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 I went to Pride in London. No-one asked to see my gay card before handing me free stuff. No-one forced you to buy shares in Apple. You can sell them at any time at a fair market price.  Commerce doesn't exist in a vacuum. Political and social causes are important to the survival of businesses as well as individuals.
Lightroom is still available as a boxed retail product. You can buy the latest version for about $100 on Amazon.
Agreed. Best thing that I've read on AI in ages. Thanks for putting the effort into writing it!
 Simply put, I can get better-looking photographs faster with Lightroom. Aperture lacks really basic functionality like lens correction. There's plugins that'll add functionality like this but they're not as good or well-supported as Lightroom.
 That's right and even the subscription for Lightroom + Photoshop isn't crazy at around £9 a month. Compared to the cost of most lenses, it's peanuts.
I bought my first DSLR about a year ago and did my research into whether I should buy Aperture or Lightroom. If I hadn't done any research, I would have bought Aperture. I wanted to like Aperture. Unfortunately, Lightroom is simply the better product despite all of the nonsense comes with Adobe products.  Keep dreaming.
 ARM and Apple are not competitors. Apple's processors are based on ARM's designs. Qualcomm supply 64% of the processors used in smartphones despite being at the premium end of the market in terms of pricing. Their profits are going through the roof.  What you've just said makes no sense.
If you're having problems with Apple's podcast app then I recommend Downcast as a great alternative. I've found it to be a lot more reliable and it has a lot of features missing from the official podcast app.
I think the best thing to come out of Google I/O was the Moto 360 and I don't see that having a big impact on Apple's bottom line.    Even in the mobile market, there's still a lot of people using basic feature phones. Android has plenty of room to grow without having to go aggressively after Apple's customers.
 I think the idea is to set a minimum spec for Android phones. Google is giving manufacturers a low-cost design with all of the R&D work done for them. It won't make economic sense for manufacturers to come up with their own design, even if it has lower specs.It's exactly what Android has needed since the beginning.
New Posts  All Forums: