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 According to a peer-reviewed article in one of the world's most respected science journals, it's not. If you've got a legitimate rebuttal of the article, you should write to Nature. I'm sure they'd be delighted to publish it.
Global warming slowdown: No systematic errors in climate models Sceptics who still doubt anthropogenic climate change have now been stripped of one of their last-ditch arguments: It is true that there has been a warming hiatus and that the surface of the earth has warmed up much less rapidly since the turn of the millennium than all the relevant climate models had predicted. However, the gap between the calculated and measured warming is not due to systematic errors of...
 This simply isn't true. If scientific funding was based on following the consensus, there would be no great breakthroughs in science. Scientists make a name for themselves by going against the grain not by saying "I agree". There's plenty of big egos in science and I'm sure someone would love to be the person who debunked man-made climate change. And yet, it's never happened in a properly peer-reviewed scientific journal. Not even when the research has been funded by...
 I doubt many scientists are in it for the money. I read natural sciences at university. My classmates who left the field - myself included - earn far more than those who stayed. And funding isn't even issue either. When climate change studies are funded by right-wing foundations, the results are the same as those funded by other means.  I'm not a climate change scientist but I do have a background in science. I'm willing to trust the huge volume of peer-reviewed...
 That's a great graphic. What chance has the scientific community got of convincing Americans that climate change is mostly man-made when they can't even convince them that humans are descended from other apes?
Rand Paul needs to do the math. Once the US senate gives companies a temporary tax break, who is ever going to repatriate money at the normal rate ever again? They'll just argue that another tax break is due.
Where in the states did you grow up? Was it a generally a right- or left-wing area? Rural or urban? Have you been to college? Are you Christian?Maybe your political views are based on logic. Maybe they're based on your life experiences and cultural environment.
Well that's barely regulated monopolies for you.
 Yes, the WatchKit developer guide: 
 I think that you're going to be very disappointed when the Apple Watch is released. Most of the features - including all 3rd party apps - won't work when the watch is outside of pairing distance with your iPhone.
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