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 Daily Mail comments section is that way ---->
Really? You'd better tell that to the current leader of the Labour Party - 'Red Ed' - an alumni of both Oxford University and the London School of Economics.Changing market conditions and increased competition from abroad had nothing to do with it then? And how about bad management? Those union workers at Jaguar and Land Rover seem to be doing just fine now that they're not British-owned.
 Spotify is backed by the major record labels. They might not have the resources of Apple but they have the right partners to get music licensed quickly and cheaply.
 What made you think that it's 'top notch'? I don't believe that it's available where I live. Spotify is the Netflix of music. Its great strength is its ubiquity. It works everywhere I want to play music - on my desktop, on my home cinema system, on my phone and on my Sonos system. Happy to pay £10 for the Premium subscription but also mindful to buy music when I find something I love.
The price of that Dell 5K monitor demonstrates how much of a bargain the iMac retina is. 
Happy to pay more if it means that the tax goes to the right place.
 The reason that I can't take DED seriously is that his agenda means more to him that the truth. He's an APPL stockholder. Professional organisation don't allow their journalists (or bloggers) to hold stock in companies that they report on. His articles are well researched but his objective is never to tell the truth. Data is cherry-picked, facts that don't fit his narrative are left out. Hell, he doesn't even correct articles (ironic given his choice of pseudonym) when...
 Not to mention linking almost exclusively to his own articles and, in this instance, even referencing his own tweet!  It's quite sweet how he wraps himself in his own little world. :)
Historic doesn't neccessarily mean old. Buildings in the UK can get protected status after only 30 years.
For a veteran of iOS, I agree to an extent. However, it was a great promotion for those people getting their first Apple device for Christmas. The 12 days app gave these people a nice introduction to the Apple apps, films and music ecosystem.
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