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In this thread: A bunch of old nerdy men try to tell each other what's fashionable, fail.
 Beauty is subjective. I think the Apple Watch looks good but I can understand why someone else might not. I personally find pretty much all gold men's watches to be ugly.
Arctic ice at record low levels.   But remember, folks, it's just a hoax.
 Nissan = Android, Aston Martin = iOS. The R34 is for people who care about specs.
Still waiting for Vertu to announce a smart watch. I think they're the only ones with the hardware and software skills to nail a luxury Android Wear watch.
 Meanwhile, the communist paradise of Qatar has seen 1,200 workers die so far building infrastructure for the 2022 FIFA World Cup.
  The Jubilee line extension in London cost £5.1bil (around $14.2bil in today's money) for 10 miles of track. Building tunnels through large, existing urban centres in the developed world is expensive.  It's no surprise that building a subway system in what is effectively a new city in China is cheaper - no obstructions, easy ground access, incredibly cheap labour, lax health & safety, ability to circumnavigate any planning laws...
 DeNA make a lot of game for Japan's feature phones. Feature phones are going strong in Japan and the games market on them is equally strong.
Oh good, another one of those DED pieces that starts off talking about something interesting before descending into a meandering rant about Apple's competitors. I actually thought that the final few paragraphs were going to be an interesting comparison between the gold Apple Watch and Vertu but nope.
 Perhaps but there must be plenty of OSX apps with iOS companion apps.
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