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  Take a look in the iOS 6 SDK. Apple have set everything up to mean that developers don't need to spend extra time writing code and creating art assets.
  There's already devices on the market that supporting 10 LTE bands. It should be possible for the new iPhone to support European LTE frequencies.   Roll on tomorrow!
  Correct. Great technology but one company had a virtual monopoly (60%+ marketshare) for a long time. Prices in Japan were high and things such as number porting were completely unknown. The market has changed a lot in the past five years. Japan is no longer a world leader.     That's the price of competition - companies rise and fall. Only monopolies have any kind of staying power.     But what was the price that the US paid for CDMA? High prices, poor service, hidden...
  Forget your ideological views for a moment and look at the facts. In the 10-15 years after GSM was mandated in Europe, Europe had the cheapest and best cellular networks in the world (bar maybe Japan). It also became the home of the most successful companies in the industry - Nokia, Ericsson, Vodafone, etc. It took the US a long time to catch up.    It certainly wasn't an oligopoly. GSM is an open standard. Anyone could license it and contribute to it. Competition was...
  It's very similar. Government has a responsibility to foster competition.   Europe did that by mandating GSM as its 2G standard. It created a level playing field full of competition. In contrast, the US government let American telcos use any wireless standard they liked. Some of them (CDMA) were technically superior to GSM but it led to an incompatible mess where coverage and service were poor and charges were high.   (It's also pretty dumb to argue on the world wide...
  The GSM-A would like a word with you.
These tablets are very aggressively priced, even outside of the US. Apple does little more than replace the $ sign with a £ sign when choosing a price of their products in the UK. Not so with Amazon's new tablets - there's virtually no difference in price between countries once you've taken tax into consideration.
Buy on rumour, sell on news.How many times have we seen Apple stock fall after they announce a new product or another quarter of amazing results?
Nokia and Motorola need new products out in time for the holidays, just like any consumer company does. They can hardly wait until January to announce these phones.
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