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Errr... you realize that the iPhone wouldn't exist without Apple licensing technology from other companies, right?
Every time someone uses 'reached out' to mean 'contacted', a kitten dies.
A 15" MBA would be my perfect laptop. I'm expecting it to be crazy expensive though!
I thought RIM was the next Nokia?
The Lumia 800 seems to be doing very well in the UK.
Maybe Apple should turn on Automatic Reference Counting in their code.
I never stated my definition of a personal computer. But for the record, by my definition, a PC has most (but not always all) of the following characteristics: - x86 architecture - Modular hardware architecture - High power consumption - Designed for use with a desktop operating system
I could replace my car with a motorcycle. It does roughly the same job. However, a motorcycle will never be a car. It has different characteristics. I also suspect that some people are replacing their PC with a smartphone. Again, that doesn't mean that a smartphone is a PC. It has different characteristics.
In their announcements and marketing, Apple make it very clear that the iPad is not a PC. It's a device for the post-PC world. The iPad is not a PC. That's Apple's line.
New Posts  All Forums: