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Yay, another couple of channels to hide.
 Both have European offices. And yes, the United States has a voice in most large European mergers. As does China.
 There's already third-party apps that will do it.
 I really disagree with this. Swift is a lot easier to get to grips with that Objective-C (especially pre-ARC Objective-C) and I think that it's a great thing. Yes, we'll see a lot of crap apps but there's already plenty of crap apps out there. Apple does a pretty good job of rejecting bad apps. However, we'll also see some really creative ideas from people who wouldn't normally be able to write iOS apps. This has already happened in the PC indie games market as games have...
 You want specifics? How about the time you claimed to have interviewed Steve Jobs?  Or how this Maemo (the predecessor to Tizen) powered internet tablet is in fact not a tablet but a netbook:   I love you get so worked up about people assassinating your character when you spend so must effort doing it to other people. Someone calls you out on your bullshit and you get incredibly defensive.  Also, please learn how to use quotation marks.
Publicly they might have been dismissive but it was panic stations internally. The day that the iPhone was announced, all existing road maps went out of the window.
I've worked in the smartphone industry for over 14 years. Every time I read something about the pre-iPhone smartphone industry written by DED, I find it riddled with factual inaccuracies. When I've pointed these inaccuracies out in the past, DED gets very defensive and has tried to argue that up is down or that red is blue. I've given up trying as it often takes a long time to dig up evidence to support what I'm saying.So, if DED is knowingly writing bullshit about a...
 Mobile isn't the only growth area in tech. Microsoft can continue to be a very profitable business without a leading mobile OS. Nadella's latest e-mails and the release of Office for iPad show that Microsoft's strategy is moving away from mobile operating systems.
 Microsoft faces challenges from all sides but there's something that you've failed to mention - they're making more money now than they did 10 years ago. They aren't anywhere near the state that Apple was in the mid-90s.
Anyone who thinks that Tizen is a serious competitor to Android shouldn't be commentating on the smartphone industry. It's a mess that has been passed down from company to company and abandoned repeatedly.
New Posts  All Forums: