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 That's correct. Spotify mostly uses Ogg Vorbis.
This is why diversity in your workforce is important. HealthKit really should have supported ovulation tracking from the get-go.
 Engadget reports that Spotify has over 30 million songs in its collection. That's about the same as in the iTunes store.
I won't be signing up at launch. I'll wait until there's Sonos support. That's Spotify's key selling feature for me - ubiquity. It's supported by a very wide range of devices.
Sounds like the Snow Leopard of iOS releases. This is a very, very good thing IMO. Fewer new features, fewer bugs and a more stable platform.
 Getting one-to-one access to Apple's engineers is priceless.
 You need a credit card. TfL barriers now work with contactless credit cards as well as Oyster cards. Apple Pay replicates a contactless credit card.
Great news!
 That's a bad analogy. Mall owners don't take a cut of a business's revenue, they charge a fixed rent based on location and size. I'd willingly pay Apple a 50% cut if they gave me a prominent place on the front page of the App Store.  
As an app developer, I'm more than happy to pay 30% for apps and in-app purchases. But for subscriptions, where Apple has little to do apart from process a credit card once every year? It's likely to stifle innovation on the platform.
New Posts  All Forums: