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 I wonder whether it was for secrecy reasons. The toughened gold techniques have been patented but I'm sure Apple doesn't want to give the Chinese (and Korean ) copycats any kind of head start. 
 It supports iTunes and Netflix content. That's worth the £59 alone.
The Dell XPS 13 is actually a really nice laptop if you don't mind using windows.
 I think it's only a matter of time before we see an iPhone with no ports. Wireless charging and only wireless connectivity.
Glad to see that Apple haven't given up on the idea of docks. 
A lot of women in the tech industry are feminists. A lot of women wanting to get into the tech industry are feminists. You openly admit to being hostile towards them.The complaint I hear the most from female colleagues is that male developers don't take them seriously. Male engineers don't respect them and don't listen to them. And here you are, being exhibit A. You're exactly the kind of person that makes the industry so off-putting to them.May I ask what part is the...
I don't know. Why not ask Vertu owners what they do with their ($10,000 - $500,000) phones when they become obsolete? There's pretty clearly a market there for luxury tech goods.
 Thank you for proving my point. You're a software developer (Hey, me too!) and you're utterly hostile towards women being in the industry. I'm also sorry that you find programming to be boring, that you're poorly paid and that you're worked like a slave. Maybe you need a career change yourself.
Here's a telling graph:     As a percentage, the number of women studying computer science is falling. The industry is becoming more hostile to women as it transitions from being an industry full of outsiders to an industry full of bros.
People tend to hire people they can easily identify with. White men tend to hire other white men.    I know for a fact that I've got jobs through positive discrimination; firms telling me that they're not just looking for someone with the right skills but someone who will also "fit in".    I'd love to live in a world free of discrimination but we're not there yet. A little positive discrimination towards women and minorities - when there's some much negative...
New Posts  All Forums: