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I'm not finding the Apple Watch to be very app-centric. I occasionally look up the football scores but apart from that, I'm happy with just the clock, Glances and notifications.
 The app conforms to the spirit of the rules even if doesn't conform to the exact wording. The rejection was bogus.
The Sport edition comes in a long, flat box. The SS edition comes in a more traditional watch box.   Very happy with my SS/ML Apple Watch. :)
 A relic of the post-war period when copper was scarce in Britain.
 There's travel changers that do the same thing but nowhere near as nicely. 
Apple engineering at its best. After playing with the one that came with my Apple Watch, I'll be buying an extra couple for travelling.
Got mine at just before 11am in the UK. Haven't opened it yet as I don't have time [sic]!
 It violates Apple's policies on a technicality - Pebble are happy for this app developer to use their trademark. If the developer escalated the issue, I'm sure Apple would accept their evidence. I speak as a developer who's been through this process before.
That's an utterly idiotic reason for the app to be rejected. Some of the first-tier Apple reviewers really don't engage their brains when reviewing apps.   My advice to the app developer would be to escalate the bogus rejection. Apple do listen if you state clearly why the app shouldn't have been rejected.
 Plenty of people in the UK have received notification of shipping it seems, including me. :)
New Posts  All Forums: