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Subsidies are illegal in parts of the EU and pre-pay phones are a lot more popular in Europe compared to North America. Even the price of a contract tends to vary depending on the value of the phone in Europe. So, for a premium phone like the iPhone to attract the attention of 40% of smartphone buyers in Europe, it must be doing very well.
A xenon flash would be a wonderful addition to the iPhone. It's the only way to get acceptable results in low light conditions without a huge amount of post-processing (which often makes images look unnatural). Ultimately, I think the a xenon flash would make the iPhone too thick though. The Nokia N8 takes easily the best photos of any cameraphone on the market but the camera module bulges out of the back of the phone. I doubt that this a trade-off that Apple is willing to...
UK pricing: 2TB = £249 3TB = £399 What a crazy premium for the 3TB model! The £150 difference could buy you an external 3TB drive.
"Some" are wrong. The 3G license money was used to pay off part of the national debt.
This is one of the most overlooked features of Dropbox. It contributes a significant amount to the usability.
Nearly $700 million profit per quarter and they're laying off staff? Seems strange unless they're expecting things to get much worse.
Spotify keeps on getting better and better. I love how you can combine your own music collection with Spotify's library - perfect for making party playlists.
GSM 08.58 is a good place to start. You'll need to register to access the archives.
Nokia does own essential patents to GSM. Go read through the ETSI mailing lists.
HTC has been making smartphones since 2002. This would have come to court already if HTC wasn't licensing Nokia's GSM/WLAN patents.
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