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That's a brilliant quote. 
 Is this some kind of sophisticated spam?
 I don't think it phones home all that often. My copy is currently working fine without needing me to go offline. In theory, this should only affect users who want to install new components.
 Don't confuse NTT DoCoMo with Western carriers. Some of NTT DoCoMo's software was actually useful and popular. i-mode was wildly successfully.
 I thought that Japan had number portability now? I know it came it later than most countries (it didn't exist when I lived in Japan six years ago) and was touted as the reason that NTT DoCoMo's marketshare collapsed.  I'm guessing that e-mail portability doesn't exist though. 
 It'll be interesting to see what happens when Steam OS is released. Will developers port their games to it? OS X's range of games has increased significantly since Valve release Steam for OS X.  
I never did like his BBC Radio 1 show.
 The number of times I've tried to lock my iPad with my finger is embarrassing. 
 AT&T used two GSM bands, neither unique to the US. Penta-band GSM modems were also common by 2007. The original iPhone had a quad-band GSM modem that allowed it to be used in Europe (on carriers such as O2) as well as the US. It was never a lack of willingness by the manufacturers that stopped high end, attractive phones appearing for US GSM/EDGE. It was that AT&T/Cingular never wanted them. Sony Ericsson even tried selling its high-end touchscreen smartphones direct to...
 AT&T/Cingular was the biggest US carrier by the end of 2006, edging out Verizon by a couple of percentage points. That's not 'struggling' in my book. Apple partnered with the biggest network in America and also the one that allowed it to make a single, global iPhone. Verizon might have been at the negotiating table at some point but AT&T/Cingular was clearly the prize.    By 2007, Japan was not a CDMA nation, it was a UMTS nation. The majority of NTT DoCoMo's customers...
New Posts  All Forums: