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 Every other major western nation is going to follow suit. This is a tax loophole that needs to be closed. Good luck raising prices by 25% everywhere.
 They started out selling carphones when they were ridiculously expensive. The name made sense at the time - selling something normally pricey at knock-down prices. The (former?) owner is a weirdo though, a real character. I've met him a couple of times and he's a great speaker. He certainly doesn't mince his words.
 Contactless cards are limited to transactions for £20-30 for this reason.
I guess this the downside with launching your new payment service in a country still stuck in the banking dark age. I'm sure there would have been fewer problems if the rollout had started in Japan or somewhere Europe.
There's a free month trial. The sound quality is definitely better than Spotify and it's pleasing to see Sonos support.
 Scroll up to my previous post. The Indiana governor is amending the bill to exclude discrimination against gay people. What Tim Cook did worked.
And the bill is effectively dead.   Tim chooses his battles wisely. He's not going to turn around China in a day but he can turn around Indiana in a couple of speeches. 
 No Christian organisation is going to do this because they're scared that their congregation would choose the iPhone over God.
 Apple has always been a socially liberal company. Didn't you do your research before investing?
The iPhone is bigger than Jesus.
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