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Judging by how difficult it was to find an iPad 2 in Europe within the first couple of months of release, I don't think that Apple will be worrying too much.
That last graphic is misleading and, knowing the author, intentionally so. Daniel is implying that there were no touchscreen-only smartphones on the market before 2007. About 50% of all Windows Mobile devices were touchscreen-only but Daniel has decided to put none in his graphic. Instead of showing popular models like the touchscreen-only HTC Magician, Daniel has instead chosen to show some of the more left field Windows Mobile devices - such as the HP iPAQ hw6965 Mobile...
In one market segment. At this moment in time. Apple rules the $1000+ laptop market segment but doesn't offer a single product in the ~$500 segment. If you want cheap (and obviously cheap != value), Windows or Linux are your only options.Office 2008 for Mac was full of compatibility holes. 2011 is a vast improvement but still doesn't come with the full range of functionality found in the enterprise edition of MS Office for Windows.You're very lucky. Most companies still...
Not everyone can afford a Mac. A lot of businesses are too cheap/too reliant on MS Office & crappy IE-only web apps to buy Macs. OSX will never be the dominate (in terms of marketshare) desktop OS for the same reasons that iOS will never be the dominate smartphone OS.
So a company selling anti-malware software reckons that malware is on the rise? I am shocked. /SARCASM
The first line of the article suggests that the survey counted mobile devices.
So the original iPhone wasn't a smartphone then? What about phones designed for markets without 3G (i.e. China until very recently)? Do none of them count as smartphones?
40-50 hours of gameplay? Top quality graphics and audio? Are we playing a different game?Angry Birds is a time-waster. No-one sits down of an evening and thinks "Man, I'd love to spend 3 hours playing Angry Birds tonight. I just love the music!". It's a game for commuters and the constipated. It's a good game but I doubt Portal 2 lost any sales to it.Console games are not on the way down. In fact, the industry reaches record revenues of $62.7 billion last year and is...
If you think video games are overpriced, you must be totally ignorant of the effort that goes into creating them. A modern game like Red Dead Redemption includes 20-30 hours of gameplay, features Hollywood voice talent and has a soundtrack by a successful recording artist. Games are as expensive to make as any film. If you find these games overkill then not to worry - All platforms include an online marketplace for simpler, cheaper games (Xbox Live Arcade, Playstation...
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