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I wonder if there is a program out there that does the same thing that QuickBooks for Mac 2013 does and is cheeper.   I've been using their product that was called the Quick Book Pro 6 for my old Cube (stills work well today)  on OS 9.2 and has worked great but it's time to migrate up to my latest new Mac on OS 10.8.3   My new upgrade price is $199.00 but would like to save $$$$   Any help on this one 
Why do you hate Apple so much...trying to make $$ selling Apple short in the market place?
I have terrestrial/antenna TV for all my stations in the area in which I live. I get very good reception and use a Panasonic DVD recorder for all my recording needs.     I have been very unhappy with the working of the DVD recorder for my over the air TV shows and I'm wondering if I can use like a Mac Mini and some other device to record shows and put it over my HDMI on my big screen TV?   I would understand that perhaps I would have to have a Mac Mini used as...
yes on land lines 
Is there such an application that is totally free for calling on your iPod touch fifth-generation.  Several I found on the web has you earning points for minutes or buying points...Kind of wondering if there's such a free Calling app?   I bet not or am I wrong...
Does anyone know if the DLO company will make iPod touch 5th gen cases...someone said the DLO company is out of business...   I love my case with a flip top with maganets on my old iPod touch...is there another company that makes one like it if they are out of business?   This kinds of case keeps the iPod from being hurt and broke...  
Ok...so will my books in 2.0 have to be redone when I upload 3.0 and will I have any work to do or are all my books ok done on iBooks Author 2.0...   Also will my books in 2.0 be able to be sold on the iPad mini?   What about the new iPod5 and iPhone5?
Love the new iPod touch 5...but one problem, it takes 3 tries to slide to unlock...my iPad and old iPod opens as soon as its up...I have to wait...anyone else having this issue...all else is really good...
So does this mean I have to re-do my books selling on iTunes using the new iBooks 3.0? Sure hope not as as I was thinking all books on the iPda will work on the new mini iPad...only time will tell...what do you all think...any of you have their books selling for the iPad on iTunes?
How right you are...should be here on 10-15-12 as Apple said and  FedEx is the shipper!!!      :)
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