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The reason that it's currently called Android L is because it's still a developer preview. Once L is released, it will get a proper name.   This is a big change. In the past, Google have worked with one manufacturer to create a flagship device for each release. Only once this flagship device was shipped did the other manufacturers get their hands on the new OS version. We've all seen the results - rushed updates and phones dropping off the support list very quickly....
I used to be desperate for a larger capacity iPhone but iTunes Match has persuaded me that 64GB is fine.
 The sneakiest part is that the developer has no way of programmatically finding out what score the user has left.
 BBC iPlayer is on Xbox, Playstation and most smart TVs. There is no legal or technical impediment stopping Apple from adding iPlayer. 
 Most of the channels are locked the US. Adding one that's locked to the UK shouldn't be an issue, especially as users can now hide apps they don't want.
 Your lack of self-awareness still amazes me.
 They used to be interested: I'd love to see more women working in the tech industry. A diverse industry results in a diverse range of ideas and product. The current dude-bro monoculture is incredibly damaging. 
FTL is a fantastic game and well worth the standard price.
 Planet DED, where the Kindle isn't the iPod of books because it hasn't been a massive financial success for Amazon. Meanwhile, the iPod touch and iPhone have apparently become the iPod of books because of... the massive financial success of the iBook store?  Personally, I don't need DED's revisionist history to know that Fire phone will be a flop. The Kindle is a great product. It does one thing, it does it well and it does it for a cheap price. The Kindle has a clear...
Good luck USA. Portugal are nothing special without Ronaldo.
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