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 And that's assuming that it's Apple paying for the gifts. My experience is that it's the content providers who have to take the hit. Still, I'm pretty happy with Home Alone. Thanks Apple/20th Century Fox!
At least they've stopped blaming piracy, so that's a small victory.
 The UK is the third largest exporter of workers in the EU. We benefit greatly from the freedom of movement rules.
 Set up an account with the US iTunes store then.
Immigration would most likely be higher by leaving the EU? That's a complete delusion. Judging by what's happening in boom economies like Australia, that's not going to happen. Australia's government is very anti-immigration.Why you would want to make it harder for all of these educated, motivated Europeans from entering the country is beyond me.
  The UK economy is doing significantly worse than several other EU nations (e.g. Germany). Standards of living are falling in the UK. Standards of living are only falling faster in Greece, Portugal and the Netherlands.  Perhaps, but they won't be able to come to the UK because there will no longer be freedom of movement between the UK and the continent. Leaving the EU would result in significantly less immigration to the UK and would put the UK in the same position as...
 Hear, hear. A lot of people on here don't understand the difficulties of software development and are very quick to insult developers.
 In general, it's not for most developers. However, my experience is that the SDK is a hell of a lot buggier than previous releases. There's bugs that I've reported in the v7.0 betas that still aren't fixed in v7.1.
 The CEBR report's prediction is based on a number of factors, the largest of which is population. Germany's population is predicted to decline whereas the UK population is rise due to immigration from the rest of the EU. If the UK leaves the EU, the UK's population will not rise (and would most likely even fall). Thus, the UK will not overtake France and Germany. 
Judging by the iTunes charts, Apple are just playing to their core audience. Can't really blame them for trying to make the most people happy even if it isn't to your tastes.
New Posts  All Forums: