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Because they don't release products with an OS that's not updatable and yet old and still unfinished at the same time by the time it's released?
Have to admit the video's pretty funny. But even funnier would be one of Samsung Galaxy owners in a Verizon Store, because there is nothing funnier than three lines of ten people with smoke shooting out of their ears.
Do you know what Grand Central Station is? It's not a mall, it's a commuter train station. There will be no one there between Weds. night and Monday morning. On any given Saturday you can hock lugies off the balcony of the Oyster Bar all day and not hit anyone.
Also, holidays will be the LEAST trafficked times for this store. Grand Central Station is a good place for an Apple Store but it's not exactly a destination unless you're going to catch a train. I doubt there's going to be the least bit of bustle going on there over this weekend. Outside and three blocks over sure, but not inside GCS, so no loss. Good move to not bother rushing the opening.
My 2008 15" MBP had the classic faulty video board symptoms this year. A NYC Apple store verified this but would not do a free replacement given the time frame, however did give me a deal where for a small set price (I forgot what but it was around $300) they would take it and return it with everything in it guaranteed for 30 days, which I took. I was not happy with the length of guarantee but for such a small cost they indeed did this and I was back in business. I...
I had the same issue, non-unibody MBP. What worked for me is to not follow Apple's power management reset advice, but to do it this way: Disconnect everything and remove battery. Wait some arbitrary amount of time, but I'll say 30 seconds : ) Then hold down the power button for at least 5 seconds, longer for the hell of it. Then, instead of reconnecting as they say, plug the power cable in and wait for the lights to go through their sequence. When that is...
It's also good if it makes the owner feel it does plenty, and plenty well enough for what they paid for it. Most of the complaints I see about the Fire are like complaining about fish because they can't fly.
LOL. You speak from ignorance. You obviously don't get out much. Want one example? iPads have revolutionized recording studios, specifically where scripts are the order of the session, which is my line of work, day in , day out. We no longer get nor accept printed scripts from clients. Every time a narrator reads a 300 page script they are using our iPad in the booth reading a pdf, either autoscrolling or manually flipping a page at a time. We could never do...
Originally Posted by tylerk36 You don't want an email client for too much on a tablet with such limited storage anyway. All it does is fill up mailboxes on what little space you've got on the device, and they want you to use the storage for content. They assume you'll use the browser for email. But just get an email client and use it, if need be. There are plenty.
The problem with caching as done by Silk is that the (purely) theoretical speed benefits to the user are all lost on the niche user of this $200 product. It's a twist on a well worn axiom, in this case that the caching already taking place at the device is enough as far as where this niche user goes, and for the advanced user looking for an accelerated experience, Silk style caching won't be enough. It's ALL about data collection, and unless Amazon can make everyone...
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