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I'm not saying educated guesses can't be made. I am saying that Munster isn't showing any more insight into it than forum posters. By this I mean that there are often very astute arguments for things such as cost estimates posted in places like this forum, but I would hope that so much space devoted to a mouthpiece from PJ would have meatier content by 300%. He comes off like a 3rd tier forum poster, not an expert.
True, so let me clarify that this is being headlined as an estimate based on facts when it's just a pundit blowing a figure out his butt to get PJ some net time. Better they should call it a "wild guess".
Why would anyone buy an entire phone dataplan contract when all they wanted was a bigger iPod? The only reason people are crowing about how unwanted a 7" tablet is is because no one has yet put out a decent one. I'd love a good 7" $200 tablet. It would be awesome for me. Not that I have much interest in a forked closed dead end old version of Android, but that just means the Fire won't be it for me.
Munster is just throwing out a figure whose only basis is the three seconds he gave himself to write it down. And AI is quoting it as a real figure, but it's not. Not only is it a total guess on his part, but he doesn't give any reason why it wouldn't be $100 or $1. It's a blogtalk byte, worse than info from a forum.
They're not chasing Apple. They're going down a road blazed by Apple but already trod by plenty of others. Having a conduit to a specific digital marketplace (text, music, films) is now an inevitable goal because the previous models of each either has ceased to exist, is a ghost town or is facing that in the future. In ten years there will be three companies left standing who will be the only places to go for new content, and I don't doubt that Amazon will be one of...
Not only does $250 make it the gift that $500 isn't, but while people like us fret about how acceptable such a thing will deliver under own own scrutiny, hence the non purchase, I for one don't think twice about if my brother in law will have any reaction other than pure joy when if he receives one, and I'd leave it up to him to figure out/not figure out that there are better gadgets out there, hence more gift purchase incentive, because I wipe my hands of any of my own...
Not when 300k are newsbot regurgitations of the same two blogs and the rest are regurgitations of the five actual articles that wrote that it's NOT an iPad killer, which also cause them to appear in the results. I'd hate to have to sit on a jury with you.
It's a TouchPad killer.
No, different reason. The Kindle sells for a much thinner margin, barely above cost, and the one with ads sell at below cost with the ads subsidizing the difference. It's not so great to show numbers that show that you sell a million of something and barely even break a profit. Apple makes more profit on their disappointments than Amazon does with their successes. When Apple has disappointing sales of a product like Apple TV they can just take the heat of the focus off...
I'm all for technological cross format advances, but since I stopped playing video games 25 years ago the thrill of such things just doesn't move me the same.
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