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 Kickstarter are providing a service. Why shouldn't they get paid for their work? Personally, I'm glad that the Pebble exists. It's currently $159 on the Early Bird pledge. That's going to get a lot of people interested in smart watches and hopefully some of those people will eventually upgrade to a $349+ Apple Watch.
Really looking forward to using Apple Pay in London with the Apple Watch. Everywhere I go already has NFC payment machines. Fingers crossed for London Underground support too.
Is this to support the new unicode emoji diversity or a separate effort from Apple?
I've never had any problems with streaming but iTunes doesn't come close to maxing out my 80mbit connection when downloading. It's quite frustrating at times. Services like Steam absolutely fly in comparison.
 It's interesting that one of the data centres is in Denmark - a country known for its high taxes. I guess they give plenty of green tax breaks.
 With the right compiler, it probably is for 80% of developers.  That last 20% are going to be pissed though.
This is the right decision. There's got to be a balancing act between supporting older OS versions and making vital features compulsory. ARC has too many benefits to be ignored.   Any developer on Mac who doesn't want to update their apps can always sell direct.
As long as they disable app reviews in iTunes and the App Store, I'm OK with this. I don't want end users complaining that my apps crash before iOS/OSX n+1 is stable.
And despite his constant cheerleading, DED has yet to get the call. A travesty.
 Delta updates are supported but it's a bit of a black art. Sometimes delta updates will work, sometimes they won't. As a developer, I've yet to find exactly what causes a full app patch.
New Posts  All Forums: