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Pebble serves a different niche the Apple Watch (cheaper, better battery life, cross-platform compatibility). I don't understand why the two can't coexist.
31 million is an insane prediction. If Apple sells more than 5 million, the Apple Watch should be considered a massive success.
I've seen a couple of Samsung smart watches out in the wild. Samsung does have a habit of bundling old stock with their TVs though.
I had an appointment for the Covent Garden store but managed to switch it to the Selfridges store-in-store as I needed to pick some other things up from there.   Selfridges is a big store and I had a little trouble finding it. There weren't any signs saying where it was and the appointment location only mentioned the name of the store. Surprise, surprise, it turned out to be in the section with all of the luxury watch brands. Brands like Rolex and Cartier have their own...
The smart watch industry is so interesting right now. We're still at the stage where manufacturers are experimenting and trying something genuinely new. If the Moto 360 gets iOS support, I might pick one up cheaply to see what it's like.
Well, I never expected to see a photo of Tim Cahill on AI. Didn't realise that he now plays soccer in China!
 I've ordered one and Apple hasn't even reserved the money yet. This is for one being dispatched in May.
I've always found Apple's predicted shipping dates to be overly pessimistic. I doubt mainly of the early buyers will be waiting four weeks for the dispatch e-mail. 
If you're worried about Apple reserving money on your credit card and maxing out, maybe spending several hundred (or thousand) dollars on a watch shouldn't be your priority.
 I think that's unsurprising. Not many developers have had a chance to play with the hardware. As developers get their hands on actual hardware, their apps will become better optimised. 
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