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I remember five years ago, in the leadup to MWSF 2002, Apple started putting up hype countdowns and talking about "Where no computer has gone before," and people on this site were predicting Apple-owned broadband satellites hovering above the earth.
I'd like to see a library sync engine built into iTunes 5. I have a Windows desktop and a Mac laptop, and I always get screwed up when going from one to the other, since music inevitably ends up getting spread across both. Sure, you can stream from one or the other, but your Smart Playlists, etc. don't change, which kind of defeats the entire purpose of them. I'm sure they could just evolve AutoSync from keeping track of and merging data between iPod and iTunes, to...
If it does get picked up, it'll probably be out by Christmas 2005, by which time no one will be playing it online anymore.
"Blu-ray group gets behind Microsoft tech"They've developed a hard-coat plastic bottom that's resistant to even permenant marker. I don't see why you have some arbitrary hatred for cartriges. They're a lot more indestructable than thin discs, and work in the same drive as non-cartridge discs.
Blu-Ray now supports H.264, MPEG-2, and WM9, just like HD-DVD.
Depends on what your definition of "standard" is. Why HD-DVD? Because it's backed by the "official" DVD consortium? That consortium is corrupt beyond reason. The Microsoft/Intel/Warner moneymachine stonewalled to get Windows Media 9 approved on the thing, to the upset of everyone else in the forum (they know that when you give Microsoft any power in a given industry, they'll use it to push you out of it). Sony, on the other hand, had to support WM9 in Blu-Ray because...
They didn't even use a sample. Literally, no sound was taken at all from the song. It was a kid singing the lyrics for 30 seconds.
It wasn't Photoshopped in. WMP10 lets you browse music stores from within the player. In this case, the Napster store is the one enabled.
Kick, I totally respect you man, and agree with most of what you say, but you're dead wrong about this. Your generalization of spec-whore gamers is nearly as bad as their generalization of Mac users, who wouldn't mind if Apple sold them ten-year-old hardware, as long as it came in a pretty colored shell. The GF5200 isn't high performance. It's not mid-performance. It's not even low-performance. It is literally UNUSABLE to run any game released in the past three years....
New Posts  All Forums: