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 The report is written in British legalese. Beliefs and views are common terms when putting across an argument. It's up for the judge to decide on the facts.
 I would bet good money on the next iPhone plus model having a true @3x display.
I think I'll be sticking with Dropbox for a little longer.
This is hardly surprising - the iPad 3 struggles graphically compared to the iPad 2 due to its retina screen. 
 The current 27" iMac's display is 2560x1440. The important thing about 5K is that it keeps the screen real estate of the current iMacs but gives all of the benefits of retina. If the new iMac's display was 'only' 4K, the screen real estate would be the equivalent of the 21.5" iMac (i.e. 1080P).  I'm hoping for 5K and SSD as standard.
Ireland won the race to the bottom on corporate tax and now it's paying the price.
Battery life is definitely the deciding factor for me. The iPhone 6+ is a little bigger than I'd want but it's worth it for the increased battery capacity.
About as pointless as Stephen Fry's review. You can't be using your iPhone 6 much if you consider the battery life to be a 'Pro'.
 Weather and climate are not the same thing. That's what a lot of climate change deniers can't get their head around.
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