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 GSM will probably be phased out after LTE. There's already talk of carriers alrady switching off their 3G networks but none would even dream of getting rid of GSM. GSM is too reliable and it's dirt cheap to deploy. It's a great fail safe.  
Apple couldn't do this from scratch and certainly not quickly. They'd need to find the PA Semi of the baseband world to buy. I don't really know who that is. Qualcomm are too big to be bought, most of the others are too incompetent.
DED thinks that Google bought Motorola Mobility for something other than its patents.
Sad to see so much homophobia and transphobia on AI. 
 The general consensus is that 64-bit has limited use at the moment. ARM64 is useful, 64-bit less so. Qualcomm employ a lot of smart people. They're the best in the industry and charge accordingly.
 It's really not that easy. (Good) baseband engineers are a rare breed. There's a few companies that Apple could hire from locally but raising a whole department of engineers is going to be a slow process... unless Apple buys a company with existing expertise. 
 The modem is one of the more expensive components but the main cost is licensing. That's not a cost that Apple can realistically drive down. There's certainly other advantages for bringing it in house though. Simply being able to define and control the interface between the AP and modem would probably make Apple's engineers very happy.
I can't see Apple doing this without first buying a baseband design house. It's a very specialist industry.   Oh, wait, the rumour is from DigiTimes. Nevermind!
The important part of WWDC is having access to Apple's engineers. They've been incredible useful in the past when it's come to a particular sticking point for our dev team. The sessions are nice but not the reason why I want to attend.   Sadly, I'm a contractor. I'm the last person in the team who'll be sent. :)
Strange use of language. Even when your phone is sleeping, it's still on. If it wasn't on, you wouldn't be able to receive any calls. Any phone is 'always on'.
New Posts  All Forums: