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The Apple Watch is a very visible product - it's never in your bag or pocket. It makes sense to encourage as many Apple employees as possible. It's great advertising.
If H.265 hardware is available, I'd hope that any updated Apple TV includes it. Skating to where to puck is going, etc, etc, etc.
I expect it to follow a similar trajectory to the iPad, both in the short and long term.
 By that logic, UKIP must also be pro-European as they also receive EU money.  
 Best post of the thread.
I assume that's the time for US pre-orders?
Tim, like Apple as a whole, chooses battles that he can win. He won in Indiana. 
 So what's to stop everyone shopping in Canada and avoiding the tax? 
 Ireland's issues were numerous but winning the race to the bottom on business taxes was definitely one of the reasons. It's also one of the reasons why Ireland's economy has taken so long to recover. The problem for any country trying to attract business based on low taxes alone is that there will always be another country even more desperate and stupid eventually. Attracting business based on good infrastructure and a well-educated population is a far more sustainable...
 It's incredibly easy to dodge income tax in the UK. If it were the only tax in the UK, our public services and infrastructure would collapse.
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