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I'm sure that iTunes Connect will just show tier prices for Europe excluding VAT and then each country's store will do the math to show consumers the price inclusive of VAT. Shouldn't make a big deal to UK consumers. We already get boned on the alternative tier 1 pricing structure.
 I don't think even foggyhill agrees with himself. He seems to think that Nokia sold 60 million phones in 2007 rather than 60 million smart phones.
 Nokia sold 60 million smartphones in 2007. I wouldn't call that "very small". Personally, I don't see how TAG can win this game. It's possible to acquire knowledge but it's unlikely that they'll be able to transition their culture from a mechanical hardware company to a semiconductor and software company. You know who I'd like to see take a stab at the smart watch? Vertu. I think they've got exactly the right mix of skills to make a great luxury smart watch.
 Nokia aren't legally allowed to sell phones anywhere in the world at the moment. Microsoft has sole rights to the Nokia brand on phones (although interestingly not tablets).
The brand shouldn't matter, only the manufacturer. When HTC made phones under a range of (mostly operator) brands, Gartner would still report all of their sales under HTC.But, I agree, it's hard to guess Gartner logic without reading the report.
As a protester, your main goal is to get your story into the media. Mission accomplished here.
Hats off to Frank Whittle. A brilliant engineer,
I can only think of two ways that this could have been implemented: (i) searching through a known list of app URL schemes (slow, limited) or (ii) using a private API that Apple has given Twitter access to.   So what's the best third-party Twitter app on iOS? 
Samsung have done a lot to piss off Android fans - their custom UI, TouchWiz, is a resource-hogging joke. Not only do Samsung Android phones come with bloatware pre-installed, Samsung also pushes additional bloatware to your phone regularly. There's no escape!
 I totally agree. As a developer, you can kind of do-it-yourself by making the app initially free with an IAP to unlock functionality. However, this method often misleads users into thinking that the entire product is free as "demo" and "trial" are both banned words. This results in a lot of negative reviews.  Microsoft nailed this first time with Xbox Live Arcade back in 2006. I don't know why Apple is resisting it so much.
New Posts  All Forums: