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 XL's catalogue is already on Spotify. In fact, XL Recordings has it's own custom playlists on Spotify.
Nokia was on already on a downward spiral when Elop joined. Unfortunately he accelerated - rather than halted - the decline and did so in the most humiliating way possible for the company (allying with the old foe).   He's lucky that the Ratner Effect had already been named after someone else.
 The Prodigy, MIA, Radiohead, Sigur Ros, Jack White...
Losing XL's catalogue would be a big blow. They're seriously talented at nurturing new artists.
 I've received nothing but amazing customer service from Apple, even recently. As long as you go in there with a smile, they'll bend over backwards to help in my experience.
 Shitty freemium apps? 
 The Sonos CONNECT:AMP acts as an amp (unsurprisingly). If I were to use Apple TV/Airport Express, I'd need to buy a standard stereo amp and leave it powered on permanently. It would be a two box solution, rather than a one box solution, and I'd lose synchronised playback functionality.  It would be a worse solution for more money.
 So I guess the question is - where have all of the women in tech gone? Why are they leaving?
If Apple made a Sonos rival, I would be tempted to switch despite the cost. Somehow I doubt that Apple would make an equivalent of the Sonos CONNECT:AMP that I need for my ceiling speakers though.   Sonos is actually the thing stopping me from swapping from Spotify to Apple Music. Fingers crossed for Sonos support eventually.
Glad to see Apple copying Street View and even happier to see that they're starting with the UK. This news plus the new public transport features may get me to switch from Google Maps.
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