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Sigh, this is praying on idiots. The cost of the phone at $49 is only 2.7% of the minimum total cost for a cellphone plan on AT&T (450 minutes, 2GB data = ~$75/month w/ taxes * 24 = $1800). If this makes a major dent, then I think people need to be sent back to a 3rd grade math class. EDIT: forgot about the $15 250MB plan. (450 minutes, 250MB data = ~$60/month w/taxes * 24 months = $1440), $49/$1440 = 3.4% of the total minimum cost of a cellphone plan. Still doesn't...
The true problem isn't that FCP X sucks, but Apple's corporate DNA is so against how professionals need them to work, it's probably in everyone's best interest to move to a different environment completely.Apple has screwed us once, what's to stop them from doing so again?
You aren't even allowed to buy new legitimate copies of FCP7. What if you need more seats to complete a project?
In other words "Duh". Actual worthwhile speculation comes from questions like: 1) Will the next iPhone be GSM/CDMA in a single phone with ability to switch between each? 2) Will the next iPhone be sold unlocked on day one? 3) Will the next iPad have LTE that is both AT&T and Verizon compatible? 4) Will the next iPad have a higher resolution (2048x1536) display? Those are questions worth asking, not this fodder the press handles now. There's only ONE LTE chipset...
I find it odd that no one has pointed out that Windows Live Hotmail is now a default mail account time, especially when it has more users than either Yahoo! Mail or Gmail.
Correction, lack of availability limits adoption.
In other words, Final Cut Pro X isn't ready for full production primetime now, but in a year, most people who are willing to stick it out will have adapted already. What I do argue is that if you have mission critical work, it's not as if your current version of Final Cut Studio has decided to implode on itself. By the time you will have carefully evaluated the software for your needs, more features will be added and then if critical feature X is missing, you should...
Please, some one answer me what an Apple-branded TV would do which my current HDTV and AppleTV couldn't do? Honestly, I buy a TV for it's picture quality and nothing else. If I want to play games or watch TV, I'll use a dedicated device!
What I don't get is people seem to ignore that a TV at heart is a one-function device: it displays a picture. Apple's known for simplifying products, but anything you'd do to a TV would make it MUCH more complex. Also, I really don't see what an Apple-branded TV could do that any other HDTV + current Apple TV wouldn't do. Integration isn't worth more than the $100 it costs to buy an Apple TV today. This rumor is silly and needs to die.
This makes no sense because if you aren't buying an HDTV for it's picture quality, I'm not sure what you're spending money on.
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