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 Parking may never be in the cards here but it's a different setting than any other Apple Store I've been to, which have either been in a mall, so it's a given you'll have to drive there and parking is free and plentiful for mall shoppers, or as in Soho NYC, or 14th St or 5th Ave, where there are taxis aplenty but driving there is pretty much out of the question unless you want to spend half of the cost of the iPad you'll buy on a parking garage, if you can even get in...
  In Williamsburg it's entirely walking or subways for natives because nearly all don't own cars, the lack of convenient transportation notwithstanding for most of the area.  But once you go a little north past Greenpoint you get to Queens neighborhoods, and you lose the industrial aspect and while it's not typical suburbia there are houses on tree lined streets with a place to park the car.  And people who live in Astoria or Jackson Heights have no qualms about getting on...
 If you have only 300 meg to transfer and and you're at home or work and have the time to wait, then maybe.  Otherwise...
 I like to use DDG and all, but not being able to set a date range makes it of very limited value to me, regardless of its other qualities.
You're talking about a total hardware reboot, where the system has to completely load back in from a black screen, right? Not just everything quitting and returning to Home, I'm assuming.
  Poorly worded article.  As if Apple doesn't use ApplePay to collect data.  It's part of playing the game, complaining about Apple here per se, but there isn't a pay service in existence today that doesn't collect and utilize user data.  The article makes it seem as if CVS is blocking a system that doesn't collect any in order to install their own which will be performing a massive privacy breach.     Eh.  Not.  
   I don't really have that much of a problem with soldered on RAM any more, as it's the way so much of the small profile laptops are these days.  But 4 gig of RAM with Yosemite?  There are going to be a bunch of disappointed non-computer savvy people who thought they'd be getting a typically snappy Mac.  That chintzy RAM starts caching around with THAT pokey drive?   Why even bother marketing that configuration?  Can it even run for a week without imploding?
 Very true.  Sadly, probably over half of the NFL is the same.  
 Only conceivable if you you exclude most of the ProApps (and Safari) over the past few years.  If you want specific examples about Aperture (too obvious) and Logic (certain important issues finally dealt with after eons but still the worst resource hog in all audio) I'll post, but it's really not necessary.
I'll update just so I don't have to say Mavericks anymore.
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