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4K is a bit of an odd resolution for desktop monitors. The native resolution is a little too high for anything but giant monitors and the retina mode only gives the equivalent of 1080P. I hope that Apple manages to squeeze 5120x2880 into the next generation of Cinema Displays.
To be fair to Valve, they realise the problems with discoverability and are trying to solve these problems. The advantage that Steam has over the iTunes store is that it has a stronger social aspect. It's easy to see what your friends are playing and recommend games to other people. The new user-generated tagging system is also quite interesting.
 The N96 definitely made money for Nokia. It was a relatively small spin on the N95/N95 8GB and sold for a high price. When the N96 was released, Nokia was still selling 100 million smartphones per quarter.  The N97 was the death knell though. It was bulky, slow and uncompetitive. I was actually the external beta test for it. I have no idea about the subject? I think you have no idea about whether I have an idea about the subject. ;) But that's not even what I'm disputing....
My first smartphone, back in 2003, was a Sony Ericsson P900i, and I've used nothing but smartphones ever since. Your revisionist history of pre-2007 smartphone market is so full of twisted facts and guesswork that it's laughable. Not that many will spot this invented history. Very few people cared about smartphones before the iPhones and so are ignorant to what went on before 2007.
It's a bit of a monster on PC - 49GB install!   I hope you all went for that SSD upgrade.  
Works as advertised. :)
 You're right. With all this discrimination against men, it's a surprise that there's so many rich white dudes out there. Maybe one day, we might even get a white male president.
 As I understand it, the US already has such laws outlawing discrimination against people based on race, religion and nationality. Has it led to an avalanche of frivolous discrimination lawsuits? Does the impact of these lawsuits outweigh the benefits of living in a society free from racial and religious discrimination?
 An Ad Hominem fallacy fallacy.
New Posts  All Forums: