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I don't really understand you. Apple have the MacBook and entry models of iMac for these people. The MacBook Pro and Mac Pro are machines that's supposed to be used by people who work with their computer - pro stands for professional, right? I'm baffled with the choice of 256 MB VRAM not only the entry model of the 15", but also for the mid. This is the same amount that was available in MacBook Pro's three years ago. The entry level MacBook Pro 15" should have 512 MB and...
Then they can get a MacBook (not Pro).
I guess you know about Max? http://www.macupdate.com/info.php/id/19873/max
Thanks, I already have Max on my hard drive. It's ouragan you should address this info to.
That works somewhat, but it's not quite good enough in all cases.For example there doesn't seem to be an easy way to view each picture by its actual size. (except the first used to Quick Look, the rest gets scaled)
”- Using Cut & Paste in Finder windows as a way to move programs, music files, documents or folders from one folder to another;”I agree. At least one shouldn't have to drag an item to move it (as it is now). I don't know why Apple insist on not having the cut and paste feature. Maybe it's because there can be some trouble is (for bigger items and folder with lots of items) there's an interruption of some sort the original can get messed up. I know this has happened to me...
Still they seem to miss rather obvious issues (check my previous posts).
That's about what I figured...Another small 10.6.2 thing by the way – sometimes when activating the Spotlight menu using the keyboard it doesn't work to type anything and one can't press esc to close it. One need to reach for the mouse/trackpad and deactivate it and after this it works to activate and type with the keyboard (until it happens again).
Don't you think I did that? Some of my examples (like the sudden logout in 10.2 and the corruption of files when saving from Photoshop to an AFP volume in 10.5.3). I had the 10.2 logout problem happen quite often both on my Mac at home and at work. I got the app switcher issue in 10.5 several times a day. I'd say these are quite major issues that are of the kind I would think shouldn't be there since Apple makes both the hardware and the software. But at the same time, I'm...
Will be interesting to try at least, so one then knows for sure that Mac OS X is the best. And I'm talking about Windows 7 here – that's what we should compare to – not older Windows versions. Otherwise we're like the Apple bashers who still thinks you can't right-click on a Mac. Have you been using Windows 7 for an extended time?
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