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 What absolute bullshit. Even without Samsung, there's more than enough Android manufacturers around to keep Qualcomm's APs profitable. Qualcomm gets paid whether the manufacturer makes a profit or not. Around 350 million non-Samsung Android devices were sold last year and that doesn't even include non-Android devices that also use Snapdragon. That's a healthy market for Qualcomm.
Not all of the patents that Apple needs are licensed under FRAND. The GSM-A standards (GSM, UMTS, HSPA, LTE) are available under FRAND. The 2G and 3G technologies used by Verizon are wholly owned by Qualcomm. Qualcomm can and does charge as much as it likes for these patents.
I'd hope that health trackers would give scientifically sound medical advice. I'm not sure that FDA regulation is needed but some kind of FDA-approved scheme would be beneficial to users. 
 Samsung have been manufacturing APs and modems for a long time. What's changed is that Samsung Semiconductor is finally giving them a discount! Believe or not but Samsung Mobile was treated as just another customer for a long time.
 Nokia's smartphone line were firmly on ARM11 by the time that the original iPhone was released. The first Nokia smartphone to use an ARM11 application processor was released in Q1 2007. 
 Driverless cars springs to mind.  Plus the lots of interesting developments in robotics, drones, wireless power and 3D printing. There were a lot of smaller start-ups giving glimpses of the future at CES this year.
 Sorry, my bad. I meant to write unsuccessful!
 Ericsson's licensing terms are based on the success of a company but on the price of the product. There's plenty of companies making expensive but unsuccessful smartphones who I'm sure are paying just as much.
 Daily Mail comments section is that way ---->
Really? You'd better tell that to the current leader of the Labour Party - 'Red Ed' - an alumni of both Oxford University and the London School of Economics.Changing market conditions and increased competition from abroad had nothing to do with it then? And how about bad management? Those union workers at Jaguar and Land Rover seem to be doing just fine now that they're not British-owned.
New Posts  All Forums: