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Time to look at other credit cards.
I doubt anyone wants to buy a generic laptop from a Microsoft store and that's why their stores are so empty.   Reading up on Microsoft's event yesterday, it feels like Microsoft will soon have enough products of its own to justify the stores though. If I was in the market for a Surface tablet, Surface Book laptop, Lumia phone or Band, I'd definitely hit up a Microsoft store first.
Anti-workers' rights, anti-consumer rights, anti-regulation. Libertarianism is a scammer's paradise.
 Judging by what happened in Chile, yes.
 No, I believe that the director and cast will introduce the film though.
I've got tickets to see the film at the London Film Festival in a couple of weeks. Looking forward to it. :)
Congrats, Tim! Record iPhone sales and recognition of your social justice work.
Not a fan of Tag watches but it's great to see other companies attempting to challenge the Apple Watch.
Wow, the Flyover for Carcassonne is pretty impressive...
 If the app cost $30, I'd agree. To expect unlimited free updates on a $3 app is stupid.
New Posts  All Forums: