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 Because Valve wants to push console-like boxes running Steam OS.
Excellent news! Mine doesn't look awful but it's definitely been damaged.
I like the idea of this - hide an ugly but powerful PC somewhere out of the way and then play games anywhere in the house.
iTunes Connect is a total mess at the moment too. Newly uploaded builds are sitting at "processing" for 10+ hours.
I've got one of the original Magic Trackpads and the design isn't great. The mechanical pressure sensors at the bottom mean that it can only be used on flat surface. If the front falls between two pieces of wood in my desk, it stops working. Looks like they've solved that problem with the new version. :)
 I can't wait for the next gun control thread after a mass shooting. I've visited both coasts of America so my opinion is as valid as any local's.
A few open-topped bus tours don't make you an expert on European politics. Thanks for the open invitation to give my opinion on all American matters though.
Another smart move by Obama.
Time to look at other credit cards.
I doubt anyone wants to buy a generic laptop from a Microsoft store and that's why their stores are so empty.   Reading up on Microsoft's event yesterday, it feels like Microsoft will soon have enough products of its own to justify the stores though. If I was in the market for a Surface tablet, Surface Book laptop, Lumia phone or Band, I'd definitely hit up a Microsoft store first.
New Posts  All Forums: