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Godwined!   Well done people.
Did everyone see that Germany is producing (at peak) over half of its power by solar? Incredible to think how far this technology has come.
 That would be an excellent idea.
Just be glad that there's no in-app purchases. $14.99 is a perfectly reasonable price if it's a good game. The original was $39.99 on the Nintendo DS.
 I disagree, I think it's the hardest problem. That's why so much of the data is crowd-sourced - it's too big a job for Apple or Google to do on their own. Whoever has the largest crowd wins. maps.apple.com would certainly be a step in the right direction!
 Objective-C. I assume that the new Photos app has been in development for a while now and the first most Apple engineers heard about Swift was at WWDC. Apple managed to keep the announcement of Swift very quiet.  
 I see a lot of Window Phone devices in London (possibly because they're so brightly coloured). Not many people want a Windows Phone device per se but the Nokia brand is still strong. Window Phone does best where Nokia loyalty is highest. Check out the stats for Italy, for example.
 The 1st amendment doesn't force others to give you a platform for your speech. This is Apple Insider's house and if they don't like what you're saying then they have the right to kick you out. Not happy about it? Start your own forum. That independent entrepreneurial spirit is what America is all aout.
This case has proven that socialised medical care is the way forward for America.
New Posts  All Forums: