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I know that it's likely to be a small sample size but do Vertu's sapphire screens suffer from being too brittle?
 Writing an app in Swift doesn't exclude the use of C, just like writing an app in Objective-C doesn't exclude the use of C. Swift is very much a replacement for Objective-C, not C. This a point repeatedly made by Apple's engineers as WWDC 2014. As for when to use Objective-C and when to use C, I disagree to an extent. Objective-C has features like ARC that make it worthwhile in most situations. Unless you're writing a code where performance is by far and away the most...
 Apple haven't switched from C to Swift, they've switched from Objective-C to Swift. Very few iOS developers write a significant amount of their code in C. Swift isn't just matching Objective-C for performance, it's outperforming Objective-C in many recent tests.
 I find it amusing that the games publishers thought that consoles were going away and made very conservative plans for next-gen game development. After record-breaking console sales, they've all been left very red-faced for having such a negative attitude.
Cherry-picking negative reviews makes me sad. Every developer gets them, even for the best apps. As an app developer they make me simultaneously frustrated and glad that I can't reply to them.   I'd prefer to see some statistics on what percentage of reviews are negative or some reporting of the game's overall score on each platform. You could argue that Android users will rate apps more generously because they don't have access to iOS-quality apps but a broken...
 The report is written in British legalese. Beliefs and views are common terms when putting across an argument. It's up for the judge to decide on the facts.
 I would bet good money on the next iPhone plus model having a true @3x display.
I think I'll be sticking with Dropbox for a little longer.
This is hardly surprising - the iPad 3 struggles graphically compared to the iPad 2 due to its retina screen. 
 The current 27" iMac's display is 2560x1440. The important thing about 5K is that it keeps the screen real estate of the current iMacs but gives all of the benefits of retina. If the new iMac's display was 'only' 4K, the screen real estate would be the equivalent of the 21.5" iMac (i.e. 1080P).  I'm hoping for 5K and SSD as standard.
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