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Itunes Gift Cards don't hold a candle to cold, hard cash.
 Logic had a significant update a month ago so it's not part of these.
 I've viewed the Henge vertical docks with puzzlement, as I could never figure out, if it's not giving you new ports, what their value for the price was.  Reviews never seemed to say enough to change my mind.  Then here's an AI review and I think "OK, great, now I'll learn about what's so good about this thing".  And it doesn't say anything, unless I'm missing it somehow.  It doesn't say what it does and doesn't do!   It talks a lot about the design and blah blah, and if...
Do what busloads of people do daily: hop on one down to the Apple Store in the Christiana Mall in Delaware, not far from the northern border. No sales tax, and you don't need to declare your state's % going there in person, at around $30 roundtrip. In the second smallest state by area (and one of the smallest populations) It's supposedly the biggest seller of certain Apple products in the country except for the NYC 5th Ave store, which is open 24 hours.
 Lorin, I agree with you, and also with what you say about not "happily" forking over Apple prices but begrudgingly paying them.  There is a difference. But I don't think Apple is confused.  I think they just see X as who they're aiming at and not Y.  Sadly, historically Apple's lower cost products often prove to still be an expensive decision for those who need convincing the most, yet ironically have no special needs, and under-featured and powered for those who would...
 I'm not nuts about some of the hardware aspects, but I don't get the puzzlement either over who these could have possibly been aimed at.  A lot of situations have tight budgets and don't need horsepower. 
 It be great if deleting events in the Calendar and also people from Contacts would be made easier as well.  Right now it takes too many strokes in both IOS and OS X just to get rid of them.
   And since the IRS has decided on a tax status for it, including that they're treated overall as property not currency, and using them just to purchase something could trigger capital gains, many users will decide it's not worth it and others will use them further under the radar, since for them most of the satisfaction is to be giving the finger to the government.  Not sure if there's any substantial group in the middle.  You end up with a user base of mostly renegades,...
 At what point in Beats' timeline did Reznor leave?  Google is not my friend with this. "Did he jump or was he pushed?"   Was it greased by Iovine and Dr Dre and not Reznor knowing about a coming deal?  Or did the Apple deal always solely involve Iovine and Dre of the top brass as per both parties, leaving Reznor to fly while his market value was still high?
 Yes, this is one of several things about where Software Update has gone that really irks me.  I can't figure any reason to have removed it.
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