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 But "We have no plans" is not the same as "There's no plan yet we can at this moment show you as we don't currently have it in motion, but we do plan on making the plan regarding it as soon as the smoke clears."  As in "We have no plans presentable as I speak, but of course 5 minutes from now you can read about our plans".   There's no truth in that as a statement about current reality.  It's lawyer-speak, which fools the listener into accepting it as a true statement...
 Um, Beats is hardly a "vanilla" audio service.
  LaCie's willingness years ago to keep shipping bad drive power supplies long after it was clear there was a problem there painted them to me as a company who would stick their head in the sand and hope a problem would blow over soon because it's too much effort and expense to properly attend to in the most timely fashion.   I'm not surprised by the calendar of events with this issue and have little faith in how they respond to anything.
I'd love to be able to use DuckDuck Go, but it's way too limited in how results can be presented.  Main thing is not being able to determine a simple time frame is a dealkiller.  Just sorting by date isn't enough.   At least I've never been able to figure out how to make it as useful as I want it, and if after going around all the options three times I can't find how that's enough to make me think it's not for me.
 This is my attitude as well, although I have decent passwords where they count.  Personal info is very rarely stolen by anything figuring out ones password, either by sequential attack or by guessing what the user might use.  It's nearly entirely done these days by getting into the vendor's files or grabbing it during a period of insecure passage, rendering 5ewE909iHts09uQi no more secure than mollyb32  IMHO, there's practically no point in having uber unguessable...
There are definitely people who are fine with an 8 Gig iPhone.   The people who are willing to pay this price are not those people.
She's done a horrible job of righting the teetering and full of holes Yahoo email ship.   
Oy vey.
   Respectfully, drblank, again you are missing the jist of the issue, and in the process not getting the information right.  I hate adding this in, because it doesn't add much, but I've been making my living as a recording engineer for 30 years and have gone through enough converters and the rest to fill a closet, and I'm well versed in the subject.  It is NOT my contention that "ALL 16 bit converters A/D and D/A and all 24 bit converters regardless of sample rate all...
 I didn't imply that. You've misinterpreted something.  I said that when you're only dealing with levels in the upper part of the range there is no advantage to 24 bit, especially as a delivery to consumer medium, because the extra bits only come into play in the lower realm of the range.  A/D or D/A it doesn't matter.  If the signal never drops to the range where it makes a difference then there's no advantage to it.  More bits, as a format, is all about increased...
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