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Yes, and also for one-handed use on a subway or bus during a commute. The 10" tablets only get pulled out pretty much when they get a seat, the smaller e-readers less so. I strap-hang with my iPod touch and wouldn't commute with a substitute that I couldn't navigate with the same hand that was holding it. Quite a specific niche I know, but... : )
The main reason Archos tablets will never succeed on any scale larger than their current one (smaller than miniscule) is that now they are selling to a market that is used to the customer service experience provided by Amazon, B & N and Apple, and that's not a reference to the "we'll fix it if it breaks" customer service. Most older Archos products are now doorstops because they sold them like radios or mp3 players at best, and Archos' support presence was like that of a...
I'd almost forgotten about the Lenovo, and with good reason: it still hasn't shipped, and I've yet to be able to fool with a display model to see if it's a yea or nay for $200. It could very well turn out to be a great deal but they won't be able to compete with the B & N kiosks with piles of in-stock Nook tablets being demoed. If the A1 doesn't show up just a few days after B & N loads does, in 10 days, they might as well call it off. B & N are so saturated and have...
It's like the Yankees taking legal action against Baltimore because they just signed a great hitter.Or Google offering unlimited free email accounts in the face of pay what others can afford to offer?I'm confused. The only thing that is clear to me is that Schmidt must be seriously worried to override whatever concern he may have had about Google and himself coming off like a completely unsympathetic character in this story.
No they're not. We'll tell you how to arrange them. Just kidding. Yes, unless someone can point out to me the switch you can flip, how could I possibly use a system that doesn't let me view my documents exactly as I already organized them?
Having both I can't imagine moving any "need it to be clear and right" archives from dropbox over to iCloud. Teething pains notwithstanding, there's kind of useful and there's very useful. Right now iCloud is just a novelty for me, and until it's closer to confident I won't do anything critical with it.Dropbox is a no-brainer for me. The fact that it doesn't care what I'm backing up from is important. I don't care if my audio collection is OSX centric, but my entire...
Sorry about that cold solder joint on all the processors.
LOL not. Try to get an appointment in NYC for anytime soon.And judging by what I'm seeing having passed by two Apple Stores this morning, that's a strategy for someone who doesn't need to use their phone for a few weeks.Maybe if Apple quickly quintuples the workforce in response to this, but otherwise not.
Great. Now maybe those Send Out Cards idiots can shrivel up and blow away.
It's also probably 40% of the weight, which is something the 7" naysayers always leave out. The iPad is pretty heavy for its form, especially for holding freely. A tablet of any size that give a good browsing and reading experience that is notably lighter will have a niche, other shortcomings notwithstanding.
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