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Leaving the EU would be disastrous for the UK economy and for British citizens. We're the third largest exporter of workers in the EU and half of our exports go to EU countries.    The EU certainly isn't perfect but the UK can share the blame in that. For too long, we've stood on the sidelines like a stroppy teenager; unwilling to lead but moaning every time that a decision is made. If the UK dropped its elitist attitude and worked in partnership with the other...
Thankfully, several of my apps have already been translated into Turikish. 
Mine still says January. *sob*
 That's not what I said or even implied. If you're going to use quotation marks, at least put them around something that I actually said. AFAIK, Apple has never released sales figures by screen size. How the 17" model sold compared to, say, the Mac Pro is unknown. If Apple are now willing to resurrect the Mac Pro then why not the 17" MBP too? There was obviously a big enough market for it to exist at some point in its lifetime.
 And do you wish to share these numbers with the class?
Really? What are you basing that on? I know of plenty of professionals who are still using 17" MBPs and won't upgrade until Apple reinstates the model. 
 It doesn't sound like they told you the truth or, at least, the whole truth. Such an import duty wouldn't be legal under EU law if it was specifically British and not European goods that needed to be included in the product. A quick Google doesn't throw up anything either. Anyway, my wallet is now £8000 lighter. :)
As both a developer and an end user, I really hate the freemium model. It's ruined games like Plants vs. Zombies. Unless you're willing to spend a lot of money, it turns the game into a boring grind.   I'd much rather pay $20 upfront for something like XCOM than download a game for free that nags me to buy consumables every five seconds. Sadly, I'm most definitely in the minority.
 Your world view is very warped if you think that CAP is a far-left organization.
 Network installation and maintenance costs per user are largely based on population density rather absolute population. The USA has a higher population density than Norway, Sweden or Finland and yet suffers significantly higher cell phone charges.
New Posts  All Forums: