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 You sound like Anjem Choudary talking about ISIS.
  If you're unhappy with Tim, take your money elsewhere. That's capitalism for you. This is a guy producing record profits for shareholders. 
Businesses like Sales Force are pulling out of Indiana. The people have spoken and Indiana will wonder why unemployment is rocketing in a couple of years.
 Harvey Nichols is definitely classier than Selfridges without being a tourist trap like Harrods. Selfridges is more centrally located though and that's why it wins. 
 Selfridges sells phones and iPhone accessories. I'm not sure if it's still there but they also used to sell Vertu phones via a store-within-a-store.
Selfridges is the safe choice in London. It's not the classiest of department stores but it's in a great location and has plenty of space. 
 Yes, I'm really going to ditch my iPhone over one relatively minor complaint. 
 In my Apple folder of uselessness is: Passbook (not widely supported in the UK outside of airports), Game Center, iBooks (prefer my Kindle), Stocks, Maps (prefer Google Maps), Newsstand, Health, Podcasts (prefer Downcast) and Tips (I'm already an iPhone expert! ).  Because I like things neat and tidy? 
 Not everyone is an old fart sitting at home all day long.
It would be great if we could hide pre-installed apps on iOS. My Apple folder is full!
New Posts  All Forums: