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  Where did I say that? Google maps gets the basics right - it knows that stations exist and knows where they are. Apple's iOS 6 mapping app fails for even this most basic of tasks in London.   Also, why don't you post under your own name, Daniel? Seems a bit odd that someone would reply to something they've written under a pseudonym.
     Apple's iOS 6 maps application doesn't know about many popular London Underground stations, let alone provide the instantly recognisable London Underground symbol in the right place.
I would be very sad is Panasonic stopped making plasma TVs. I hope the rumours are false.
Just enough to benefit from the DMCA?
The reason why I pay £10 a month to Spotify is that I can play my music almost anywhere and on any device - Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, etc. There's apparently even a Spotify client in the works for my smart TV.   Unless Microsoft can provide me with a massively expanded library of music to choose from, I can't see any reason why I'd want to swap.
  The problem in London appears to be different. It finds Tottenham Court Road because it's both the name of the street and the Underground station. It's finding the street, rather than the station, even if you include the word 'station' in your search. There's no metro icon on the map at all.
  And you see a train/metro station marker there? In the right location?   If I search for "Tottenham Court Road station", I get a marker halfway along the Tottenham Court Road. This is a significant distance from the actual station.
  Sadly, this is true. It's hard to believe that it's missing London Underground stations (Tottenham Court Road, Knightsbridge, etc).    I've raised this multiple times and so far no updates from Apple. London is hardly a back-water; we're home to two out of the three largest Apple stores on the globe!
I'm surprised to see so many models. $249 is a great starting price - even if 8GB does fill up very fast.
  I second that.
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