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Tim has the right to free speech, just like all Americans. Don't like it? Take your money elsewhere.
 The problem for small businesses in Indiana is that everyone is going to be punished, whether they agree with the new law or not. Investors are moving their money elsewhere.
So you value the freedom of religion more than freedom of speech?It sounds like you haven't been paying attention. Apple has always been a socially liberial company. Tim Cook is certainly more open about his views but he's also raking in record profits.
And so the exodus from Indiana begins: the exodus from Indiana begins.
Maybe but Jesus taught to turn the other cheek. Why don't the Christian Right follow Jesus' teachings?
I just don't understand the Christian right. Jesus taught tolerance, love and forgiveness. How did that simple message get so warped? What happened to turning the other cheek? 
 You sound like Anjem Choudary talking about ISIS.
  If you're unhappy with Tim, take your money elsewhere. That's capitalism for you. This is a guy producing record profits for shareholders. 
Businesses like Sales Force are pulling out of Indiana. The people have spoken and Indiana will wonder why unemployment is rocketing in a couple of years.
 Harvey Nichols is definitely classier than Selfridges without being a tourist trap like Harrods. Selfridges is more centrally located though and that's why it wins. 
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