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What I would like to see is the ability to automatically turn Do Not Disturb mode off/on on my phone when I put my watch on/take it off. I only take my Apple Watch off to sleep so it would be the perfect solution.
What's the point of the temporary store? It's not like the Covent Garden store (which is even bigger) is far away.
None in the Regent Street store today. :(
If any company could do with some legal advice, it's Uber.
 Who goes to Europe and eats at McDonald's?  
 Apple Maps might be great where you live but it still sucks in London.
*opens article excited about new UK services, hoping for BBC iPlayer*   *leaves disappointed*
I wonder whether we'll see an Apple Watch update? Judging by the emojis, the Apple Watch is currently on <= 8.2.
 Navteq, which is part of HERE, has huge value to someone like Apple. They're one of only two organizations to offer complete navigable digital maps of North America and Europe. 
New Posts  All Forums: