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 And you don't believe that anything was lost in translation between the original text of bible and its various English translations? After all, it was humans who translated the text and humans are capable of mistakes. Taking literal meaning from a translation of a translation of a translation of a translation is very dangerous.
It sounds like Brewer was looking for an excuse not to sign it and here it is.
Whilst DED isn't a paid shill, he is an APPL shareholder. It is in his financial interest to write positively about Apple. That's why you shouldn't take anything he writes at face value.   Mainstream tech sites ban their journalists/bloggers from writing about organizations in which they have a financial interest. Obviously that's a bit harder at AI since the site is so clearly aimed at investors. A little more disclosure would be helpful though.
 I think you've misinterpreted the CNET story. CNET actively sought to monetize its already favourable reviews by charging companies to republish those stories. It's a shady business scheme but it's a stretch to say that CNET has accepted bribes in exchange for positive reviews.
How long has 7.1 in beta now? Surely it must be ready soon.
 All I get on AI is ads for older women dating websites. 
Good luck to him. Looking forward to seeing what he's got.
 Apple products almost always sell out on launch. It happened with the iPhone, the iPhone 3G, the iPhone 3GS, the iPhone 4, the iPhone 4s and the iPhone 5. This is not a new phenomenon so don't blame Tim.
 One of the main reasons why the European Union (/ECC) was founded was to ensure that Europe never again waged war with itself. If you think that the European Union is a colossal waste of money, you should try funding a world war.  And it's very much been mission accomplished. 57 years, zero wars between member nations.
AI's spin on this story differs significantly from the rest of the tech press. It's worth hearing this story from all sides.
New Posts  All Forums: