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    This "doesn't even count as a smartphone" BS needs to stop. It's used by the worst fanboys on both sides of the divide.
  Almost anything - both positive and negative - surrounding Apple gets hyped out of proportion. However, there's clear evidence that Apple did screw the pooch on this one: firstly, Apple issued an apology and, secondly, people at Apple lost their jobs over the issue. 
  The original Deus Ex is 12 years old. Deus Ex: Human Revolution was originally released in 2011 on PC and 2012 on Mac.
Deus Ex was pretty good but there's better Mac games on Steam.
Fixed for you. Apple has never spoken on this issue and neither has Google. All we have to go on is whispers on the Internet.
  You realise that the original Maps app was written by Apple, not Google, right? Google had no control to add the features found on Android.
  Choose a location and flick up on the bottom panel. 
  The Google Maps SDK has features that aren't in the Apple SDK. People are going to get better, more functional apps as a result. That's a good thing.
Having played with Google Maps all morning, it's a massive improvement over Apple Maps in London. Look! It has the correct symbols for Underground, Overground and National Rail! And it shows the routes of the lines. And it's intelligent enough to prioritize train stations over "Dave's Bar & Grill" when zooming out. I'm a happy customer right now.
Also, Google has released an SDK for Google Maps on iOS. This is excellent news.
New Posts  All Forums: