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 All of the major streaming services follow the same oddball exchange rate. I wonder if it's something that the record labels have mandated?
Did I just read that DED thinks that Apple Maps is uncompetitive? That's an incredible U-turn.   For me, the best thing about Apple Music isn't the technology. The thing that sets it apart from the likes of Spotify is Beats 1 and the playlist curation. The human touch works well.
 Tim Cook hasn't remained quiet on working conditions in China. Quite the opposite. There's even a slick part of Apple's website dedicated to the subject. You're going to have to find another stick to beat him with.
Apple had a presence at Pride. So did Google, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft...   This had nothing to do with Cook being gay and him using Apple as his soapbox. I'm afraid your homophobia is out of step with modern America.
I remember when iTunes Match replaced some of my albums with clean versions. Good times.
This all sounds like BBC Radio 1. Comfortingly familiar!
 I notice that both the iPhone 6 and the Galaxy S6 scored a nice, round 30fps. Did you talk to the developers of Asphalt 8 before writing this editorial? I would guess that the game is capped at 30fps to give a smoother experience and conserve battery life.
Glad to hear that there will probably be Sonos support later this year. Happy to jump ship from Spotify as soon as that happens!
Tim Cook is delivering record profits for the business. I doubt even the most conservative of shareholders is going to oust him while he's making them fistfuls of money.
A great day for equality in America. Pride is going to be off the hook this year.
New Posts  All Forums: