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Thanks for the review. I'm guessing that it isn't pressure sensitive because the Paper app hasn't been designed to be pressure sensitive and would require some serious re-working to change its drawing maths.
It doesn't matter how many times you push this 'Google ditching Android' narrative DED, it's not going to make it any truer. Google has hired a significant number of new Android devs in the past six months.
Good discounts on B&W range of speakers.   *orders another Apple TV*
 Just one problem - Apple hasn't added H.265 hardware decoding to Apple TV or any of its mobile devices yet (as far as I'm aware).
This is very welcome news. Videos should allow consumers to make better informed purchasing decisions. That in turn should lead to less money wasted on bad apps and more money spent on good apps.
 That's a very peculiar way of putting things when you are the author in question. I've never understood why you don't defend your pieces using your real name. Is it because you want to be rude to people in a semi-anonymous manner?
Engadget reported it as 50,000 sold in South Korea. 800,000 is the global figure.
Meanwhile, Qualcomm is releasing its own smartwatch.   It's interesting to see Qualcomm release a consumer product. I wonder what prompted this move? Do the people at Qualcomm think that they've cracked it? Or did they become frustrated that no Android OEMs were willing to take their ideas to market?
You mean the web usage statistics for the top US sites?I've yet to see any reports on how low-cost smartphones are being used in India and China. I think it would be fascinating, and probably surprising, to find out.
I'd love to see some research into how people are actually using phones like the Samsung Galaxy Y. I'm guessing that no-one here owns one and that DED has no data to back up his claim that they're only being used as basic camera-phones.   Just because it's not a powerful smartphone doesn't mean that it's not being used as a smartphone. If it's a big seller in China, you can bet that local app developers are targeting it. The same goes with India. Its processing power is...
New Posts  All Forums: