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Shall we hire a plane and sort out the aerial photography too? :P
The new maps app is dismal in London. It's missing major train stations for fecks sake! I buy Apple products because I want the best. Why should customers pay a premium for something that can't even compete with Bing? I hope this isn't the beginning of the end of Apple's quality control.
  What are you basing that on? Did they act too slow against Apple and the publishers?
  EU competition laws apply to all companies trading in the EU. If Amazon does something anti-competitive, and someone complains, they will be investigated. Just like Apple, just like Microsoft.
I guess the main complaint is that Apple has changed the connector without it benefiting the consumer in any way. For example, if the iPhone 5 supported USB 3.0* or Thunderbolt then I don't think the complaints would have been justified.(* Does the iPhone 5 support USB 3.0? I saw a lot of rumours but not confirmation from Apple.)
  This was already possible with the old cable. I believe that the B&W Zeppelin uses its own DAC. My understanding is that it's achieved by accessing the iPhone's file system directly.
Have NAND prices really not fallen in the past two years? It seems prices for everything have only gone up.
  That only works if you're inside the station. And if I'm inside the station, I don't need to know where it is (!). I'm talking about when I'm out and need to find the nearest suitable station.
    You can see a station is there but you don't know which one it is. You don't know if it's the one you want or whether it's on the right line that you need to get home.   If you're in central London, there's likely to be multiple stations on the same map. You have to click on each icon in turn to find the one you want. It's a major usability failure.
The new maps are still awful compared the old Google maps. :( Train and metro stations are shown as an icon, rather than display the name of the station. In a big city like London, that's a major problem.    It also doesn't distinguish very well between footpaths and roads.   I was hoping for better from the GM.
New Posts  All Forums: