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Forget about reasonable levels. How about T-bolt peripherals across the board being available? And not just one or two examples. Thunderbolt is the greatest thing going that barely anyone is utilizing, except to adapt it down to usable non-T-bolt peripherals.
Nah, not at all. First of all this is exactly the kind of product you want developed by people who actually want to use it, not by a company that will create a new paradigm first and then make it work second. Give me an iPad interface that runs the program, not one where the tail is trying to wag the dog. I want my (iPad controlled) programs to act exactly as they already do, otherwise I wouldn't be using them. Not until Apple proves they have been sitting in some...
No idea about the stats. But we have exactly one smartphone on our family plan, and after two Blackberries fell apart due to simple hardware/manufacturing issues (not including replacements for broken trackball on each one) she's on an iPhone now. I doubt she really cares which ecosystem she's on, and I haven't heard about anything not working yet.
Dick, keep us posted. Kind of interested in any cool plusses or gotchas in that. I mean, I spent $5 on a snack between breakfast and lunch, so ... : )
You may not even need FCPX. How about $5 for Avid Studio? : )http://appshopper.com/blog/2012/02/0...ipad-released/
The muddling of these two things is understandable, but I didn't say NY says he understands it. But back in the earliest days of digital tracking of music (not digital transferring or digital mastering, which is the process that comes when the recordings are done) "The Ranch" did some of the earliest projects which consciously strove to improve upon the sound of digital recordings of the day, which Young had already voiced his unhappiness with. He had nothing to do...
Young was actually one of the first rock artists to actively investigate the value of broader fidelity in digital recording ages ago when tracking at 16 bit/44.1 was accepted not only as the delivery standard but as all anyone needed to begin the process at. He was certainly the first and probably the only non classical or jazz musician to put his own money toward pursuing this as opposed to being simply a bystander in all this, or buying the latest commercially available...
Don't hang out much on the Avid user board? : ) It's not as simple as that. Grass not being greener and all.
Exactly. The fact that multicam support is here now is important for those who require it, but the fact that they didn't know in the slightest if it would arrive in time to use it on what was on their year's calendar is moreso.
You folks keep us posted, if you would. The last time I updated my Airports I spent half a day fighting with them and half rolling back. I'm all for updates but I'm sitting this one out for a few days... : )
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