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Only problem is that there isn't a display protocol that can handle 5120x2880, nor are any GPUs certified for that resolution either.
Or they can cut the cord and borrow someone else's login. Even better!
What's the point of a standard if devices are too expensive for people to afford them?
If we're only seeing these job postings now, we aren't going to see an update in the apps for years.
The use of the word "Windows" to refer to the name of an operating system is distinct, which is why it has a trademark. However, "mini" in its common usage as referred to the mini is absolutely not unique. As someone else has already pointed out, there are plenty of other non-Apple products that use the word mini to mean "smaller". Besides, the iPad mini is already protected by the larger iPad trademark, Apple however is not going to be able to sue companies that name...
The Motorola Atrix had a fingerprint reader in the power button. Did this guy do his research?
I have yet to see any evidence of such a strategy actually benefiting Apple. The only substantial victory has come against Samsung for $1 billion, but that amount is so small compared to their revenues that it's a slap on the wrist. Patent litigation has become more of a nuisance for Apple than anything else.
Digitimes correctly predicted the iPad 3 in March and iPad 4 in October in January and the Microsoft Surface last year. They are cited for good reason.
Couldn't he have waited a week when he has the actual device in hand? There's such a thing as jumping the gun.
Part of me wonders about the new Lightning connector because it's not strong enough to support an iPad like the 30-pin Dock Connector did (to a point, of course). It requires a redesign of docks that used the connector for some structural support, otherwise I fear that the Lightning connector will actually break inside the iPad.
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