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Australia here store still getting upgraded
I definetely get the feeling from his part that smaller phones are cheaper lower end products then the iphone. I think thats because Apple must feel that the screen size for a touch phone must reach X Dimensions for it to be functional. I don't believe Apple will be creating a non touch screen phone hence a iphone nano is not possible as the screen size will be too small to make the software workable. Or it just sounds like to me they don't think it will be good to put...
I don't understand the reasoning behind the iphone nano being a low end part of the market. There are plenty of expensive small phones out there and the market is dying for a touch phone that is not smart phone oriented but more multimedia oriented. Size is an issue and having a small phone with GOOD software like stated above would be the holy grail. The iPhone as it stands is a bit big in size to be perfectly honest. The screen and touch abilities of it has alot to do...
I already have Airport utility installed in each Windows computer and its the latest version. each computer can see the attached USB hard disk ok. But not the acutal 500GB in the Time Capsule itself. It seems strange to me that the Airport Utility itself can't see the Time Capsule HD.
Hey I just bought a time capsule and like i upgraded the firmware and airport utility to latest version straight away. Im able to surf the internet and I can see a USB HARD disk i plugged in and my USB printer as well. HOWEVER none of my computers can see the TC hard disk itself from their Air Port Utility. Can anyone help me!! I don't know whats going on! IT can see the USB hard disk in the Windows Explorer but not the actual TC hard disk??
I think if they implemented better push email software they will be in business to really dominate the business market section of it all. Truth be told I would be interested to know how business people deal with the battery dying. This is my main concern. Access to your data, devices and people at all times seems to be the key in this world. Losing your access in your MBA or iPhone because of the battery and the fact that you can't replace it unless someone else does it...
Well if your satisfied with the battery life i guess thats fair enough? But I always had the idea that the ultraportable category (or at least the target audience of the AIR) usually required around 6 hours on light use as a minimum. I also think you've had alot of use with your Air correct? What will you do if you go on a trip as you seem to do often and the battery dies on you. On the first day of that trip?
so your all happy with the battery and the fact that it can't be replaced I notice that alot of people are happy with the iphone batterry too but i personally suspect if Blackberries were like that and one died it would be quite an inconvience to business users, which most iphone users are not. I just laugh at how the AIR is a travellers notebook but yet it has horrible battery life and if the battery dies on the road, your screwed
for me the battery has to change for the Air. I think the current battery life isn't great for a supposed travellers note book. Its close to 2-3 hours under heavy use and should really be reaching for 7 hours under light use. I am assuming that a traveller has no access to power points over a course of a week regularly. Which brings into question the battery. I regularly take my laptop around for work (auditing). The battery is shot to pieces usually by the first year. For...
has anyone else noticed that the MBA touchpad easily gives a blue screen error when in boot camp?
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