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Biggest factor is that they are two very different ways of working. You'd base your preference on the working paradigm rather than if either is a "better" program. There are surely differences is speed and some features existing or not, but truthfully 75% of Aperture users don't even know what softproofing is much less use it : ) so much feature comparison isn't going to be a deciding factor. Most Aperture users just were happy they had an $80 image program (and were...
Absolutely, and it was worth it before this update and at $300. Now it's a no brainer.
Same here. Google now basically doesn't let you use any of their services without allowing them access to your browser. Obviously, it's not just Google, it's anyone who can, including Apple. The only reason to not say "I pass" is because it's more or less too late. There is no such thing anymore as browsing without being tracked by a friendly (as opposed to a virus/worm) online presence, even when you opt out of everything. * sigh *
I agree, although this doesn't mean that developments aren't going on behind the curtain in the content dept. But I'm with you insofar as I have a box (well, a Roku, but the point is the same), attached via HDMI to a TV, which gets wifi from my router. The TV, two years old, is big enough and has more more ins and outs than I use (actually I don't use any). I'm set. At this stage content is the only upgrade or downgrade I would do. And not because there's nothing...
Sshhhhhhh. That doesn't make the point he was trying to make.
Same here. I'm always surprised that the weight of iPads doesn't come up more than it does. I'm a healthy mid sized male and I consider its weight a noticeable thing.
Hahaha. "A slightly thicker iPad body would allow Apple to fit more inside the shell of the device, such as a larger battery for better performance, and more powerful components to power an anticipated high-resolution Retina Display. One report from last November said that Apple was likely to use dual-LED light bars in its next iPad in order to maintain the existing level of brightness with a higher density of pixels on the screen." While I won't deny that .81 mm makes...
Mountain Lion is basically Apple integrating more of the functions into Apple services, but also to further differentiate itself from other OS's (Yes, I know this file renaming isn't one of them), some of it needlessly IMHO, some looking toward the future of fitting in to developing technology and services. Nowadays you really can use any flavor of any system and get your work done. At the dawn of Macs you could do a bunch of file management tasks in five minutes that...
Count me in as one who absolutely abhors the new Lion file saving. It's nothing but three steps back for me, and I've yet to find a single way that it would be to my advantage. It is NOT better than Save and Save as for me. I can't wait to get back on my SL after being on Lion, mostly due to this.
You're confusing the relatively recent advent of mobile IOS with the Mac OS of OSX and before. The Mac system has never, ever had a challenge with cut and paste.
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