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The iPad Mini might be worth it if it had a retina screen, otherwise pass... I don't honestly see how they could sell an iPad with a 1024x768 low quality screen these days when it's clear the march to Retina is where it's at.
It would be great except no Retina screen = pass for me.
Having no dock is annoying as a developer because I like to have my device standing up which makes it a lot easier to test my apps. Ugh.
Google has had vector maps on the web for several months now, just turn on WebGL. And this article makes it sound as if Google just discovered vector maps when Google has had them for almost 3 years.And Google is struggling with voice dictation? Really? Please show me offline voice dictation in iOS 6. Oy, this article sounds like a fan piece. I like Apple, Google, and Microsoft, but dislike when someone is playing fast and loose with facts.Lastly, one does not simply...
There is more Yahoo than Google in iOS 6. I will miss Google Street View though.
Data is data. It shouldn't matter what you use it on, especially if it's limited with data caps.
Because Mac releases of Office have never had the same year as the Windows release. Now if you had asked them when Office for Mac 2014 is coming out, PR might have given a slightly different answer.
  I wouldn't be naive enough to think that any other company is collecting your data, Google is just very forward about it, and in exchange, they serve you ads and you get free services. If you feel that you don't like that relationship, you can choose not to use their products. But keep in mind that certain things simply don't work if not collected from users, like real-time traffic data.
Phillip Humm is no longer the CEO of T-Mobile.
You mean, when you remove the optical drive in a laptop, it gets thinner? Man, I can't imagine if this kind of behavior existed back in the 80s or something, we'd have to have multiple keyboard designs because someone would own a patent for the QWERTY keyboard for 20 years.   Honestly, if you build a quality product, it will NOT matter if competitors try to copy you, because a copy is never as good as the original. It becomes greed when you say "I want all of YOUR sales...
New Posts  All Forums: