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 You've never come across any bugs in OS-level code that could cause an app to crash? You must be making some pretty basic apps. I once got hit by a terrible bug in CVPixelBufferRef. It would return a blank (but not null) buffer on certain models. Incredibly hard to code around.
Hallelujah! Sadly, people can't be trusted to be sensible.
Gruber's takedown of Chen was pretty much perfect.   Chen's record as a tech pundit is dreadful.
To put things into perspective, the 1st generation iPhone sold 6.1 million units total. I doubt we'll see a trajectory like the iPhone's but 5 million units in a year would be good going for the 1st generation Apple Watch.
For our American readers, Shoreditch is the London equivalent of Williamsburg. It's wholly unsurprisingly that the local coffee shops are supporting Apple Pay. I work just up the road and no-one batters an eyelid when I pay for things with my Apple Watch.
 There's no compensation but the developer has to agree to the sale. The developer usually gets plenty of warning too. I guess you could say that the headline is wrong - it's the developers offering their apps for 99c (in exchange for some free advertising). It's the same with promotions that give away apps on the App Store (e.g. 12 Days of Christmas). It's the developer taking the hit.
 How? Could you provide examples of anti-Semitism in this thread, please?
 The proliferation of advanced smartphones is only going to help with human rights and democracy in Iran. 
 Imperial Japan spent 65% of its budget on military spending in 1940.  Not sure why you're using that as an example.
 Apple managed to release a health app that didn't do the basic things that women needed it to do. I can guess why this happened. If you want your products to appeal to a diverse audience, you need a diverse workforce. It's not rocket science.
New Posts  All Forums: