosemite have all been successes, that there is no chance for a legitimate opinion of "This shouldn't have made it through beta".You either haven't done the updates in the past few years or don't read others experiences elsewhere. That's a statement pretty easy to blow cannonballs sized holes in as far as Apple's updates in the past few years. Apple has been playing the game of getting the updates out on a schedule rather than...
I look forward to the shipping of 3rd party Smart Connector port peripherals in 2019.
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