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I am looking for a wide format printer that prints both sides or duplexing and that has the best quality printing and least expensive cartridges that is wireless and will work with my imac 27 inch computer and running os 10.6.6 and work with a e feature making it usable with iPad,iPhone and iPod touch. I want to be able to print small book projects of 40 to 60 pages using paper up to 13 x 19. Can anyone make a recommendation for my needs. I also need a OCR to be...
Ok all, will the 4.2 fix my battery from being drained so bad since going to IOS 4.1? There was no talk about that in the story... Also will 4.2 work on my 2nd Gen touch?
just up graded my ipod touch from 3.0.1 to OS 4.1 and guess what, I can not use my free Yahoo email on the mail app on ipod touch touch... Apple tells me that yahoo wants us to up grade to Yahoo's paid e-mail... I am not willing to do this... Any way to get free yahoo e-mail to work on my ipod touch again in OS 4.1 (Yes I can use Safari but its better on the mail app) Thanks
This is priced right and what I looking for! Could not find this one! Thanks!
HOW WRONG YOU ARE!!!! For the record, I have a mimistack V3 2TB hooked to my 27 inch iMac by way of firewire 800...I also love the speed of firewire 800 as s its way faster than my ministack v2 400GB. I did "YOUR" daisy change with the V3 hooked to the iMac and the Canon ZR500 connecter to the firewire 800 on the v3...and guess what? iMovie did not take the ZR500 camera...also for the record, the ZR500 works just fine connected to the iMac with out the daisy change. So...
So I get it, sort of?/??...but what is one to do if they do not have a external HD and need to run a camera and another device to the firewire 800 as there is no way to daisy chaine my old camera to another devise? Apple blew it on firewire 800 as I see it!
Way too pricy for only one extra plug in...I want to keep the HD away from the time machine HD as I really do not want time machine to go into another HD... Funny that Apple makes us have one Firewire 800 and does not provide a inexpensive hub...what was Apple thinking...love Apple but they blew it on Firewire 800... QUOTE=Bancho;1696392]Click the link. It's a firewire 800 hub. It's expensive but looks like it does what it says. What do you have against daisy...
I really want a fire 800 hub like the USB one I have...don't really want a daisy change the fire wire... I only found firewire 400 and not fire wire 800 hubs... Were the ones you found firewire 800 if so I will be happy!
I just got my imac 27 inch computer6 weeks ago...nice computer but a MAJOR design flaw...no one sells firewire 800 hubs anywhere...even apple does not knows of anyone who does...have called everyone to no avail...so now how am I to have two fire wire 800 devices going at once...want my $1,700.00 back APPLE sure blew this computer design !!!!!!!!!!
Nice promotion for your web site...but this site is not an want ad services...we help others and we all ask for help and this is what this forum is about...nice try...
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