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Having a quick Google suggests that other Brits have noticed. I guess this is why the feature is beta.
Got mine! Great phone but disappointed that a lot of the Siri functionality isn't available in the UK yet.
iOS generates money for Apple through the hardware. Android generates money for Google through advertising revenue. Google's advertising revenue is clearly stated in Google's report. It's not rocket surgery, is it?
True 4G, as defined by the ITU, is 100Mbps and is LTE+, not LTE. So, the iPhone 4S does not have comparable speeds to true 4G under any circumstances and neither does any phone on the market right now.
The Xbox avatar system is (a) optional and (b) doesn't have an elf option. You can dress up as an Imperial Stormtrooper though.
And this is why delta updates are such a good idea.
This article misses the key factor for most people when deciding whether to upgrade - what's the performance like on older devices? Is it slower? Faster? Does it drain the battery more quickly? Regurgitating Apple's marketing material isn't very helpful.
The problem with the current iPhone 4 camera is the amount of post-processing that goes on. If you compare the shots it produces to a quality standalone camera (or the current gold standard in cameraphones, the Nokia N8), you can see how unnatural the colours look. Photos taken by the iPhone 4 tend to end up looking very cartoony - they're too colourful. Hopefully the bigger aperture will mean that less post-processing will need to be done.
It didn't this time, which is strange. I usually get a call from my credit card company any time I spend more than £100 with Apple. Apple seems to be on their shit list, along with other electronics retailers. Ordering the iPhone 4S went smoothly though and no-one called me.You should get it on release day. iPad 2 pre-orders started at 1-2 weeks and took ages to ship. However iPhone 4S pre-orders stated "ships for 14th October" and didn't slip to 1-2 weeks until about...
DED sounds seriously butt hurt.
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