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We've had marriage equality in England for nearly year. We haven't drowned yet. 
 I count ten models (38mm and 42mm in aluminium, stainless steel, dark stainless steel, gold and rose gold), a wide variety of straps plus infinitely customisable software.
Apple did the same with the original iPad. It's not just big brands who have access; it's anyone with a (very!) good relationship with Apple and a proven track record of delivering great software.
So these are your holiday snaps?
dYou're right. It seems it's mostly only on the 747 that has the more private first class section.
 What kind of planes are you getting on? On every flight I've ever been on with a first class cabin, it's been a case of turning left for first class and right for business/economy. No-one ever walks past you in first.
 People own airlines and newspapers too. Doesn't mean that they're anywhere near a sensible industry to be in if you want to make money.
 There's no money in owning a network. That's fine for Google but it's not Apple's way.
 No 3G, no GPS, no apps. Why did Apple even bother releasing it? I'm sure that Benjamin Frost would have been just as negative about it. Personally, I'm looking forward to buying an Apple Watch. 
 The charm of San Francisco doesn't come from the tech workers, the lawyers or the doctors. What makes San Francisco attractive as a city is slowly being killed by those who find it attractive. The city will become just another large soulless American city unless action is taken to make it accessible to all incomes.
New Posts  All Forums: