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*grabs popcorn*   If you don't like Tim Cook's leadership of Apple, sell your shares and stop buying Apple's products.
Anyone know how I change the news sources that show on the search screen? It's still showing nonsense from The Telegraph despite me not selecting it as a source.
 Shall we list all of the components in an iPhone that rely on the EU tech sector?  
 I disagree. They still make the gold standard in SD cards. I wouldn't trust any other brand in camera. I hope that Western Digital doesn't rock their boat.
This is the risk companies take when they use aggressive and borderline legal tax avoidance schemes.
How many of those 92 million are looking for work and either live in New York or could afford to relocate to New York on for a retail wage?New York must be pretty close to full employment.
 Spotify does exactly the same thing so perhaps it's something mandated by the music industry.
I've got both Spotify and Apple Music at the moment as I get Spotify for free through my carrier. I've also been pretty lazy when it comes to porting my Spotify playlists over to Apple Music.   The big question for me is whether I want my purchased music mingled in with my subscription music. Ironically, the thing that may keep me sticking with Spotify is that it's not integrated with the Apple ecosystem.
I assume that I'll be able to just walk into a store and buy one next week?
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