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Based on what I do know about what the margins for Apple resellers are I'd say that, yes, margins for retailers on Apple hardware are lower than Samsung, Dell and HP and always has been the case. You can't sell an Apple product for anything other than the given price and you can't create your own deals. It's part of the reason the neighborhood Apple Authorized Reseller is gone from Main St. And it's one reason why Apple was wasting their time in brick and mortar...
What many people miss in the GPU/Improved integrated graphics argument is just that. If a program isn't written to take advantage of it it won't even enter into it. If it is it makes a huge difference in user experience. Just having the GPU isn't the solution, it has to be written for. Apple has a stake in creating several layers of good hardware options and also writing their signature apps to function at their best on these. But they also have to get 3rd party...
Refute!!! Lots of users in my orbit, nary an install hiccup.
Like my wife, on both counts (US regional accents die hard)All three counts! : )
That makes no sense. This is a quote from Kittlaus regarding his sense of what Jobs felt about Siri. It's not even a literal Jobs quote about anything.
Now it will be!!! : )
It's Manhasset. "I have some great news and some horrible news" "What?" "I got an Apple Store job!" "Fanstastic! What's the bad news?" "It's in Manhasset." She's not upset that she broke her nose. She's upset that it smudged her $25,000 nose job.
Of course not. But any fixes related to "download and installation of content" or "compatibility with GarageBand for iOS projects" I can guarantee I wouldn't notice : ) And I haven't been bitten by any fade strangeness (other than its usual implementation).I'm installing it but doubt it's going to make a whit of difference here. I'm assuming any further updates until LogicX will be similarly inconsequential, except maybe to IOS GarageBand users. (Hey, GB is great,...
Bah, humbug for this update, I say.
Anyone ever been to Manhasset? You enter its border and your brain turns to mush. Think all of the horrible stereotypes about Long Island vapidness and square it ten times. It's where stuff like this happens.
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