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 It's mostly people who've come over from Nokia.
 The game has changed. Enterprise simply isn't as important as it once was. 
I remember when the original iPhone was announced. All of the Windows Mobile blogs proclaimed that it would never be a success since it wasn't focused on enterprise users. They were wrong.   Enterprise doesn't matter anymore. Consumers drive demand.    That hasn't changed since the original iPhone. Quite the opposite - the growing trend of BYOD is only decreasing the relevance of enterprise to a device's success. That's why the analytics aren't that impressed by the...
Sounds like it will be mostly ex-Nokia staff. 
Minecraft is such a remarkable phenomenon. It's on the App Store for a premium price (£4.99) and yet it's consistently at the top of the charts.
Why would someone bother to abuse this feature when the full version of the song is available for free on YouTube?
Godwined!   Well done people.
Did everyone see that Germany is producing (at peak) over half of its power by solar? Incredible to think how far this technology has come.
 That would be an excellent idea.
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