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I was surprised when I went ahead and created a new project in my old version of iMovie 9.0.9 and sent it to iDVD   I am using OS 10.10.2. However I have now upgraded to 10.10.3 but not have yet tried to burn and iDVD. I would imagine they will not let me do iDVD with the new version of 10.10.3  in any case, I got the following error message.   .   It appears to me that Apple has changed their mind in allowing us to use iDVD in the newest OS Version.   So now the...
 At last, someone who agrees with me. I didn't think I was lone person in this world on this subject.   Way to go Crowley,  I agree with you 100% and I could have not said it any better than you.
dividends are not a wasteful potential for people like me. They are what we call income for us to live on. Apple stocks never going to get up to what it really should be per-share. So I suppose everybody who has stocks who get dividends shouldn't get them accordingly to what you're saying. Then what's the point of investing in a stock. How do you make money on it unless. you buy and trade all the time. People don't always do that. I guess that's why I'm not a traitor.
What confuses me is why are you so dead against dividends. Those are a benefit to us in addition to what the stock is worth. I may not be as smart as you but having a little extra income four times a year isn't bad. Many people don't want to play the Byselle game. They want to set and get something back for their investment and that is called the dividend that's the way I understand it. Perhaps you work for Apple and if that's the case I understand. Apple stock is worth...
You are right, however I along with many people want to see the dividends higher because as far as I'm concerned Apple stock will never reach its potential as far as Wall Street goes there for dividends must be higher. I guess that's all I have to say on the subject. I know what apples potential is, unfortunately the people who believe in Apple need to be compensated for that risk that they take Supporting Apple by way of dividends. I guess we'll have to agree to...
You may be right, however you have to remember we're talking about Apple. No matter how much money Apple makes the investors on Wall Street will always say it's not enough and not allow Apple stock prices to grow to what it really should be on the stock exchange. Just look at yesterday we had a record-breaking Apple profit-taking and yet the stock went down $2.05 a share. So the only way investors are going to make any money since Wall Street will never let Apple grow to...
I bet you do not own it.
Why ?
 Seriously, I'm not kidding, apparently other people feel the same way that I do. Check this out if you don't believe me.   http://seekingalpha.com/article/3110136-why-apples-dividend-increase-is-a-disappointment
$194B! Apple's cash pile hits record   5 cents increase on dividends….an  insult to shareholders who started with Apple when they were financially in trouble.    Time to share a lot more than five cents on dividends with so much cash on hand!
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