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That's exactly the attraction of it, which people look away from. As well as the FACT that Amazon could be selling a piece of hardware that they lose $500 on every one but if they make their goal of getting these users into their system (buying standard merchandise as well as what you mention) they will have accomplished their goal. Why are so many people chirping that they don't make money on sales of the Fire? Of course they don't. Not that I like the thing, but...
The day that anyone ever recommends Morgan Keenan stock will be the day I start paying any attention to their net-bites.
Yep. adamrr is Adam Ravat, owner of Agasio. Wasn't too hard to determine it.(He was a very busy boy on the 24th, shilling for Agasio. At Target for one http://www.target.com/p/iBaby-Monito...3/-/A-13729369. Adam Ravat and Agasio are really this year's version of Jack Drogba and Espow, putting up fake posts in any forum they can in an effort to drum up interest in businesses that they own. I have zero opinion (or knowledge) of the quality of his products or business,...
Hahahaha. Registered just to leave that first ever post for the awful POS Agasio Dropad. Who has the pool whether the IP address is the Agasio office or the distributer's home?
This is not a news flash. This is an investor drone trying desperately to drum up a soundbite. He says nothing that isn't 6 months old. Jobs would be as likely to swerve the pundits years later. Blair is trying to elevate himself by putting himself and Jobs in the same sentence. He adds zero to the equation.
The update also kills any rooting the user has done, so it's obvious THAT was a priority in the update and will continue to be. If Amazon is going to be so on top of crushing rooting of the Fire, that really takes away the value of a hackable $200 widget, if only for just for those who do such things. And what could be a better candidate for rooting than a tablet that sells for less than cost? Oh well.
This place is giving headline space to "analysts" the way run of the mill internet forums let people in their dens who haven't put on clothes in three days post their ground breaking opinions. There's sometimes very little difference between the two except for one puts on a suit and shows up at an office, and the same little difference in the validity of their proclamations.
I seriously doubt this update (the one in claimed coming in two weeks) is going to tackle any performance issues in any real way. It'll just be some band-aids. It will likely just be addressing some of these complaints named in the article (such as the history issue mentioned, and some interface improvements) but I can't imagine the fudginess of the touchscreen (and overall experience) can be lessened enough with a software update to make an unhappy user satisfied. I...
And in an update to related news, many are being returned : )NY Times.com 2011/12/12/ article on problems with Kindle Fire
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