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I like it, apart from the tumbleweeds.
 Some of the predictions haven't materialized for recent timeframes. Overall, the predictions have been overwhelming correct. Science is an iterative methodology. Predictions, right or wrong, lead to further observation, experimentation and refinement of models. A few of the predictions were wrong and scientists, as ascii pointed out, have put forward reasons why. The models used by climate scientists are constantly improving but the conclusion is always the same -...
No-one wants to rent music! /s
  But it's all a hoax, right?
Apple's reviewers have been very inconsistent lately. I've had a number of apps rejected for bogus reasons. However, they've all been accepted after raising a dispute.    I think they must have a lot of new people on the team.
 Close the thread. We have a winner. 
 That's not what the Pope said. He said, "Who am I to judge?". Smurfman was clearly judging gay people for their sins. In the same article it quotes the Pope as saying "The problem is not having this [homosexual] orientation. We must be brothers." before criticizing lobbyists.  I'm sorry if that wasn't clear enough for you.
 What do you think I claimed?
 1. Yes, he did.2. The Pope is the leader of the largest Christian denomination and the position goes all the way back to St. Peter. He has ultimate say in doctrinal disputes within the Catholic church.
So it sounds like the delta OTA update was missing a binary or two. A corrupted zip file would be rejected by the phone.   Apple's software quality is definitely in decline though.
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