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 If your album sells 300,000 copies and 1,000,000 downloads and you make 20% of what you did in your worst year and for the first time ever you can't make the mortgage will you ever bother making another record?  That's a ridiculous argument coming from someone who says they don't want to listen to or buy new music ever.  So how do you actually care about this aspect and how it would deter you?  Why is it any less secure than whatever anyone buys using the same systems...
 I think you're confused about what a "licensing organization" such as BMI and ASCAP does.  They're not "industry groups" as the phrase brings to mind.      The current model of how streamers, discovery systems and download sites are provided with their product will not survive.  There is nothing at stake by the royalties being shifted back to music providers making more than the are given now except that more creatorrs can survive and the newly birthed internet companies...
 They truly detest each other.  
He won't.  He and Jackson are arch enemies and covet these opportunities.  Except for the major, major ones it's one or the other.  This counts as a check in Jackson's column.  I say only half jokingly that Sharpton was quicker to own the most recent racial ambulance chasings so Jackson saw this as something he needed to weigh in on in order to not score zero for the quarter.
 Nah.  Even if under the most magical conditions by the time a cold solder joint made a good connection under such a circumstance most of the other good solders would melt away, not to mention whatever else would melt and short out. Now putting a clicking hard drive hard drive in the freezer, on the other hand...   :  )
That's not a screenshot.  
Beats has officially fallen behind the curve.  Maybe this is why Apple bought them, to give them an $1,800 model.     Longhair Ethiopian sheep leather!  Already a $600 Beats just doesn't have the same street cachet it did a month ago.       http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1015349-REG/ultrasone_edition_12_headphones_matte.html
 These are all excellent points.  Plus, doesn't even Apple have to reverse engineer new camera outputs to add compatibility?   I would add that we have already seen several commercial alternatives released and none have been really embraced by the RAW/DAM community.  I would like to think that Apple exiting the niche leaves as opening to be filled (and we will pay $400 for a fantastic suite of tools that leaves nothing to be desired in either image management or editing),...
 What I meant to imply as that Apple may well just make it not work with a Yosemite update in a year, even without an actual need to, in its desire to create a larger base for Photos.   Kind of cynical, I know, but Aperture users have a right to be cynical  :  ) I also am leaving the door open to Photos actually being able to do a lot pretty well.  And if it takes 3rd party plugins that don't need to create TIFFs I'll be woodshedding with it for a while before turning my...
OK, thanks.  It's not to nest entire large sections, but often the lines I'm quoting to respond to are responding to something else, so I want to include that context.  It's easier for me to quote the whole thing and then delete everything not needed than hunt around to add that second quote.     Thanks,   j
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