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 People, including teens, already know who buys/bought Beats, and it's always been a company that made boatloads of money selling to their fans and none by attempting to expand their base.  If Apple tries to make them "cool" in a different way they would disappear from their bread and butter group, turning a $3b company into one worth $2m. The vast majority of the cool teens not already defined as Beats or other expensive headphone buyers have expensive devices and their...
 I always felt the camera roll and stream were better than OK, they worked well.  There are so many things that need to be literally "fixed" in IOS, much less improved, before Apple should be bothering with stuff like this.  I don't have anything against a paradigm change per se but it hints that Apple isn't putting their resources where they're most needed.
Am I the only one who can't see "Healthkit" without seeing "Heathkit"?     Not entirely a bad thing as it brings back many warm and fuzzy memories.
Thanks for the post. I basically understood what the IOS8 image management was about when explained how it would work and I thought "This sounds awful". Your throwing some further clarity of it as implemented makes it even closer to a system I won't touch until all the sound of a million foreheads being slapped brings some changes.Thanks. Not upgrading.
Glad for that. It wouldn't have surprised me, just disappointed me.
 You missed my entire point by taking the "musicians sense of entitlement tact", which has never been part of the equation and couldn't be further from where I was speaking from.  Which is that if you have a business model where a product can be good and worthwhile that does in fact sell a lot, and the creator's share has been whittled away at (again, talking about people buying a lot of it, not frustrated musicians who make music no one wants) they will stop letting the...
 If your album sells 300,000 copies and 1,000,000 downloads and you make 20% of what you did in your worst year and for the first time ever you can't make the mortgage will you ever bother making another record?  That's a ridiculous argument coming from someone who says they don't want to listen to or buy new music ever.  So how do you actually care about this aspect and how it would deter you?  Why is it any less secure than whatever anyone buys using the same systems...
 I think you're confused about what a "licensing organization" such as BMI and ASCAP does.  They're not "industry groups" as the phrase brings to mind.      The current model of how streamers, discovery systems and download sites are provided with their product will not survive.  There is nothing at stake by the royalties being shifted back to music providers making more than the are given now except that more creatorrs can survive and the newly birthed internet companies...
 They truly detest each other.  
He won't.  He and Jackson are arch enemies and covet these opportunities.  Except for the major, major ones it's one or the other.  This counts as a check in Jackson's column.  I say only half jokingly that Sharpton was quicker to own the most recent racial ambulance chasings so Jackson saw this as something he needed to weigh in on in order to not score zero for the quarter.
New Posts  All Forums: