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I find that Apple is avoiding the gaming market for a reason, but eventually they will have to make comprimises. When average gamers playing say second life, the sims, Wow, and other casual demand a mild graphics cards the laptop market will change. I've noted that Apple doesn't really appeal to even a casual gamer and there are large markets for them that are untapped (Females anyone? with a iMAc and the Sims??). But I suppose the biggest problem for Apple is OSX. But...
the battery life sounds a bit weak to be honest. I always thought the ultra portable market strived for a laptop that could go the full working day without a charge. Like that was the holy grail. The way i hear many of the people here they only use their ultra portable for 2 hours a day or something..........
Actually I would like to say I agree with you. I always like always thought that the ultra portable market wanted a laptop that was 11" and light because it has a small foot print and the ultra light voltage CPU's gave them battery lives of a business working day or at least close to that. I always thought that was the holy grail of that segment. I don't own one, nor am I the target market. I gathered all this from reading PC magazines who do regular reviews of things...
This article says exactly what I've been thinking about the Air. Everyone will basically go to an Apple store to have a look and come away from a MB or something else. Honestly thats how i think the Air will be determined as a success.
Actually I wonder how heavy a MB would be without the optical drive. And have a custom motherboard that has less ports. I would say its similar weight to the MBA would it be? just not that thickness, which is important to alot of people
the ethernet dongle is a bit of a ridiculous extra charge if you ask me. Clearly trying to generate more revenue. It could have just been included as an extra accessory.
I second that, most of them don't have time for a full time job for one. Unless of course you got rich parents.
it seems to me some users seem to think the MBA will outsell the MB or reach MBP type numbers. Personally im skeptical that the market for them are this big. But I wouldn't mind to be proven wrong
actually I am really curious how many units do you guys think the MBA needs to sell as a niche product to be pronounced a success. Unless some of you think it will outsell the MB
thats a fair amount. I think the verdict can't be said until the real numbers are in after the honey moon period. The MBA will be a top seller for a while whilst the frenzy of pre orders go over the mac sites as people rush to get their hands on one. I think we should revisit the success of the MBA in a year. There is no doubt it will be suceed amongst travellers, but I'd be interested to know the impact in other segments
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