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 Heat and noise, I would expect.  This reduces entry from £1049 to £899 in the UK. That's a big psychological barrier broken, in my opinion.
 Well, it's a good job that Steve Jobs was never arrested or did anything illegal, huh? 
 DirectX is available on Windows Phone, with DirectX 12 available next year. However, I'm talking about rivals in terms of technology leadership. Metal isn't the first graphics API to take that approach that it does. A bit of context would be useful. 
No mention of Metal's rivals? DirectX 12 and Mantle take a very similar approach to API design.
 Because I was joking?
That's because we're smarter than Americans. 
 That depends on whether the corp is profitable, pays a dividend and whether the stock prices goes up or down. It's a better strategy to take a little out at each stage otherwise some creative accounting could result in zero tax being paid.
 As previously mentioned in this thread, Apple are being investigated for tax evasion. That means that the EU believes, rightly or wrongly, that Apple hasn't followed the law.
Tax evasion rather than tax avoidance? Interesting...
 I wasn't so thanks!
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