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No mention of Metal's rivals? DirectX 12 and Mantle take a very similar approach to API design.
 Because I was joking?
That's because we're smarter than Americans. 
 That depends on whether the corp is profitable, pays a dividend and whether the stock prices goes up or down. It's a better strategy to take a little out at each stage otherwise some creative accounting could result in zero tax being paid.
 As previously mentioned in this thread, Apple are being investigated for tax evasion. That means that the EU believes, rightly or wrongly, that Apple hasn't followed the law.
Tax evasion rather than tax avoidance? Interesting...
 I wasn't so thanks!
 Apple stays in California because it's easy to attract the calibre of employee they need to California. It's easy to move manufacturing jobs to Texas. because it's an employer's market. It's less easy to move engineering jobs because it's an employee's market. California keeps its taxes high because it knows that it has more to offer than just low taxes. It's only shit-hole states that no-one wants to live in that have to lower their taxes to attract business. The same...
 This is an Apple fansite. Every piece of tech reported on is going to be compared against the nearest Apple product, real or fictional. The wider tech press don't mention Apple in their pieces.
iTunes Radio still isn't available in the UK. I've got an iTunes Match subscription but I doubt I'd use it regularly even if it was available. The great thing about Spotify is the same thing that makes Netflix so great - ubiquity. It doesn't matter what piece of audio electronics I buy, I know it will have Spotify support. Support for iTunes Radio seems quite limited (for example, Sonos doesn't support it yet).
New Posts  All Forums: