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Check out Apple's UK website. 4G is plastered everywhere in the marketing material, even when selecting a carrier. It's very hard to find the small print that mentions that 4G isn't available in the UK.
Much better than the situation last year in the UK. Last year even the pre-orders didn't make it to buyers until after three weeks after its release date.
1) Win $10,000 gift card 2) Create your own app and set the price to $10,000 3) Buy your own app 4) Profit
I hope that Apple raises the size limit for all downloads. It might have made sense four years ago but times change.
I'd love for someone to analyse how often various sources get their Apple predictions right. Digitimes would surely be bottom of the pile by quite some distance.
Depends on your needs. I tend to rely on high resolution textures which can't be captured in vector form.
Time to start making image@4x.png files for all of my apps. Now where did I leave those Photoshop files?
In what way is USB limited compared to a 30-pin connector? Judging by the fact that Apple sells a 30-pin to microUSB adpater, USB isn't limited in any meaningful way.
It's impossible to say which is true. There's no indication of how this analysis was conducted. I haven't seen the other report. Maybe they cover different time periods or focus on different market segments?
It's useful if you're a developer. There's a lot of tools that use it. I also use it for GIMP.
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