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For all intents and purposes, the 13" Pro as it currently is is dead and likely outsold by the 13" Air for many reasons. I also don't see how you can stick in a dedicated GPU while cooling the system efficiently and having good battery life. The Intel HD 4000 runs a retina display just fine, since on the current 13" Air, it can power the internal display and 2 Thunderbolt displays. That's far more pixels than one Retina display.
If the display is less than $200, then it kind of confirms why we haven't seen these screens earlier or on Windows PCs, OS support.
Its not that hard to build a prototype from a theoretical design. It doesn't have to be functional, just look right.
Less competition is never good though. =/
5.8 inch?
I don't believe Apple has ever purposefully leaked a y Apple hardware. That's just not their style. It should be stated that prototype hardware has leaked months in advance of final release. Back in January 2011, there was a leak of an antenna band we thought was for the Verizon iPhone, but turned out to be from the iPhone 4S. This stuff is decided months in advance.
Someone still needs to answer me what content I will get on this Apple HDTV that will not be provided to me on my current 3rd generation Apple TV. And the true videophiles care more about picture quality than whatever brand sells the TV. No new content deals, specifically subscriptions = flop.
I wish they would at least redo the car stereo.
I personally don't like changes from his because we are one step away from being advertised to with Siri responses. It's no different from a search ad.
T-Mobile is unlikely to officially sell the iPhone any time soon due to the commitment of number of phones required, however they will be able to I officially support it much like any other GSM phone on their network. Considering none of their phones operate on 1900Mhz 3G, the PCS 3G network will end up being iPhone-only for quite some time.
New Posts  All Forums: