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 The important part of the original definition of 4G was a fully packet-switched network. VOIP still seems to be a pipe dream for most networks sadly.
I'm a bit ignorant in this area. What does Good (or BB) offer over a simple Exchange server? Better security? Increased performance?
It's also the closing film at the London Film Festival. I'm trying to get tickets but it's pretty difficult!
 Functionally insignificant? Yes. Aesthetically insignificant? No.
Hopefully this means no camera bump.
Definitely the best use I've found for my Apple Watch yet. So much easier than getting my phone/wallet out.
One Direction! 💜💜💜
After the initial excitement, it feels like all of the Android consoles have failed. I'm sure Apple's offering would be superior but I doubt it's enough.   Are casual gamers looking for a big screen experience these days? Even the Wii was a short-lived fad.
Everyone else's job looks so simple from a distance. Closing loopholes and fixing tax codes isn't a simple job. You've got a lot of smart people constantly trying to break your system.
 If their job can be automated, why hasn't it? Probably because cooking fast food is more complex than you think. Out of curiosity, what do you do for a living?
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