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No, it doesn't. You can still listen to the music via the free service. Whether Spotify is cheaper than iTunes depends on your music habits. Personally, I use Spotify in addition to buying CDs. Spotify is great for discovering new artists and sharing playlists with friends. A lot of European music festivals post a Spotify playlist in advance so that people can hear the bands playing before the festival begins. I've been to see quite a few bands who I've discovered via...
Opinions on Spotify generally fall into two camps - those that like it and those that haven't tried it yet.
This is great news. It's hard to see many people choosing the 13" MBP over the 13" MBA now.
No-one ever said that about Apple entering the handset business. Smartphones have always been about high margins, stretching back to the early 2000s.
TWO bits of hardware.
I think the US is already very serious about enforcing cyber laws.
I believe that irnchriz meant to say that Apple elizabeth the services. An easy mistake to make.
When Steve Jobs introduced the iPad, he talked about it being "the fourth screen". It's neither a PC or a smartphone. It's a new category of device. Obviously the analysts are having a hard time getting their heads around this concept. I wonder if the first automobiles were lumped in with horse sales by the analysts of the time?
Are you trying to suggest that Nokia has licensed Motorola's patents to Apple? *face palm*
Are you honestly suggesting that Motorola, Samsung et al have no patents? Motorola is one of the biggest holders of GSMA patents.
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