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Wow... this is just... bad. 100% fake. Honestly, someone else will explain why, but it's just 100% fake.
Since iOS6 still supports the iPhone 3GS, I don't see production stopping anytime soon.
Unfortunately, it's slower than Safari because 3rd party apps aren't allowed to use the Nitro JIT engine which speeds up Javascript. =/
Why would an advertising companycwantvto make money on hardware? It's the same reason broadcast television is free but still makes money. There is a lot of mobey in both sides of the advertising business.
If they stick more Facebook or Twitter into iTunes, I'm going to burn down a building.
Not sure I really care about a bunch of money going towards lawyers instead of R&D. People root for Apple to ban phones until the iPhone itself is also banned (and it really is impossible to not violate some patents, especially standards essential ones).   Ugh.
Windows 8 supports class drivers so that new drivers don't need to be written for each hardware device, much like keyboards and mice support the USB HID protocol: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/b8/archive/2012/01/20/engineering-windows-8-for-mobility.aspx
How is this any different from satellite images in Google Earth? You don't even know a plane is flying overhead when that happens! And this is pretty much for cities only, not secret government installations in the middle of nowhere.
I guess that's fine, but we already have plenty of good options in Downcast, Instacast, and Pocket Casts.
Worthless for gaming, fine for everything else. Moral of the story? Don't game on a laptop, you'll always be disappointed if not now, then in a year or two.
New Posts  All Forums: