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 In Bono's eyes? DRM.
Xcode releases generally sync up with iOS and OSX releases. I'd expect Xcode 6 to be released in the next few days.
I wonder what happened? Did they find a showstopper security hole or bug right before release? I can't image any other scenario where they'd accept apps and then pull them.
Apple are becoming Vertu.
Remember when DED said that the demand for 5"+ phones was tiny? 
Pre-ordered an iPhone 6+ 128GB. 3-4 weeks for dispatch to the UK.     Looks like availability for the regular iPhone 6 is much better though.
 I've always found Dropbox to be fast and reliable, which hasn't always been the case for Apple's cloud services. Unless apps start removing Dropbox support, I think I'm going to stick with Dropbox for now.
I haven't received an e-mail yet. :/
 There is a replacement - iTunes Match.
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