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It is a pop account so where do I find it?   In previous versions before this recent one, there use to be a checkbox but it's missing now its missing in this version…. where it's at.
I was referring to the old checkbox that used to be there removing it from the server once the mail was read on your local email program.
I'm still running male 6.6 and I had a question for you. In a previous version before this was updated there was a way to check a box that would take your mail off the server once read. Is that functionality anywhere easy to find in this version of male 6.6?  Can't find it.  Also is there a way to make it a specific length of time it gets removed from the server maybe from 1, 2, days, maybe a week or two weeks?   Thanks
I wish some of the pros who read this would answer this because there's millions of us out there who would like to know these answers.   I would assume that the Adobe encore is only workable to make DVDs/Blu-rays from Adobe product and not iMovie 9-10 or Final Cut Pro X right?
What is Hollywood using now if they're not using that program?
If I could find it, how hard is it to learn to do and is it is as simple as iDVD   Nothing else out there?
A question I've had for a couple years is what program does Hollywood use to make the DVDs title pages before the movie starts that we buy in the store to play on our DVD players at home?   I'm sure it's not iDVD or compressor.
First up, I'm one of those strange cats who likes to make DVDs for my clients and I have iDVD and I have a couple questions regarding making DVDs as long as I can. With using Final Cut Pro X and iMovie.   I have not gone to Final Cut Pro X yet but can you share to iDVD within that program?   Is there a pulldown menu under share that  says iDVD for Final Cut Pro X?   What does the professional DVD makers who use Final Cut Pro X when they create DVDs for consumers to...
Question this is for distributing my DVDs by way of electronic media much like I do my 2 e-books. ( http://www.peafowl.com/rapidcart/download.html )   I could distribute my DVDs on this page (that I notated about this paragraph) but the problem is the file is going to be too big for a DVD that's an hour and a half long.   So how do I do it and find a program that would make the DVD electronic file readable by any computer tablet or phone and make it small enough that...
Thanks for taking the time to respond to my questions.   I might remind Tallest Skil that my website was established in 1996. And we were one of the pioneers out there with the computer world. I'm well aware of the technology what's good and what isn't. I prefer DVDs even with high-speed Internet.   But I'm talking reality here. I can't tell you how many people that I deal with do not have computers and do not have Internet. Therefore they have to have DVDs to watch...
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