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 Why would you project that I was complaining instead of what I was actually doing, which was pointing out some pitfalls of the update. Try this, Skil.   Do you have Aperture 3.5 installed with Mavericks?   Put a floating window on your second monitor.  Leave Aperture and come back.  The window has disappeared and is somewhere back on your main monitor.   Now I can't use a second monitor because it won't keep a floating window on it?   Gee, sorry to be such a horrible...
Wow, that's terrible reading of my post.   Basically, it's a minor update bug and feature wise, and introduces some new issues that are amazing to have made it through.  It has nothing to do with anything you have posted, which is your usual. I don't consider iCloud photo sharing a big deal, as it's nothing to do with sharing of the Aperture projects, just more photo sharing.  Smugmug?  Already been doing this with a plugin.  Fixes in Faces?  Places?  Maps?  iLife...
Who's whining? I checked it out and went back to 3.4 and advise others to not install it.How could you possibly have projected whining into that?
Not much of an Aperture update if all 3.5 (from 3.4) does is provide hooks for taking advantage of a faster machine that won't ship until Xmas. BTW : The white balance tool is broken; bug in multiscreen use that screws up the secondary screen in some arrangements; users below 10.9 are shut out. No other differences to 3.4 that I can see. Not an update to applaud. Absolutely pointless to install it.
Unfortunately, AI got it wrong when the live feed anounced a new version of Aperture. Only place that made that mistake. The word Aperture was used but no mention of update.
  I know several people who were interested in the 5s but went with the 5c due to their inability to walk out of their network's store with one when they needed a phone. I also am amused by all this bad stuff written about the 5c sales.  Here in NYC and Brooklyn I see a lot of them in the wild.  
My daughter, 21, has to get things like phones wih her own money. She got a 5c and it's her 3rd iphone so she has a definite reference point. She loves it, and for what they both do she had no convincing argument for going for a 5s. In fact, without it as an option she might not have bothered to stay with an Apple phone.
 Working here.  Been fumbling around trying to figure out how to quit apps though, the way going to the active apps on the bottom, pressing an icon and clicking the x used to do.    RTFM time.   :  ) Kind of liking it, but bummed that it still takes 20 actions to delete a contact.
They took a perfectly useful image editor and ruined it. Don't upgrade to this terrible Instagram wannabe with feeble edting features! Wow. Who's making these decisions at Adobe? This is now the 1,384th best image app out there. Useless.
These drives have the USB controller soldered directly onto the board.  Drives not user replaceable, no SATA connection offered.  If something besides the drive on it breaks you have to toss it, can't replace the drive without ridiculous surgery.
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