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   Very true.  Phase reversal has been around since man has been able to make stereo recordings.  At it's most basic it's swapping a single wire.  There are a variety of approaches to noise canceling, simple phase reversal being the easiest and most commonly used.  Even in more complex approaches reversal of phase is often the final component, with the rest often used to enable what you desire to not cancel to be clearer and with less artifacts.      But patents are...
 That's with trademarks.  Patents don't fall into a use or lose scenario.  (Copyrights either).
 I doubt any of those have any forward thinking technology or assets worth owning to Apple.  Beats, for better or worse, did.
 It won't be any easier to collect from Apple than it would have beat from Beats before Apple.  The top shelf law firms of either would be arguing the same points to dismiss it.   Having deep pockets doesn't translate into easy settlements, especially if it will affect arguments in future headphone patent technology cases for them.
 That's the way it's always done.  There are times during a clear infraction when it's not time to sue yet.  For example, if someone steals a song and puts it out as one of theirs you never sue until it's a hit, or until its arc is over even if it's years later.  Otherwise you have no damages to claim, and they won't have money to pay.   Similarly if your value of the claim is in the millions and you know the company has no net worth (though we know in this case Beats had...
Extremely limited cases available for phone:  phone no sell   Cases finally readily available:  phone sells
  The irony that Beats' genre niche is the one with the least respect for trademarks and copyrights isn't lost.  Dr. Dre himself has been in lawsuits involving music lifted in beyond legal amounts from others' works and several have been ruled not in his favor.    It will be interesting to see if he is able to garner enough sympathy to support his newfound concern for the rights of the property owner.
  I'm no fan of Beats but it's no more a scam than the AC unit I had that the manufacturer had zero info about the spec that I wanted, or the external hard drive tech chart that doesn't even tell you the cache or speed of the drive inside.  If they don't want you to know it's usually all you need to know. In Beats' case legit freq response charts are out there, though for sure nowhere on their site, and they're not that hard to find. (Search images instead of web.)  Just...
 Misses the point completely, as does everyone who brings this up. Beats has never marketed itself as a headphone for "Pro" audio or those who listen to music where subtle details in the audio would make any qualitative difference. Rather they have been about making money, like any company, and they sell a hell of a lot of product. And while Beyerdynamic shares their smaller market niche with handfuls of other manufacturers, Beats has dominated theirs (in fact they top...
 But that's not the case at all and misses the problem Apple has.  I knew everything about the Apple TV as well as every other option when I walked in the Best Buy and walked out with my Roku and I've never regretted it.  And, as I said earlier, we're an entirely Mac family for computers, tablets and smartphones yet Apple couldn't sway me at the time.  Their motto at the time was: Apple TV:  For people who like to go on faith
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