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1TB is actually too big for me. My MacBook Pro only has a 512GB SSD.    Not sure whether I'll switch from Dropbox to iCloud storage. Dropbox is better value but I think I'll wait and see how seamless the iCloud experience is before deciding.
It's a shame that it doesn't come with GPS. Sounds like if you go running, and want to track your route, you'll need to also carry your iPhone.   I will no doubt end up buying one anyway. 
 Please don't encourage others to harass people on the Internet.
Seems a lot slower to load and less readable than the old website. Hopefully these issues will be addressed though.
I'm sure that Switzerland will be just fine until Apple perfects the iChocolate.
When iCloud Drive was announced, I was dead set on switching over from Dropbox. Now I'm torn!
  I apologise if my joke wasn't obvious enough for you.
Enjoy.   Evidence is never going to convince anti-vaxxers, climate change deniers, creationists et al that their position is wrong. In fact, people who hold views contrary to the evidence take the evidence as a personal insult. Evidence only entrenches their position.   Shall we shut down PoliticalInsider now? 
iOS development is certainly easier the Android development but Android fragment isn't the apocalyptic problem that some suggest. Developers have successfully managed to cater for different hardware and OS setups on desktop for a very long time. Android is no different.
Initial excitement replaced by disappointment when I saw that it was a freemium game.
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