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It would be great if we could hide pre-installed apps on iOS. My Apple folder is full!
Ahrendts is such a perfect hire for Apple unlike the previous incumbent. 
The only place that accepts AMEX is my car's windscreen on a frosty day. In all seriousness, the BA Avios AMEX card is great value and it's only really restaurants that don't take it.
 Yes, but it's the more recent +3 model. It has a disk drive and everything!
Can't wait to buy the new Apple TV. Simply having a BBC iPlayer app will make it worth the money.
In this thread: A bunch of old nerdy men try to tell each other what's fashionable, fail.
 Beauty is subjective. I think the Apple Watch looks good but I can understand why someone else might not. I personally find pretty much all gold men's watches to be ugly.
Arctic ice at record low levels.   But remember, folks, it's just a hoax.
 Nissan = Android, Aston Martin = iOS. The R34 is for people who care about specs.
Still waiting for Vertu to announce a smart watch. I think they're the only ones with the hardware and software skills to nail a luxury Android Wear watch.
New Posts  All Forums: