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   I don't really have that much of a problem with soldered on RAM any more, as it's the way so much of the small profile laptops are these days.  But 4 gig of RAM with Yosemite?  There are going to be a bunch of disappointed non-computer savvy people who thought they'd be getting a typically snappy Mac.  That chintzy RAM starts caching around with THAT pokey drive?   Why even bother marketing that configuration?  Can it even run for a week without imploding?
 Very true.  Sadly, probably over half of the NFL is the same.  
 Only conceivable if you you exclude most of the ProApps (and Safari) over the past few years.  If you want specific examples about Aperture (too obvious) and Logic (certain important issues finally dealt with after eons but still the worst resource hog in all audio) I'll post, but it's really not necessary.
I'll update just so I don't have to say Mavericks anymore.
Exactly. Criticizing Iovine for his statement is absurd. He played it perfectly.As an aside, e NFL deal is a great one for Bose, as their niche among the football watchers does spend money on themselves. But it's a terrible one for the NFL. Bose is a hugely polarizing company, a turn off to most football fans under 35, I would say. Far worse a PR move than anything they could gain from it.
Rats.  There go my apple picking pictures.
   I don't think a lower cost of apps has any effect on piracy.  For nearly all of the people who use pirated apps (or media or anything) if it can be acquired for nothing it will be done.  Doesn't matter if the legit version costs $500 or $50, that just alters their rationalizing of it a bit.  The harder it is to get pirated apps the less widespread they will be.  As long as they are available easily the borderline downloader will always just do it regardless of any other...
 I definitely don't think it will have all the older functionality, but it seems to have dealt with a few of the most disliked changes. On the other hand, if folks like the way it is and to have to delete a file 3 times before it stops showing up, well,they can keep this version.
  Oh man, had that too a few years before that.  System 6.0.8 IIRC.  Got infected from a single floppy we had returned to us from a print shop, same results.   When it's late at night and you're tired and a file disappears or renames itself you think you're just getting punchy.   Symantic Tools and a day or two of doing nothing but passing discs around, reformatting and reinstalling put us back on track, but what a nightmare.   At the time we didn't think of ourselves as...
Beta of 8.1 has Camera Roll back in place of Recently Added, though it's looking to be a compromise leaning toward the new design, but that may be all that's needed.  It seems to be more than simply a name change.  There's also a My Photo Stream again.  It looks like the need to delete an image 3 times before is actually deleted has been tended to.  Likely a few more of the interface choices made for images have been improved. ( If you're going to require users create...
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