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  Really?   According to this article (and this one, and this one) it's still impossible to auto-update apps.
  Don't hate the player, hate the game.   Someone has got to balance out all of the lobbying done by the RIAA and MPAA.
Next up: auto-download of free updates in iTunes and on-device (via WiFi), please? :)
A phone is a different device from a tablet and a tablet is a different device from a PC. They have different hardware, different screen sizes, different user input methods and different uses. Thus, they should all have a different user interface. A unified user interface leads to messy compromises.    Microsoft made this mistake with Windows Mobile and now with Metro. It's a shame that Apple is making the same mistake with OSX.
  Every country has examples on bizarre legal decisions. At least the English legal system does something harmless like this instead of, say, executing the mentally handicapped.
I wonder whose pocket he's in.
  Actually, the patent system tends to hand out patents now and worry about their validity later. That's why all of these patent cases that go to court are so time-consuming and costly.
  Vodafone sell the Nokia Lumia 610 running Windows Phone for £150 on PAYG in the UK. No contract though the phone is locked to Vodafone.
  Aha, thanks. This information hadn't made it onto Apple's website the last time that I looked.
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