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 That's interesting. My Indian friends are always moaning about the price of Apple products in their home country and I never knew why they were so high. Thanks for the information. I guess Apple will have to open a factory in India if it wants to be competitive there.
Pebble and Apple aren't competing for the same market, judging by the price difference. There's room for both in the market, just as there's room for both Android and iOS.
 People who don't need a fast HDD or a decent amount of RAM probably don't need a 4K display either. The exact use-cases you mention (photos and videos) benefit significantly from a fast HDD. Editing either benefits significantly from more RAM. Adding a $100 hybrid drive is the sensible option but then you can't walk into most stores and simply buy one on the spot.
 When people ask me which Mac to go for, I always steer them towards the 27" model for this reason. It'll make my job easier as tech support in three to five years time. 
 There's a difference between writing a piece because you're a genuine fan and writing a piece because you stand to gain financially. It's dishonest and no better than those who leak anti-Apple rumors to drive the stock price down. The same goes for Daisey - The Guardian should have disclosed his past record to readers. 
I thought IAPs were limited to $99?
 DED is an APPL stock holder, not that it's disclosed at the bottom of the article he writes.
 The Guardian is unashamedly left-wing but isn't far left. It has more articles on kale than communism. If you want British news with a far-left bias, pick up a copy of the Morning Star.
 The move from print to online media has been ugly. The two most successful online British newspapers have been the Daily Mail and The Guardian. They have diametrically opposed political leanings but both have found success through printing sensationalist opinion pieces (not so different to DED's output!). Balanced, fact-based news stories have little chance of making people mad and going viral.
Hey Apple Insider, how do you feel about one of your writers using an ad block plug-in? This writer clearly does from the screenshots. And for everyone complaining about the Guardian, remember that they also regularly publishes Apple pieces by Stephen Fry. Fandroids they are not. Like any online media company, they love a bit of clickbait though.
New Posts  All Forums: