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Definitely the best use I've found for my Apple Watch yet. So much easier than getting my phone/wallet out.
One Direction! 💜💜💜
After the initial excitement, it feels like all of the Android consoles have failed. I'm sure Apple's offering would be superior but I doubt it's enough.   Are casual gamers looking for a big screen experience these days? Even the Wii was a short-lived fad.
Everyone else's job looks so simple from a distance. Closing loopholes and fixing tax codes isn't a simple job. You've got a lot of smart people constantly trying to break your system.
 If their job can be automated, why hasn't it? Probably because cooking fast food is more complex than you think. Out of curiosity, what do you do for a living?
 This absolutely is not true. I can't count the number of times I've heard "We're not just looking for someone with the right skills, we're looking for someone who fits the culture". It seems to be the mantra of every Silicon Valley start-up.
Want to hear something even crazier? Even Symbian, a platform that Microsoft killed off, still destroys Windows Phone in global economy web traffic (and ad revenue).!
I don't think that I could name five apps that I use on a regular basis. 3rd party apps take too long to load to be useful at the moment. My top three would be: iMessage Dark Skies British Airways The thing I love most about my Apple Watch is Apple Pay though. Genuinely fast and convenient to use.
Why does Apple Insider attract so many butt-hurt conservatives who can't handle the truth? Apple is and always has been a liberal organisation. Samsung are a super-conservative company and would love your money.
Beaten to the punch by netrox.    Tim Cook should concentrate on running Apple for the benefit of shareholders and stop pushing his disabilities agenda.
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