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   I understand that.  But there are a lot of people like mwhiteco in the US for whom the 5c wasn't a bad deal, so I disagree with some of the negative posts about the 5c in the States.  Here there's a major part of the cell phone users who don't consider buying a phone off contract.  When you have a family plan with five and every few months one of the lines is up it's really no terrible thing to go with a contract phone on an upgrade.  Last year my college age daughter...
Although the hard drive is SATA in these the optical is PATA, so it's not as simple a swap as in a post 2008 one.  To move the existing drive over get the cage with a PATA-SATA adapter. 
 If I were only using the title of this AI post as my parameters, but this isn't a book report on the AI post..   Within the industry there isn't the "reportedly" about the meetings that took place during Grammys week.   You really have a strange way of responding to people.  Always with one sentence pithy put downs that don't add anything.  You often have the simple retort of "Why?" but then add nothing that gives any insight to the topic, just name calling.    No one...
 Don't change my words to your foolishness.   Not a rumor.  Fact.  The only reason Apple didn't do it before Beyonce is because that was their testing the waters, and now its tested.  Here's a fact you shouldn't change at your whim:  Apple has already started doing more exclusives, especially first release exclusives a week before available elsewhere.   Currently one (only available as full album) is the #2 album on Soundscan, which is total sales across all outlets in the...
First you have to explain how that has anything to do with it.   The exclusive content netted them a bucketload of sheer profit, and they didn't have to barely raise a finger.  If you want me to prove how all that $$$$ from Beyonce's fans into the Apple coffers via iTunes got them hardware customers that's about as relevant as proving how profits from $75 ipad sleeves got them Apple TV customers.  It's obviously simply not a requirement to prove it much less answer to it.
 I guess the Beyonce iTunes exclusive album, which was iTunes' fastest selling album ever and is the reason they're making overtures for exclusives with other labels (and the reason for this headline) isn't what you would call  "in Apple's history", so I don't know what to tell you.  Maybe you don't consider 3 months ago and headlines in all the trades "history".  Most people would.
    Completely not the case in the many, many discussions I've had while working within the audio industry since digital pirating began, with people on both sides of the coin.  Generally, and across the board, content pirates take content for free because A) they can; B) they can without getting punished;  and  C) because they now feel they are entitled to it if it's available anywhere to pirate from.   It has zero to do with the idea that they would have bought it except...
 But then nothing anyone does matters.  I don't see how piracy becomes more of the equation here.  People who don't pay for their music are completely oblivious to such things as exclusive content or not.
   Possibly, remotely.  But bitcoins are being pushed as currency as well.  It isn't possible for it to ever work at both sides as a non-regulated item of value.   If it is acknowledged as a failure as currency then it may have a slim chance as a speculator's high risk investment.   But as for now, it's more people who feel the need to stick it to their government with a casino player's mentality than anything else.
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