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As a developer, I really appreciate the predictability of Apple's events. It makes it easy for us to plan and schedule app updates.
  In all seriousness, I'm looking forward to seeing where this goes. Sometimes the best plays are the least expected.
 I totally agree. People may whine that Beats are all about marketing and not a great fit for Apple. However, I'd like to thank them. Most bundled earphones (and Apple's earphones are especially guilty of this) leak sound like crazy. Beats' headphones do not. Each Beats owner is one less person on the subway whose music I can hear over my own.
The Surface Pro 3 genuinely seems like a nice piece of hardware. An i7 processor in a package the size of the original iPad is a fantastic achievements.   However, it seems like Microsoft's marketing team isn't quite as on the ball...   Oops. 
That's a brilliant quote. 
 Is this some kind of sophisticated spam?
 I don't think it phones home all that often. My copy is currently working fine without needing me to go offline. In theory, this should only affect users who want to install new components.
 Don't confuse NTT DoCoMo with Western carriers. Some of NTT DoCoMo's software was actually useful and popular. i-mode was wildly successfully.
 I thought that Japan had number portability now? I know it came it later than most countries (it didn't exist when I lived in Japan six years ago) and was touted as the reason that NTT DoCoMo's marketshare collapsed.  I'm guessing that e-mail portability doesn't exist though. 
New Posts  All Forums: