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 What evidence do you have to back up that statement? Where I live, it's virtually impossible to get a phone contract without a data plan these days.
 OK, so it seems like it's only Samsung Electronics and your original article is wrong. Are you going to correct it, Corrections? I love how you call me a troll for pointing out factual errors in your posts. Have you considered a career in politics?  
 The article says two thirds of Samsung's profits come from smartphone sales. You're now saying that 60%+ of Samsung Electronics profits come from smartphones.  Which one is it? Samsung (as a whole group) or Samsung Electronics? You've made two very different claims. 
 Again, you're not giving any specifics. Which carriers? Do you have a link? Also, Android 2.x is capable of running apps. I think you already knew that though.
 Which 2013 Samsung Android smartphones can't run apps? Do you have any sales data for these models? Models like the S4 mini certainly can run apps. You're making assertions without backing them up with any specifics or data.
 We already have similar laws in Europe. What you're describing is a non-issue.
 Why shouldn't he talk about social change? It's obviously an issue that he cares deeply about.  If you'd rather hear him talk about Apple or the wider technology industry then there's plenty of interviews out there for you to read.
News flash: I earned more than Nokia, Motorola and LG combined's mobile divisions combined.
Microsoft's profits are up 17% so they're obviously doing something right. The company has a lot of problems but it's easy to overlook the fact that they're still a highly profitable organisation.
New Posts  All Forums: