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I've always found Apple's predicted shipping dates to be overly pessimistic. I doubt mainly of the early buyers will be waiting four weeks for the dispatch e-mail. 
If you're worried about Apple reserving money on your credit card and maxing out, maybe spending several hundred (or thousand) dollars on a watch shouldn't be your priority.
 I think that's unsurprising. Not many developers have had a chance to play with the hardware. As developers get their hands on actual hardware, their apps will become better optimised. 
Managed to get an appointment at the Covent Garden store on Saturday to try one one
 Knightsbridge isn't as central as Oxford Street. I would guess that most of the people buying a gold Apple Watch in London will be tourists.
4-6 weeks here too. Ordered two because I'm still not decided on which one I want. I'll cancel one nearer release.
How am I supposed to choose between Covent Garden, Regent Street and Selfridges on Oxford Street?
The Apple Watch is a very visible product - it's never in your bag or pocket. It makes sense to encourage as many Apple employees as possible. It's great advertising.
If H.265 hardware is available, I'd hope that any updated Apple TV includes it. Skating to where to puck is going, etc, etc, etc.
I expect it to follow a similar trajectory to the iPad, both in the short and long term.
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