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I'll be very happy if the ZFS file system will be available also in the ”client” version of Snow Leopard. Last thing I heard was that it will be released for the server version of OS X only.
I absolutely think you have a point about the zoom button in OS X. It's behaving quite inconsistent in many apps. I don't really think it's that important to be able to resize a window from all edges though. It's not like I go ”oh no, why can't I resize a window from all edges” when in OS X. Also, the brain ”always knows ”where to go to find the resize spot in OS X (lower right corner comes by itself). In Windows it can be quite tricky to on the sides ”find the right spot”...
I agree on the display for the new MacBook. I also thought it would be much better than it is. It's better than the one for the previous generation of MacBook, but not what I'd expect from a computer at the price it currently has.
It already happened to you in 10.5.5? I've seen it (the problem with the menu bar not "following" when one switch app), but it usually takes some time after a restart (at least that's the feeling I have).
Wad that a sarcastic message? Anyway, I don't get it... \
I know now the problem with Photoshop not coming to front happens after hiding it (cmd-ctrl-H).Since there is a problem with In Design and Leopard (hiding doesn't always work the first time you launch it, but a quit and re-launch solves it) it might be that this Photoshop problem is related to.Edit:Found this on the Apple Discussions Forum: http://discussions.apple.com/thread....67780&tstart=0And no, it doesn't help till quit the Dock so it gets re-launched.
Happens from time to time for our 10+ retouchers who work full time in Photoshop CS3 (version 10.0.1) on Quad Core Mac Pro 2,66 GHz (first generation), ATI RADEON X1900 XT graphics 512 MB VRAM, 5 GB RAM running Mac OS X 10.5.4.Another issue is that Photoshop's menu bar won't come to front when clicking the Photoshop icon in the Dock. It hasn't stalled or anything (doesn't show as red in Activity Monitor), but it simply won't come to the front, only it's windows which...
The drop shadow and anti aliasing of the arrow cursor often goes away when connecting/disconnecting to/from an external display. One way to get the smooth, soft and sleek cursor back is to go to the Displays setting in System Preferences, lower the resolution of the display and then switch back to the normal/native resolution again.
I totally agree on this!Apple makes great stuff, but many things could (should...) be much better IMHO.
It's funny to first read: "Just thank the Lord that you're not using Vista. I had three crashes today on a Sony VAIO SZ5 and that was a good day." Then the next post after that: "In the meantime it's hard to get work done without restarting into Vista, which has been rock solid and not had any issues, graphics or otherwise, in the month I've been using it." "I would also love to see the menu-bar respond correctly to switching apps," Totally agree in this...
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