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All this trouble Apple is having fixing Mac OS X for their select few machines makes me wonder how Windows can run *at all* on so many different pieces of hardware. A few examples: •In 10.2 there was a ”sudden logout bug” that meant one suddenly got logged out in the middle of everything (loginwindow process crashed). This was fixed in 10.3. •In 10.4 we (at work) had quite a lot of headaches with a Kernel Panic that happened after extensive browse of folders...
Guess what? I already did. It works better than I thought it would, but still not without (rather minor) issues here and there and I had to spend quite some time to get things working. I fully understand that Apple consciously has decided not to offer a wide amount of hardware options. But I still think it's sad when I see what they could have had – especially when ”a bunch of hobbyists” (the Hackintosh community) can make Mac OS X run pretty well on generic PC...
I know it's been asked thousand times before, but dear Apple – please stop insist only using the Xeon processors from Intel! Why don't give us a desktop Mac that use the same processors from Intel that can be put in more affordable PCs. A little more hardware options doesn't mean your product range gets muddled, right? I know – ain't gonna happen. Sounds good with that ATI card though.
OK, great. Now where is the Unreal 3 Engine for the Mac!?
If that animates smoothly on the MacBook Pro I have I guess it should do the same on Mac Pro with GTX 285 graphics.
It's interesting how people find so different things good and irritating. I don't see the Exposé activation when hovering a file over the dock as a problem at all. But. I fully agree Apple should give us a little more options – both hardware and software wise. i think it is fully possible to extend the options a little without making things too bloated. About the speed of your laptop – did you do an upgrade from previous OS X version? I upgraded from 10.5 and also think my...
Just because you can attach a mouse and keyboard to the console doesn't mean all games support them. In fact I'm quite sure they're just a select few. I don't think that PC gaming will die in the near future. The graphics and processors always evolve faster. It's just to take a look at the games of today. The PC versions of the games support higher resolutions and anti-aliasing etc. etc.
As said I think the problem is that Apple don't offer systems with as strong graphic cards as what you get if you buy (or build) a mid-tower PC. The only comparable option from Apple is the Mac Pro which is very expensive with its ”server class” processors (Xeon) and memory (EEC). Can someone please explain why Apple isn't offering a more affordable desktop? Or why they decided to go with Xeon processors etc. in the Mac Pro? What I hear the performance isn't exactly better...
”The seminar also portrayed the PC as a superior platform to the Mac, noting that 32 of the top 100 programs for users are available for the Mac.” Which are those other 68 programs?
I'm not saying it is Apple's fault entirely. All I'm saying is that Mac OS X has/can have bugs that causes applications to crash. Also, (for whatever reason) all versions of Adobe Photoshop has been crashing for us once in a while. 10+ retouchers working full time in Photoshop.
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