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 As someone with a scientific background, I 100% disagree with this. R&D can benefit humanity without people making money off of it.
 You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.
  Really? You're "indignant"? I recommend you diversify your interests if a no-poaching trial gives you sorrow.
Damn, only just seen this thread. :(   An intelligent and passionate poster who will be sadly missed.
 If you think what I've said is sexist or racist then you've missed the point. I've provided proof but you have chosen to ignore it. If you have a problem with the evidence that I've provided, could you explain why it isn't valid? Your behaviour in this thread and many others lately has been incredibly childish. I don't know what's going on in your life but I'd suggest that posting on AI isn't helping you with your issues right now.
I've done some work on automotive software. Although I'd prefer iOS, I'd also take Android over the crap that the manufacturers (or their suppliers) come up with themselves. I actually think that Windows Phone could work quite well too as apps aren't the big selling point.   All of these 'smart' systems still run two operating systems though. You need your lights working as soon as you turn the key and none of the mobile operating systems boot instantly. Malware is never...
 And yet many academic studies have shown it to be the case. You've offered absolutely no evidence to the contrary.  Your style of 'debate' is very juvenile.
There's always going to be exceptions to every rule, which is why I said 'probably'.Do you really think that there's a dearth of women capable of being Fortune 500 board members?
And yet I've linked to studies that prove my point.Perhaps you should do some research into the subject and get back to me, rather than making your own uninformed guesses.
 Since when are women a minority? People tend to hire people who are similar to themselves, rather than the absolutely best person for the job. 'Blind' interview/audition experiments have proven this. Just look at the success of the Rooney Rule in the NFL. If you're mostly hiring white men, you're probably not hiring the best person for the job.
New Posts  All Forums: