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I wouldn't go anywhere near water with it, especially as it only has a one year warranty as standard.
Is there any word on forward compatibility? If I drop $500 on a strap for the 1st gen model, what's the likelihood that it'll be compatible with the 2nd gen model?
 And that's fine. I'll buy the cheapest 1st gen device for app development and wait. :)
If this was a generation 2 or 3 device, I'd jump on it. For a first generation product at this price, I think I'm going to pass sadly.
 Apple seems to be doing just fine selling the iPhone 5S, 6 and 6+ at the same time (in a variety of colours, memory sizes and modem configurations). Three different Apple Watch editions shouldn't be a problem.
For once trickle down economics isn't a myth!
 It's a cut down version of iOS. The Watch's OS uses a completely different set of UI classes (beginning WK rather than UI).
 Thanks, good spot!
If something is wrong because it's against the laws of nature, you'd better shut down your computer quick. Talking to strangers on the other side of the world is a perversion of nature.
We've had marriage equality in England for nearly year. We haven't drowned yet. 
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