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Ireland won the race to the bottom on corporate tax and now it's paying the price.
Battery life is definitely the deciding factor for me. The iPhone 6+ is a little bigger than I'd want but it's worth it for the increased battery capacity.
About as pointless as Stephen Fry's review. You can't be using your iPhone 6 much if you consider the battery life to be a 'Pro'.
 Weather and climate are not the same thing. That's what a lot of climate change deniers can't get their head around.
 In Bono's eyes? DRM.
Xcode releases generally sync up with iOS and OSX releases. I'd expect Xcode 6 to be released in the next few days.
I wonder what happened? Did they find a showstopper security hole or bug right before release? I can't image any other scenario where they'd accept apps and then pull them.
Apple are becoming Vertu.
Remember when DED said that the demand for 5"+ phones was tiny? 
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