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I wonder about the very common scenario where you have an Apple ID separate from a MobileMe account. All of my app purchases are on my Apple ID, but the cloud syncing is with MobileMe. They really need to merge the two into one.
To be honest, they'll make it up from users buying their content.
It would be nice if the iPhone 5 were a re-imagined original iPhone with a design update. Pretty much a smaller iPad 2 with less tapered back edges.
Debating whether an unannounced and unreleased tablet will fail/succeed is no better than flipping a coin. Actually, it's probably worse as they have a history of saying the wrong thing. Analysts are not paid to "predict" the future, they are paid to publicly manipulate the stock market with their reports. The average AppleInsider reader could come up with better predictions since they have no financial interest invested in the outcome! Anyway, my take is that the...
One thing I really hate about Magazines on the iPad is that every freaking magazine has a different UI. I want to read your magazine, not learn how to use your app! Wired's app is the most offensive in this regard is for hundreds of years, to move from one page to the next, you would go from left to right. Now they want you to scroll up and down for an article, and left and right between articles. It's infuriating!
Tempted, but I'd rather wait until the Thunderbolt display has some USB3.0 ports, and maybe a speaker out jack so I only need to connect power and Thundebolt to my laptop.
Sprint gets the iPhone and competition returns to the wireless industry in the US. I think everyone will be glad when we can go back to the days when you picked your carrier mainly on the service they provided, not the phones they offered.
Quad-core CPU and perhaps a PowerVR SGX 6 series GPU to power a 2048x1536 Retina Display adequately. Oh and maybe some LTE love as well. The iPad 3. One tablet to rule them all.
There's still software that never made the PowerPC to Intel jump. The big boys will move over because it's a reason to buy a new version, and smaller guys will jump in with no legacy code base and have an easier time building for both. One thing is probably easy to guess, any app on the app store for Windows 8 will likely have to support both x86 and ARM. That's a good way to get Windows 8 ARM apps.
Assuming a program doesn't have any assembly code, most programs should able to compile for any instruction set without a lot of work. Microsoft Office has already shown to be running on ARM and that's the world's premier productivity suite. The issue isn't how hard is it to compile for ARM but will businesses bother updating. I'm sure they'll see the future when they realize that low power, high performance computing is the future.
New Posts  All Forums: