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More time to save for the gold edition.
 That would cause a few fanboy heads to explode. :)
Where's the value in Apple using its own GPUs on x86? As pointed out, the Intel CPUs already have built-in GPUs. It would only be the high-end machines that could benefit at all. My understanding is that the motherboards that Apple use are designed and manufactured by Intel. Would Apple create the GPUs and then ship them off to Intel to be integrated? It doesn't make economic sense in the same way as Apple's custom ARM SoC.   Metal isn't really an advantage on x86...
I'm going to adhere to the new Apple Insider forum guidelines and not point out the typo in the headline.
 Mobile and desktop gaming both have their place. Most of the best mobile games don't try to replicate the desktop gaming experience. They do something different and that's a good thing. Mobile gaming's biggest drawback for me is its over-reliance on the freemium model. Freemium games rely on addiction, rather than good gameplay, to keep players coming back. I'd much rather pay £30 upfront for a game and know that I've got the full experience. There's actually quite a few...
 The main reason for Samsung Mobile being so vendor-neutral is that Samsung Semiconductor treated them as just another customer. No special discounts, no special relationship, no input into Samsung Semiconductor's roadmap. This has changed only recently. As for the case of the Omnia HD specifically, the reason to go with OMAP was simple - Symbian was already optimised for OMAP processors. The effort required to move to TI's most advanced chip was a lot less than moving to...
Millard is a great name.
It'll be interesting to see how the developers have achieved this. WatchKit has incredibly basic support for animation and playing sound isn't possible.
 I've learned many, many things from reading AI. It's only your articles that I find misleading to the point of being worthless. It doesn't help that you defend them with insults under a pseudonym.
That's not what I said. Do you even understand what quotation marks mean?What I said was that TI are a small player in the chip making industry. They achieved a lot of volume with Nokia but never had the resources of Qualcomm or Intel. Puzzlingly, you've then listed a series of dud products that never sold in significant volumes to back up your argument.
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