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 The proliferation of advanced smartphones is only going to help with human rights and democracy in Iran. 
 Imperial Japan spent 65% of its budget on military spending in 1940.  Not sure why you're using that as an example.
 Apple managed to release a health app that didn't do the basic things that women needed it to do. I can guess why this happened. If you want your products to appeal to a diverse audience, you need a diverse workforce. It's not rocket science.
Just tried it in Waitrose. Worked perfectly. 
Apple hardware design at its finest and probably the best part of owning an Apple Watch in the UK. 
 This is great PR for Apple. Plenty of tourists use Apple Stores as a free Internet cafe. At least this guy used Apple's hardware and software for something productive.
 Is that a surprise to you? A family plan is for parents and children too young to have their own credit card. They probably expect adult children to have flown the nest.
 All of the major streaming services follow the same oddball exchange rate. I wonder if it's something that the record labels have mandated?
New Posts  All Forums: