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Tim Cook is delivering record profits for the business. I doubt even the most conservative of shareholders is going to oust him while he's making them fistfuls of money.
A great day for equality in America. Pride is going to be off the hook this year.
There's a Christmas promotion each year. There might even by an Easter one too.The LGBT section is to celebrate Pride.
 Zombie Steve Jobs is the new Godwin. Pride is an event, just like the Wimbledon, Glastonbury or any of the other events being promoted by Apple on iTunes/App Store at the moment. It's not meant as a political statement even if you take it as one.
Some of the views in this thread are incredibly depressing. I feel lucky to live somewhere where an LGBT film or book section in a store wouldn't be controversial in the slightest.
 I guess we know where your username comes from now. 
 Please, tell me more about the inner workings of the Beggars Group.
I once wrote an app that was closed to the 2GB limit. The number of complaints that it wouldn't install were surprising. This plus app thinning are welcome changes.    Well done Apple for listening. :)
I think I'll wait for one of the German manufacturers to integrate CarPlay thanks.
 Have you ever heard of Occam's Razor? Apple are magnificent bastards in many ways but aren't perfect. They are a secretive company and like to keep their negotiations behind closed doors.
New Posts  All Forums: