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$194B! Apple's cash pile hits record   5 cents increase on dividends….an  insult to shareholders who started with Apple when they were financially in trouble.    Time to share a lot more than five cents on dividends with so much cash on hand!
Using iMovie 9.0.9 in Yosemite and I am using a late 2009 MacBook.   Yosemite works fine till i started to use iMovie 9.0.9   After Launch, then I went to my projects and then it started it spinning and  it would not stop. Then I went to look if I had to force quit it and I did. It said "iMovie not responding" It does it all the time.   I did not change a thing on this computer except for going to Yosemite 10.10.   Is there any workaround so that doesn't do this or...
 Thanks for your input, I'll download it and try that within the next week as my time allows me. Sounds a little bit complex from you all said….hoping that I'll be able to do that. I 'm wondering is there a hardware product out there that would allow me to play the VHS and then take it and put it into the computer by way of a hardware device?
 How hard is it to use?
 I have an old Panasonic DMR-EZ28K DVD Recorder that works really well for me  and I have been converting old VHS tapes home movies to DVDs.      After I take the DVD out of the recorder, then I placed it in my Mac and then launch iMovie version 9.0.9 and  I cannot imported from the desktop.    I want to be able to edit it and put them in the new digital format how do I do that?   Thanks
Am I missing something here? Why would I as a casual photographer want to spend $10 a month on the application such as this or any other one when you occasionally use it. That's a waste of money and many of us cannot even afford it. Why not allow us to buy the app one time and pay for upgrades like in the past. I know they're trying to make a monthly fee out of all of us but not everybody can afford such a program.
Thank you very much it worked perfectly I appreciate it.
I would like to know how I restore lost drafts that I had on my mail program 6.6 with Time Machine.   I forgot that when you restore the mail program (was buggy) it saves all your emails except for your drafts. So now I need to find all the drafts that were deleted with my Time Machine.   Where are the drafts store prior to when I have to delete my mail program because of bugs in it?   How do I find them once I launch Time Machine.  Can't recall where they are stored...
I want our podcast available for Apple TV and other Apple devices and perhaps other PCs. How do I go about doing that sort of thing.   I already have two of my books on the App Store/iTunes store for sale for the iPad and other devices. So I do have a Apple account.   Anyone with experience doing this sort of thing? Any help would be appreciated, thank you.
A Big Dah on  me. I didn't see you there…darn...thanks for helping me out…I appreciate it.
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