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Yes!! They'll be copying Apple's new notification system next!!
Was there ever an official explanation of how Apple arrived at these values?I assume the 44% includes iPod touch and iPad sales. However, I'm also wondering whether these figures are for the US only. If not, where's Symbian? If Android is on 28% then Symbian should be on around the same percentage - far bigger than the "other" slice of the pie. If Symbian has for some reason been removed then why? The chart says "Mobile Installed Base" so the reason can't be that Apple no...
If you're going to make a claim like this, at least back it up with some figures. How many hours less battery life should a user expect in real world conditions? What's the cost for the first IM service connected to? What's the cost for subsequent services?
No, just standard indoor photos at a distance of 1-2 metres.
I agree with all of the comments above. The controller has way more in common with the Nintendo DS (release date: 2004) than it does with the iPad (release date: 2010). I know it's hard to believe but not everything in the world is a rip-off of something that Apple has done.
Yes, I'd love to see an iPhone with a Xenon flash. The LED flash is practically useless.
Migrate to Dropbox. It's a superior product anyway.
This is a great move. The current process could do with a lot of streamlining. I've only got 8 apps above the 100MB mark and they're all games.
Elop is fast becoming the most hated figure in Finland since Stalin.
I can't see Microsoft investing in RIM now that they're in bed with Nokia. What would they gain? Having said that, they were stupid enough to buy Skype for $8.5bil...
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