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If this was about headphones there would be no interest from Apple. A year ago, before Beats' non-hardware divisions got traction this wouldn't have happened.As far as Dr Dre's vaule to Apple it could be zero, could be something. It's not relevant because A) It's more than likely a position in name only, or 99% and B) A company gets bought and its owners get consulting titles is standard. Plus whether or not Apple cared if Dre got an Apple title you can bet it was...
Wow, that really brings me back. Liberace accomplished something I'm not sure anyone else ever did. I had pretty subversive musical tastes as a kid but I thought he was too bizarre. My grandmother, on the other hand thought he was the greatest thing ever. "Such a nice man". I was shocked but Stella, who was shocked if Andy Williams said "Darn", wasn't shocked.Props to Liberace for figuring out the best trojan horse in entertainment.
 I'm reading it as throwing a little ice water on the hoopla of their positions:   "The report does not seem to indicate that the two men will be full-time employees. Rather, it seems possible that the pair will commute and take meetings as needed. In the modern world of technology, working remotely is not a far-fetched possibility." Realistically, it's possible that the positions aren't based on any great expectations Apple has for them there, just that it's part of the...
   The reason Beats' headphones; division can't mean much here is that, if they specifically sell that out to someone, all they have of value (and it's a lot) is the brand recognition and fan base.  No technology, no patents of any significance, no asset that gives the company a leg into the next big thing, which could happen if they buy something.  If there's anything else they turn out to have in there of value in marketing, distribution etc, Apple doesn't need it.  ...
   That's the Reality Distortion Field mastery and the in-need-of-personality-transplant attribute that goes with it that Jobs built Apple with, that they've been missing since.   
 It's a departure but it's for a different field than the hardware or software that they've done so well with, and that's content and to be where people go for that content, which is where they don't lead.  So it makes sense to be a different set of rules and strategies than they've previously shown.  I think Apple is looking at Beats in the same way they might be looking at Hulu or Netflix, for their portal, their established go-to place, except that Beats has the...
This has nothing to do with headphones.
 Iovine is this decade's master of the Reality Distortion field.  
Ha ha ha! Right you are. I get a quite a few quotes from that era misremembered. Wonder why? : )
Holy Redundancy Dept of Redundancy Batman. Now we have eight threads where everyone, including me, will be saying the same things.
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