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 The boxed version of Lightroom on itself is about the same as a 12-month subscription. Lightroom + Photoshop used to cost significantly more.
I don't really understand the outrage over Abode's subscription model. Photoshop + Lightroom is about £8 a month; pocket change compared to the cost of the a decent DSLR setup.   Having said that, I'm happy to keep using my boxed copy for a while longer!
You can get all you can eat data on Three in the UK for $30 a month and they offer free roaming in the US.    I wonder if there's some clause that you can only roam for so many days in a year though! 
 Plenty of successful companies don't post sales figures. Do you think that Rolex's watches have been a commercial flop because they don't post sales figures?
 I'd love to see you back up such a blanket statement with some evidence.  For example, how many Nexus 5 units have been sold? What's the BoM cost of a Nexus 5? How much did R&D cost for LG?
 ESA is a completely separate entity to the EU. Quite a few of ESA's members aren't members of the EU. And reports of the EU's death are greatly exaggerated. 
I'm pretty happy with the "government bureaucracy" that's given me 80Mbit/20Mbit with no caps or throttling for $30 (inc. tax). I'm sure people in places like Sweden, where the connections are even better, don't have many problems with government bureaucracy either.Comms, both fixed line and mobile, is one area that needs to be heavily regulated to ensure competition. Do you remember all that time and money that America wasted on the GSM vs CDMA battle?
Thanks, Obama! (No, really. Thanks.)
It was all about the King Street run when I was a student. I think a pub crawl by barge would be too dangerous!
 Which college did you go to? Sounds like you were there a bit before my time anyway. :)
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