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 No 3G, no GPS, no apps. Why did Apple even bother releasing it? I'm sure that Benjamin Frost would have been just as negative about it. Personally, I'm looking forward to buying an Apple Watch. 
 The charm of San Francisco doesn't come from the tech workers, the lawyers or the doctors. What makes San Francisco attractive as a city is slowly being killed by those who find it attractive. The city will become just another large soulless American city unless action is taken to make it accessible to all incomes.
Absolutely. It's very easy to look at this story without the proper context and instantly decide that the terms are unfair. It's a more complex situation than it first appears.
 Ericsson does this to help those producing low-cost handsets rather than to hinder the premium manufacturers. When this licensing scheme was introduced, there wasn't a large manufacturer producing only high-end devices. As such, it wasn't considered unfair to anyone. Times have changed.
 It's crowdfunding, not charity-style fundraising. The backers get something for their money.
 Kickstarter are providing a service. Why shouldn't they get paid for their work? Personally, I'm glad that the Pebble exists. It's currently $159 on the Early Bird pledge. That's going to get a lot of people interested in smart watches and hopefully some of those people will eventually upgrade to a $349+ Apple Watch.
Really looking forward to using Apple Pay in London with the Apple Watch. Everywhere I go already has NFC payment machines. Fingers crossed for London Underground support too.
Is this to support the new unicode emoji diversity or a separate effort from Apple?
I've never had any problems with streaming but iTunes doesn't come close to maxing out my 80mbit connection when downloading. It's quite frustrating at times. Services like Steam absolutely fly in comparison.
 It's interesting that one of the data centres is in Denmark - a country known for its high taxes. I guess they give plenty of green tax breaks.
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