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 There's only two big suppliers of mapping data in the world and Nokia owns one of them through its acquisition of NAVTEQ. The application side of HERE is a very minor part of HERE's value. 
Is it? Apple haven't missed any estimated dispatch dates yet.
Hopefully all of the first wave pre-orders will be out of the door by then!
I wonder what's holding up support for iPad and Mac? I'm sure both Apple and Microsoft would love to add support.
Got the e-mail now but I'm going to stick with my SS order. 
No e-mail for me yet. :(
 My first iPod came with a cable, AC charger, dock and case. My last iPod came with just a cable. I could see Apple releasing a later generation of watch without a band.
Having the capacity to manufacturer 2.3 million watches at once would be foolish in the long-run. After the initial surge in demand, a lot of that capacity would be wasted. That's why every Apple product is constrained at launch.
New Posts  All Forums: