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I'll ditch my laptop when Apple releases Xcode for iOS. :P
Does anyone know if this keyboard case is available in non-US keyboard layouts? The photos on Apple's UK store show the US layout but nothing is mentioned in the description.   I'm a bit miffed that Apple's smart keyboard is showing as shipping in 3-4 weeks and, even then, it's US layout only.
 Germany (cold, fairly densely populated) has plenty of solar power farms and does very well out of them. They're already as cheap as fossil fuel burning plants on a MW/$ basis. They're not a complete solution in winter for countries further away from the equator but their efficiency is improving at a significant rate.
Are UK pre-orders supposed to be up? Still showing as 'Available November' to me. :(
Why does Apple Insider attract so many crazy anthropogenic climate change deniers?   Would any of you armchair scientists care to give your considered opinion on other topics? Are you big fans of the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics? How about the aether model for the gravitational force? Rutherford's atomic model?
 Spoken like a true leader.
Unfortunately, the UK's current Conservative government is both opposed to privacy and completely tech illiterate. It's a dangerous combination.
 I'm expecting £899 for the 128GB/4G model. Going to be over £1000 with the keyboard cover and pencil.
 Did you even scroll down to the bottom of the page? There's a link to Google's website. Fact: Google only counts devices with Google Play in their stats.
 Translation: I have no sources to back up my assertion.
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