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 Who goes to Europe and eats at McDonald's?  
 Apple Maps might be great where you live but it still sucks in London.
*opens article excited about new UK services, hoping for BBC iPlayer*   *leaves disappointed*
I wonder whether we'll see an Apple Watch update? Judging by the emojis, the Apple Watch is currently on <= 8.2.
 Navteq, which is part of HERE, has huge value to someone like Apple. They're one of only two organizations to offer complete navigable digital maps of North America and Europe. 
Beats would have to do something amazing to make me swap from Spotify. For me, Spotify wins for the same reason that Netflix wins - ubiquity. I can get Spotify on [i]all[/i] of my devices, whether they're Apple-branded or not (e.g. Sonos).
 Not even close.  Mine has been great. For such a big launch there's been relatively few complaints. Remember antenna-gate?
I don't agree with the hate for Radio 1. Their purpose is to be mainstream but they push the envelop far farther than any commercial radio station. Daytime Radio 1 follows a strict playlist but in the evening the station still experiments. And just because these producers work for Radio 1, it doesn't mean that their tastes in music align completely with the station.
 I've found there to be an annoying lag, to the point where I think that Siri has failed to pick up what I've said. I then repeat the message and both attempts appear on the screen at once!
New Posts  All Forums: