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Ok...so will my books in 2.0 have to be redone when I upload 3.0 and will I have any work to do or are all my books ok done on iBooks Author 2.0...   Also will my books in 2.0 be able to be sold on the iPad mini?   What about the new iPod5 and iPhone5?
Love the new iPod touch 5...but one problem, it takes 3 tries to slide to unlock...my iPad and old iPod opens as soon as its up...I have to wait...anyone else having this issue...all else is really good...
So does this mean I have to re-do my books selling on iTunes using the new iBooks 3.0? Sure hope not as as I was thinking all books on the iPda will work on the new mini iPad...only time will tell...what do you all think...any of you have their books selling for the iPad on iTunes?
How right you are...should be here on 10-15-12 as Apple said and  FedEx is the shipper!!!      :)
Because there have been no stories about the iPod's since the announcement.   No news at all!
Reporting in on 10-8-12   When I called Apple today checking the gal say "The iPod touch 5 has not been released for shipping yet and there is no date for when it will ship"   So are they having problems making them or something else?
Thanks....I can highlight the text but not copy...will try to get it the way you said...I can also take a screen  shot as well...   Will post it when I get home.
I will check out that this evening on my home computer and report back...one problem how do I copy the text of the report as it will not let me select all and copy...is there another way to copy the report?
I am on Os 10.7.5 and iMovie 9.0.8 is crashing on a 7 min project in sharing it to quicktime in low, med, and high...It work ok till the last up date of iMovie...is there a reason for this to happen and how can I fix it?
I am with you as a ball park time would help...I will wait to see when it shows up and I will call in 2 weeks again if it does not arrive and I bet they will say the same answer...I bet they are still making them and no where ready to ship and it will arrive in November or December...hope I am wrong...
New Posts  All Forums: