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It didn't this time, which is strange. I usually get a call from my credit card company any time I spend more than £100 with Apple. Apple seems to be on their shit list, along with other electronics retailers. Ordering the iPhone 4S went smoothly though and no-one called me.You should get it on release day. iPad 2 pre-orders started at 1-2 weeks and took ages to ship. However iPhone 4S pre-orders stated "ships for 14th October" and didn't slip to 1-2 weeks until about...
DED sounds seriously butt hurt.
Apple UK now showing a 1-2 week lead time. But pre-orders are now up on Vodafone, Orange, T-Mobile and 3. O2 have said that they won't be taking reservations and it'll be first come, first served next Friday.
This story isn't true for all countries. In the UK, you can order an unlocked iPhone 4S right now.
Order through the UK store if you want an unlocked one.
Vodafone UK pre-orders up and working very smoothly. None of the other UK carriers are taking pre-orders yet. Apple's website just up and running.
The high price seems to be putting off a lot of my friends. The SIM free prices in the UK are £499/£599/£699. The 32GB and 64GB models cost more than the equivalent iPad 2 3G models. Buying an iPhone 4S is hard to justify for most people when the latest and greatest Android handset can be picked up for £360 and a 32GB microSD card only costs £30. I'm still definitely going to buy one but it won't be the top model.
All the reports coming out suggest that the iPhone 4S has the same amount of RAM as the iPhone 4 and iPad 2. And what is your source on Siri using lots of RAM? Why would it? Engadget is reporting that most of the processing is done server-side anyway.
Was this comparison done by Samsung's equivalent of DED?
Download speeds aren't the bottleneck on mobile devices at the moment. When people complain about web browsing being slow, the real culprit is usually latency. HSPA+ doesn't solve the latency issue.
New Posts  All Forums: