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Sounds like the Snow Leopard of iOS releases. This is a very, very good thing IMO. Fewer new features, fewer bugs and a more stable platform.
 Getting one-to-one access to Apple's engineers is priceless.
 You need a credit card. TfL barriers now work with contactless credit cards as well as Oyster cards. Apple Pay replicates a contactless credit card.
Great news!
 That's a bad analogy. Mall owners don't take a cut of a business's revenue, they charge a fixed rent based on location and size. I'd willingly pay Apple a 50% cut if they gave me a prominent place on the front page of the App Store.  
As an app developer, I'm more than happy to pay 30% for apps and in-app purchases. But for subscriptions, where Apple has little to do apart from process a credit card once every year? It's likely to stifle innovation on the platform.
Awww, you came all that way and didn't invite UK AI readers out for a beer?    Fingers crossed that Apple Pay makes it to these shores too. I can't wait to use it, especially on the London Underground.
 That's a better way of putting it, yes. :)
I think that this is the right way to go. Let the carriers compete on price for their services and let the manufacturers compete on price for their phones. Unbundling the two will create more competition.
One of the reasons why I took up iOS development was to stop employers giving me a PC. 
New Posts  All Forums: