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Nope, that's not what will happen if Apple changes the way Logic works too much. The user base which doesn't like it will move to another DAW option, of which there are more than several, and not return or look back. No one is going to "get used" to anything or wait for features they want that exist elsewhere.Let the remarks from clueless armchair quarterbacks who don't work in the field continue.
This puts a sharper point on my previous post. PT and Logic are like Aperture and Photoshop. They cover different workflows and strengths though they have a wide overlap. Logic isn't competing against any version of PT. If one requires more than a cursory amount of midi editing they don't do it in PT. PT is where everything goes when it's mix time for a major release, but Logic is huge in production up to that stage.What I find amazing about Apple's path for Logic...
No feature films or national TV shows have been ENTIRELY done in FCP, due to the collaborative technical nature of film and broadcast on that tier, which further rules out using the "you are an island by yourself" FCPX. But I know that's part of your point, just was the easiest way to quote : )
You're not anywhere near a major city, right? Just go ask some video post people instead of making incorrect assumptions. As a NYC'er I can name right off the top of my head Lorne Michaels Broadway video production facilities, which has some of the most forward thinking media people in the country running it. They were split AVID/FCP and, IIRC, made a HUGE FCP investment in the wake of or previous to Apple's secretive smoke and mirrors about what FCPX would be and...
For *you* : ) Apple has a rival in PT9, but for the rest of the world Apple has about 10 rivals in the niche that Logic sits in, all up and down the power and cost scale. The most interesting shift as I have seen it is how Logic has been more pervasive than Digital Performer, especially among those not choosing MOTU hardware, while Reaper (a powerful but awkward Windows port that I personally can't use at all) which is $60 has a surprisingly large and loyal Mac user...
And the longer one has to read the fine print the less attractive it looks. For example: feature: Mini SD slot. Fine print: can't be used for storage, only for transfer to internal drive. You see "card slot" and you think "storage". Nope. Sony's not the only one to do this, but it's time to entice users not frustrate them.
Couldn't help but notice the overWHELMINGLY positive user reviews on HP's product page (the 32 gig model has 4.5 out of 5 stars with 62 reviews). They love it like crazy. Happily replaced their iPads. Gee, you'd think this would have encouraged HP to barrel past the generally tepid critics' reviews. Unless...no, you don't think...these couldn't be...?
I would expect a place not MacMall to not be able to handle something like this, since the normal sequence of events of a MacMall order varies from unpredictable to wrong again for the third time. HP, OTOH, as already noted, wants to leave the hardware business and focus on software and services, and yet couldn't handle the web traffic that they *could* see coming for at least a week.
No go.
I have a 2008 MBP which developed the graphics board failure. Apple replaced it under their flat fee repair system. For a flat four or five hundred they handed me back a working MBP with, IIRC, only a short warrant on the graphics card, nothing else once I inspected it. Unfortunately, I gave it the AOK since I was thrilled to be back to work for less than my nightmare told me, and everything seemed fine, but alas the replacement logic board has this failure to charge...
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