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 What do you think I claimed?
 1. Yes, he did.2. The Pope is the leader of the largest Christian denomination and the position goes all the way back to St. Peter. He has ultimate say in doctrinal disputes within the Catholic church.
So it sounds like the delta OTA update was missing a binary or two. A corrupted zip file would be rejected by the phone.   Apple's software quality is definitely in decline though.
Still no BBC iPlayer. :(
 I doubt Tim's Objective-C is good enough to fix those bugs. And I don't think Tim made any reference to his sex life.
 The Pope disagrees with you.
If I want to listen to music in the most convenient way, I'll use Spotify. If I want to own and keep an album, I'll buy the CD off Amazon (especially now that you get the mp3s immediately with AutoRip).   iTunes music sits in the middle, having neither the convenience of Spotify or the sense of owning a physical product like Amazon.
I've got an iPad 4 and I don't see me upgrading any time soon. It works just fine.    I'd upgrade to a larger iPad if one came out though.
Bose's noise cancelling technology is great but the audio quality of their headphones stinks for the price. I don't think that this is a great loss to consumers.
I'm surprised that Apple haven't completely phased out HDDs yet. It must be one of the bulkiest and least reliable components in an iMac.
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