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  I don't agree with the argument that it costs x to make so they'll sell it for y.   With Apple there's always been a strong "what the market will bear" strategy and who the prospective buyer is.  I don't think them saving costs from any angle is going to result in a machine that retails for something that anyone except someone with serious needs can rationalize, and Apple knows these people have been waiting and will buy it whether it's $2,750 or $4,750, and the other...
  Kind of like complaining about a hockey site because every dang article seems to have some kind of hockey angle.
Yer nuts  :  )   Anything near that would make it a no brainer impulse buy for even people who don't need what it offers, and Apple has never done that.      It'll be expensive enough to give pause to those who don't require it.    The current Mac Pro price comparison is pointless because there's been zero market for it for literally years given how we've been waiting for an upgrade since forever and MacBook Pros have come so far in the meantime.   There will be more of a...
Who'll be the first to get it accidentally put out at the yard sale because it was mistaken for that 2002 Bose subwoofer?
  LR and Aperture don't have any way to share their non-destructive adjustments.  They don't share anything to exchange.   There are only two options:  to save your edits you'd export as TIFF or PSD and import but then the edits are burned in.  Or you can export the library's RAW masters, and then you naturally have the original to work with and none of your editing work.  For people who do a lot of round tripping to use 3rd party plugins the former isn't that big a...
Yeah, I'm disappointed that it isn't 6" tall.     I keep thinking that what happened was like in "Spinal Tap", when they wrote the Stonehenge specs on a napkin and the when it came down from the skies......   :  )
I agree with you on this TS  :  )   Not as future proof with only four slots.    Plus, any upgrade means tossing out the good installed RAM.
  I'm not passing a judgment on a not shipping computer just yet (especially since something else might pop out in the meantime) but the pro audio and video boards I frequent are having a field day to this effect.
My first reaction was "Through the front door you get less skeuomorphisms, and out the side door they put these".
The remark was in jest but from true experience, not anything manufactured as you say.  The USB port on every fairly recent MacBook Pro I use that are on the same side will not allow me to choose what devices, namely dongles and Thumb drives, I can use without resorting to a hub even when I don't need one.  It's not a manufactured issue.   My favorite thumb drive is standard thinness but has a sliding switch for the connector.  Can't add it in without pulling out the...
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