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Any change in weight or thickness? That's what's holding me back from upgrading my iPad 2 - the iPad 3 is too heavy IMO.
  Has there ever been a story about a third party cable breaking an iPhone?   I know there's been a few stories about third party batteries in iPods doing bad things but nothing about cables. 
That's incredible. It definite boon for app developers, which in turn is a boon for Apple and consumers. It's a virtuous circle.
The great thing about the original iPhone was that, although it was OSX under the hood, it didn't try to mimic desktop paradigms. I'm sure that it was a conscious decision on Apple's part so why try to mimic mobile paradigms on the desktop now? I agree with charlituna though, the App Store should be a separate app.
  I'm sure you know more about English patent law than judge who has been a QC for six years.
ITT: People calling for Apple to pull out of the UK.
    "If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants."    Don't be so quick to dismiss the ground work done by Psion, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Palm and even Microsoft. Without their contributions the iPhone wouldn't be the amazing device that it is today. We might not even have an iPhone at all.
  Where did I say that? Google maps gets the basics right - it knows that stations exist and knows where they are. Apple's iOS 6 mapping app fails for even this most basic of tasks in London.   Also, why don't you post under your own name, Daniel? Seems a bit odd that someone would reply to something they've written under a pseudonym.
     Apple's iOS 6 maps application doesn't know about many popular London Underground stations, let alone provide the instantly recognisable London Underground symbol in the right place.
I would be very sad is Panasonic stopped making plasma TVs. I hope the rumours are false.
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