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In this thread: white men decide that Apple hiring mostly white men is fine, logical.
 Sure, but without Apple this probably wouldn't have happened. The point I'm (half-jokingly) trying to make is: how many of these jobs are new and not just recycled?
How many jobs did they take away by killing the likes of Nokia, Sony Ericsson and Symbian? 
British Telecom's routers have a guest network (of sorts) automatically turned on. If you don't switch it off, you can roam onto any other BT customer's WiFi network (plus BT's public hotspots) for free.   I don't know how much bandwidth the router allocates to guests but it's a neat idea.   4G has made it obsolete where I live though. 
It's worth remembering the Lightroom is still available for a one-off fee as a boxed product. You don't need a CC subscription to use it.
 Agreed. They're both perfect iPad games. I worry that Bioshock will suffer from control issues. I had enough problems playing it on the Xbox 360, let alone on a touch device. Action games are the hardest to port to iOS.
 The facts in this piece are: Two wings of Al-Qaeda have written encryption apps for Android The rest of the article is conjecture, especially the claim that Android provides some kind of doomsday botnet to terrorists. Why the hell would anyone run a botnet off devices with limited connectivity when Windows XP is still so prevalent?  It's Ann Coulter-level scaremongering.
Hitler was a vegetarian. 
 This is a fairly standard tactic these days - release your service in a selection of smaller countries, test it to death and then go for the big release. Blizzard did the same with their latest F2P game.
Yay, another couple of channels to hide.
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