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 Scroll up to my previous post. The Indiana governor is amending the bill to exclude discrimination against gay people. What Tim Cook did worked.
And the bill is effectively dead.   Tim chooses his battles wisely. He's not going to turn around China in a day but he can turn around Indiana in a couple of speeches. 
 No Christian organisation is going to do this because they're scared that their congregation would choose the iPhone over God.
 Apple has always been a socially liberal company. Didn't you do your research before investing?
The iPhone is bigger than Jesus.
Tim has the right to free speech, just like all Americans. Don't like it? Take your money elsewhere.
 The problem for small businesses in Indiana is that everyone is going to be punished, whether they agree with the new law or not. Investors are moving their money elsewhere.
So you value the freedom of religion more than freedom of speech?It sounds like you haven't been paying attention. Apple has always been a socially liberial company. Tim Cook is certainly more open about his views but he's also raking in record profits.
And so the exodus from Indiana begins: the exodus from Indiana begins.
Maybe but Jesus taught to turn the other cheek. Why don't the Christian Right follow Jesus' teachings?
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