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Some people need to work with 16 bit images at least part of the time, so it's a moot point how good Pixelmator is. They stil need something that does. Many keep pestering the developers about this and they've always been a bit evasive. The latest is that they made a cryptic statement about this and the arrival of the new Mac Pros, so if that becomes a reality there will REALLY be some dropping of PS for it.
That would be terrible for the end user. What Pixelmator has going for it, both in the public perception and in reality, is that it is the full priority of the company who own and work on it.
 There's a world of difference between "I'm not worried about it.  Plenty of OS X/iOS apps to use in the mean time." and "I'm not worried about it.  I can use it just fine." I agree with you, but the solution of using something else instead is very meaningful, as in it's kind of a cockup, but since I don't need to use it I'm fine.   :  )
Hi mdriftmeyer, I think you're misunderstanding me. I meant that many people wouldn't want to turn to TextEdit every time they need rtf because it's just a text editor not a word processor.Or am. I misunderstanding you? : )
Good points, and frankly the biggest issue long after any killed features are put back. I have also never received a document file in the format of ANY Apple wp, layout or presentation program. And though I occasionally used them myself I never dared sending it off without first exporting it to a format the receiver could actually read.It's the proverbial tree falls in the forest and nobody hears it. It really doesn't much matter how much damage it did.
No rtf support in Pages?  That's huge.  Some things can't be handled by TextEdit.
 digitalclips, I appreciate the post.   But it's not just me. https://discussions.apple.com/thread/5469204   I agree that exporting direct to iCloud can be useful for a segment, as well as the Smugmug hook, (I personally export what I need to show to my DropBox folder for the same reason)  but to me they're very secondary to getting to the meat of what Aperture needs work on. It seems like Apple is pulling programmers from every division (iCloud, ios) for its new features...
 Why would you project that I was complaining instead of what I was actually doing, which was pointing out some pitfalls of the update. Try this, Skil.   Do you have Aperture 3.5 installed with Mavericks?   Put a floating window on your second monitor.  Leave Aperture and come back.  The window has disappeared and is somewhere back on your main monitor.   Now I can't use a second monitor because it won't keep a floating window on it?   Gee, sorry to be such a horrible...
Wow, that's terrible reading of my post.   Basically, it's a minor update bug and feature wise, and introduces some new issues that are amazing to have made it through.  It has nothing to do with anything you have posted, which is your usual. I don't consider iCloud photo sharing a big deal, as it's nothing to do with sharing of the Aperture projects, just more photo sharing.  Smugmug?  Already been doing this with a plugin.  Fixes in Faces?  Places?  Maps?  iLife...
Who's whining? I checked it out and went back to 3.4 and advise others to not install it.How could you possibly have projected whining into that?
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