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It's a TouchPad killer.
No, different reason. The Kindle sells for a much thinner margin, barely above cost, and the one with ads sell at below cost with the ads subsidizing the difference. It's not so great to show numbers that show that you sell a million of something and barely even break a profit. Apple makes more profit on their disappointments than Amazon does with their successes. When Apple has disappointing sales of a product like Apple TV they can just take the heat of the focus off...
I'm all for technological cross format advances, but since I stopped playing video games 25 years ago the thrill of such things just doesn't move me the same.
Can't argue with that : ) But I can't remember the last time I read the news online formatted like that, so literally like a newspaper. Big picture is that it's wrong for the job and I wouldn't get a 7" if I wanted to read newspapers or do gaming. But I think as a commuter's diversion, a smaller tablet has appeal. As it is what I view on the #2 train (The Onion Network, youtube finds) works well enough on my iPodTouch. A 10" tablet, though lots of people pull them...
It's all in what you want to use it for. Real estate for what need? The 7" on the right is simply more appealing to my needs than another nearly full sized screen (ignoring the model, of course). It's less than a workhorse size, more than a phone. Naturally (as I alluded to before) the lack of marketability makes sense for a high quality version. If it costs nearly as much to make as a 10" one it's not going to sell for $175 less, and there goes the buying incentive...
I'd love a decent 7" tablet, if it's $175. I disagree with the arguments that between the iPod Touch and iPad there is no adult niche. I have my iPod Touch on me all the time, and for 30% of what I use it for I wish it was a tad bigger. Still never went for an iPad because of the expense and heft given how close the profile is to the smallest laptop at my disposal (13" MBP) and personally my hoping the decent cheap 7" appears has been trumping buying current model and...
I work on matte by choice, but for non work I don't hate all glossy screens. But the uber mondo mirror ones are dealbreakers. I need a welding mask.
You might want to try moving shared files to GoogleDocs. It wasn't pretty for a while but now we have no problem setting up systems for file traffic. They have a very simple way to share folders with one or twenty clients, and it gives much better feedback to the uploader and downloader than iDisk does. We're also using Google to sync our calendars and contacts. Works great.
What are you calling an argument? I'm saying why the not-here-yet iCloud doesn't mean anything to me until it is. And from what thin air do you pull out the "bitching and moaning" ? As I posted I use GoogleDocs and iDisk for clouding large files to others (SmugMug for images and RackSpace for archiving) They all do their job. I have no idea what you're alluding to.
Ties to iOS or Mac Store Apps don't answer the issues, and neither does "There is no reason to think there will be no way to" do something. When it's here and working great I'll bite. Otherwise there are too many other options that work now.
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