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While I agree that consoles are an unlikely cause, suggesting that the game console market was sluggish in 2010 based on data from June alone is dumb. Really, really dumb and wrong.I'm sure that everyone is well aware that most consoles are sold in the final three months of the year. This was especially true this year as Microsoft released Kinect in the run-up to Christmas and Sony released Move. In fact, Microsoft nearly doubled its hardware sales in the US for 2010...
The iPhone 3G and 3GS look identical. Why not the 4th and 5th generation models?
No, that's another one of DED's baseless theories. The first UMTS phones were released commercially on NTT DoCoMo in 2001. The 1st gen iPhone was released 6 years later, with the first 3G iPhone 12 months behind it. Technology rarely sees a sudden spurt of improvement 6-7 years into it's life-cycle. Modem manufacturers always claim better battery life in their newer products but after about 2005 the improvements were minimal. Compare the average 3G talktime between phones...
Angry Birds was released for the PlayStation 3 this week. It looks like Rovio wants to be on every platform. I can't wait to see the ZX-81 port. I think the Mac store is going to be a great thing. I know a lot of less techy Mac users who've downloaded and installed far more apps onto their iPhone than their Mac. This is a great thing for Mac developers, even if they will need to adjust their business model.
This is to be expected as it's the first product to use RIM's new operating system. Let's not forget that the first iOS device (the 1st gen iPhone) had to cut vital features like 3G and GPS in order to have an acceptable battery life. As iOS matured, so did its power conservation. I'd expect the same from QNX.
Bugs happen. It's impossible to catch every single one before a product hits the market. I think Apple generally does a very good at releasing quality software. However, what Apple are missing is a mechanism to deliver small but critical patches to consumers outside of the usual release cycle. I find it staggering that Apple knew about the last bug, had a fix but didn't release the fix until after the problem was affecting people.To go waaaayy off topic, virtually...
Just to give some perspective, Nokia has been profitable every quarter for the past 21 years. Even now, with everyone seemingly agreed that they're doomed, only Apple is more profitable in the phone industry.
Guys. Cross-license and get on with life. Don't waste your money on lawyers.
The critics are needless and dangerous?
New Posts  All Forums: