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I agree that the DVD Player needs some fixing. On an iMac 24" that I installed Leopard from scratch on (erase and install) it crashed after 30 seconds and on the MBP I have it managed to freeze the entire system. Couldn't force quit or move cursor.
If icons look good or not is a matter of personal taste. I don't like the old aqua icons at all and think the new ones are much better. Anyway, the look of folder icons is one thing that can be changed by the user (Panic's/Iconfactory's CandyBar) and I'm quite sure the transparency of the menu-bar will be modifiable too in some way.
I know exactly what you mean. One doesn't have to log out however. Just go to Apple menu —> Force Quit, select "Finder" and then click "Relaunch". Hopefully this won't happen in Leopard.
No way. That's one of the new features in Leopard—preview of PDF documents not only when in column view and selecting each one, but also in "normal" icon view. PDF documents does not preview like that in Tiger.
This is really really sad. Apple is loosing many potential customers because of this—and it's not only about games. A friends friend was asking for recommendations on a desktop computer for around $1500 to for her "graphical" school. A good graphics card was needed for 3D applications. Where's the Mac to match that?
How about a "Reveal in Finder" option for files/folders in open/save dialogs?
What I don't get is that if Greenpeace are a bunch of morons and the only thing they want is to profit from their organization and shut down businesses and so on—why do they give Dell relatively high scores? If Dell can do it then Apple can too!
I guess you're right. There's probably a reason for them not putting the X1700 or X1800 in there. It just feels a bit sad that after 10 months the graphics card in the MacBook Pro is still the same.
I can see exactly that same feature for the X1700 on the ATI/AMD homepage:http://ati.amd.com/products/Mobility...700/index.html
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