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Oracle isn't in the S&P 500?
 Yup, that's what I meant - leakage out. Bad for the listener, bad for people around the listener.
How about reducing sound leakage first?
Can we get a BBC iPlayer app for Apple TV now, please?
A DigiTimes rumor? It MUST be true.
 Yes but, by using simple math, you can break their wage down into an hour figure for easy comparison.
Apple really need to start stealing ideas from Amazon and Steam. There's so much more that they could do.   I also wish they would formalise a demo mechanism for apps akin to Xbox Live Arcade. I know it can be done via IAP but a lot of users get angry if they don't realise that they're only download a limited version of the app for free.
Is he? The UK suffered a double-dip recession, and only narrowly avoided a triple-dip recession, under his watch. The UK has also recovered far slower from the global economic downturn than many of its major international rivals. What's he done of any positive value? Cut the tax on bingo? How many years can a government be in power before the 'blame the last government' excuse wears thin?
Glad to see the government closing tax loopholes and levelling the playing field for UK-based companies.
4K is a bit of an odd resolution for desktop monitors. The native resolution is a little too high for anything but giant monitors and the retina mode only gives the equivalent of 1080P. I hope that Apple manages to squeeze 5120x2880 into the next generation of Cinema Displays.
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