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This would kinda be shocking if it weren't for the fact that most people seem to forget that Windows 8 will run on ARM. Will you be able to run legacy software though? Probably not. Another thing is that the iPad 2 has 75% of the battery capacity of the 11" Air, but gets double the battery life. Considering what most people use their Mac for, there's no reason why the Air can't get 10 hrs for typical web browsing and e-mail. And most Mac App Store apps should be just a...
Are there any major LTE networks outside of the US? I know Europe has a few, but not that many cellphones implement the standard, just USB modems.
PCs will become more like tablets (gaining simplification and ease of use), tablets will become more like PC (gaining more features), but HP wasn't very good at either in the grand scheme of things. Microsoft has already made it clear there shouldn't be much difference between a tablet and a PC, and will hopefully success with Windows 8 as long as they avoid just strapping on a touch layer onto a desktop OS.
You are confusing patents with trademarks, which actually DO have to be actively defended otherwise they can be lost. Patents on the other hand can be held onto without suing anyone even if you know other companies are infringing. It's called a submarine patent, and that's why there are patent pools to encourage patent owners to come out of the woodwork so they can collect royalty payments.
Two scenarios I see: 1) Nintendo got greedy and was selling the 3DS at wild profit margins (but didn't as much as they expected). or 2) Nintendo is now taking a loss on the 3DS (which we know will never happen). And I will bet you $100 it was the former and it fell flat on their face. My guess is that they absolutely did not expect the PS Vita to be $250. If they were selling at the same price, Nintendo would have had a real problem on their hands. The other issue here...
Here's what's likely to happen based on how Apple has worked in the past: 1) The optical drive will be removed - it's a foregone conclusion at this point. The Mac Mini got rid of it, and you can't make a thinner laptop if there are already parts with pre-defined sizes like an optical drive. This leads to point #2... 2) Apple will switch from standard 2.5" sized drives to MacBook Air-style SSDs, which sit on a single piece of silicon without any extraneous housing to save...
If it's a burned disc instead of a stamped retail disc, the dye degrades over time making it unreadable. All discs of course have their usual failure points: scratches, unreadable sectors, laser error, etc...
The important thing about 1080p finally coming to the iPhone/iPad/AppleTV is that I'll no longer need to have special rips to play files on my AppleTV (of course, it'll need to get jailbroken to play MKVs but I can live with that).
With the popularity and price point of the MacBook Air, the white MacBook really makes no sense. At that point, the MBA should just become the new MacBook.
Free iPhone = pulling a RAZR. Apple will avoid that. The nice thing about the iPhone is that at some point, the model you had was the highest-end Apple offered, which means it will get very good support until it no longer gets an iOS upgrade. Specifically making low-end hardware means it will get kicked to the bucket sooner because no one wants a "low-end" iPhone.
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