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 LOL.  Nobody knows the math better than the artists and it's a horrible situation for them.  Never heard someone claim that artists, who have been neck deep in this for years, don't understand how great it is.
The latest mailing from Tekserve in NYC (a huge, legit Apple dealer but better known as the go-to place around here for decades for Apple repairs) says that they have the stock configurations of both models in stock right now (well, as of 1PM)
   I think in this particular case I can't imagine that Apple didn't assume the demand would be sky high or that they would need to pad the perception of demand.   I'm thinking this is their public beta test, and they're waiting until these have been in the wild for a month before they send out more.   I do think they sort of missed the boat by not making the two base versions a little further apart.  The high enders are going to get the 6-Core version anyway, no matter...
What I can't set aside about the LaCie power supply issue is that it went on for so long, ages, with new drives still shipping with bad PS's, long after it was clearly established many people were getting stuck with them. Maybe still for all I know, though I assume not. I stopped paying any attention to them after my two bad power supplies. I've have drives die on me, sure. Gotten DOAs. But faulty power supplies are a no brainer to remedy at the source. Don't need to...
Not complaining and not ungrateful.  But nothing worth even the time to download.  Finally hit the button for the three live Stones tracks, since I had passed on everything else.   Already deleted them.   Seemed like a cool thing when it started, but now that it's over it really wasn't.  Good for Apple to get the "rub" from Justin Timberlake, Jagger, et al, but unmemorable is the nicest adjective I can think of.   Felt like one of those great software bundle deals....
I'll make sure to have my device turned off in the store, thanks.
Do we know for sure if Best Buy didn't just put them over by the popcorn poppers?
Readdle's apps are fantastic. Been using the free Documents for a few months and I've deleted every other pdf reader/document organizer/etc on my iPad. Now I can delete all the scanning apps. Since I don't need either function daily or on a professional productivity level in IOS I tend to try all the apps that go free before the pay ones. Many of them aren't worth keeping but the Readdle apps are as good as any pay versions, sometimes better.
  Completely.  I can't conceive they have any traction at all at the corporate level, especially with how our lack of net privacy has been such a news topic this year.  I don't believe there's no place for them a certain niche but it can't possibly include mid level to major businesses.  I haven't been in an office this year that would consider Chromebooks for that reason, much less that was actually using any.
OK, oriste and Mac Bear, fair enough  :  )  
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