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Mountain Lion is basically Apple integrating more of the functions into Apple services, but also to further differentiate itself from other OS's (Yes, I know this file renaming isn't one of them), some of it needlessly IMHO, some looking toward the future of fitting in to developing technology and services. Nowadays you really can use any flavor of any system and get your work done. At the dawn of Macs you could do a bunch of file management tasks in five minutes that...
Count me in as one who absolutely abhors the new Lion file saving. It's nothing but three steps back for me, and I've yet to find a single way that it would be to my advantage. It is NOT better than Save and Save as for me. I can't wait to get back on my SL after being on Lion, mostly due to this.
You're confusing the relatively recent advent of mobile IOS with the Mac OS of OSX and before. The Mac system has never, ever had a challenge with cut and paste.
Um, I suppose if you don't count the decades when you had to be VERY careful what you named your files in Windows and what you WEREN'T ALLOWED TO name them it might be a checkmark in the Windows column, unlike Mac systems, ah, always, but no.Very nice that you WIndows users have always had so many third party file manager shells to make it less of a headache.
Who's got 2Q 2013 in the office pool as the date by which the IOS version which is required for all Apple services no longer supports the 2?
Margin smargin. The iPad3 is the most anticipated piece of hardware in ages. And is absolutely THE most anticipated anything of this season. My wish? That Apple uses the blockbuster profits of IOS devices to surprise us by putting the next model desktop and laptop prices a bit lower than usually expected.
That's like saying wouldn't GM be in a better position if they made their tires and had their own steel mills and refined their own gas. Talk about boat anchors. There are exactly two possible sources of chips for Apple in 2012, AMD and Intel. What is your solution? Apple making their own chips is the complete polar opposite approach of their ascent to uber profitability. And you called Macs boat anchors?
Oh jeez. Intel is happily the tail wagging the dogs, all of them. Apple's "competitors" are more beholden to Intel, breathlessly awaiting new chips every time around, same as Apple, than Intel is to them or anyone. And now that AMD publicly failed the Apple test Intel can do whatever the heck they please, same as Apple or anyone does. Intel is hardly "beholden" to anyone.
You and your boat anchors. You don't even know what a boat anchor IS! : ) Intel has some leverage here and is applying it, as would Apple. You do know that Apple very nearly went with AMD in 2011 for the Airs and decided against it? Who would you recommend for the chips if not Intel or AMD? Who currently supplying major computers is capable of producing 25% of a world run of any Apple line? A boat anchor? You have no idea.
Erm, the 1,600 is pixel dimensions, not dpi. A 1,600 pixel image is good for lots of things. But at 72 dpi printing is not one of them.
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