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 Getting this angry about an imaginary $3 that you didn't spend isn't healthy. I don't know what's going on in your life but you might want to take a step back.
Thanks for the honest article.    I've never used an ad-blocker on the desktop but I'm giving Crystal a go on my phone. Websites have become so bloated these days and ads are just part of the problem. Anything that speeds up the experience is going to get a thumbs up from me.   Advertisers, like tax avoiders, will find ways to get around the blocks though. There's just too much money at stake. I'm expecting a big increase in inline advertising.
Good for Lund. (Sony) Ericsson used to have a big office there. Thanks to the changing mobile market, it's now a small office.
Apple seem to have plenty of stock this year, which should help it break all records.
This feels like the smoothest product launch ever. The website didn't creak under the pressure and there seems to be more stock than usual.  
iPhone 6s Plus 128GB Space Grey went through smooth at about 8:05am, on the website surprisingly.   Due for delivery on 25th September.
 The important part of the original definition of 4G was a fully packet-switched network. VOIP still seems to be a pipe dream for most networks sadly.
I'm a bit ignorant in this area. What does Good (or BB) offer over a simple Exchange server? Better security? Increased performance?
It's also the closing film at the London Film Festival. I'm trying to get tickets but it's pretty difficult!
 Functionally insignificant? Yes. Aesthetically insignificant? No.
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